sarci When there is a shadow, there must be a light.
A light that we may or may not see the source of..
A shadow that may be at your back, and follows you, or may be in front of you, and you follow it..
Both of which depends on whether you are facing the light source or turning away from it.

When we encounter, experience or get entangled in negativities, we cast our shadows.. We see in them nothing but darkness, vagueness and uncertainties. They follow us and they emanate false fear and doubts.

Yet we should always know that with these shadows always comes light.
Face the light, and however your shadow attaches, it will always just be behind.. you will lead on and live in charge.

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sarci Some sunsets are warm
Like the feel of going home to a loved one's arm.
Some sunsets are cold
Like a breeze to soothe that state of gettin old.
Some sunsets are bright and seen
To tell you where to rest, as it knows well where you've been.
Some sunsets are keen
Some sunsets are mean
Some sunsets are slow..
Like the time it took for these words to show..
And now night has fallen..

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sarci It's another Monday.. And it looks like it's gonna be a rainy day.. So.. I'm on the way to work.. talking to myself, feeling old. Sometimes I might have some thoughts to quit, especially when nothin ever seems to fit.. But I won't be just hangin around, there's so many things to do rather than frown.. Rainy Day. Monday. You won't get me down! 3mon

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sarci Scout's honor. 10mon

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life is a ball
we bounce
we get thrown
we rise and we fall

life is a ball
sometimes deflated
other times blown
you get to feel big
you get to feel small

life is a ball
it goes around
it comes around
wandering lost
pondering found
it sayeth us true
one and all

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sarci Let's escape
Where the sky meets the sea
And the sea meets the land
Let me take your hand

We can run
We can dive and then fly,
Shout our hearts to the sky

Then we'll sit
In a moment of still
Your emotions I feel
As if all these were real

Lay here close
Time slowly goes
Knowing in a while
I will see your last smile

Let's escape
Once again sometime soon
We will dance to the moon

But for now
And I open my eyes

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sarci Bind. 1y

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sarci ...
Everywhere I look
Nothin is straight
There's always a crook

A hook on a line
Curves on a nine
The round of the moon
The bends of a spoon

But hey
It's not really a day
If all is known
If nothing's in blind
And everything
Is perfectly aligned
Isn't it?

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sarci .




Whatever you do
Whoever you are
However much you make
Work may mean doing something
But always take time
To give yourself a break
Everyone needs one

Here's a salute to you my colleague in the workforce. We all play a part not just in nation building, but in securing the future for all whom we love and for generations to come!

Happy Labor Day!

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sarci ...
Doze and Don'ts

I cannot sleep when it's hot
It's humid and dry
And I don't know why
Even if an aria plays
The stench of an arid air stays

I cannot sleep when it's cold
The breeze and the chill
How scary they feel
And as the freeze covers my bed
I lay there still, with goosebumps and dread

I cannot sleep at day
Too many things to do and to say
I can't go away, I cannot stay
Dawn turns to noon turns to dusk
Oh when will I rest? I continually ask

I cannot sleep at night
My thoughts traverse at the speed of light
My mind wanders on a fanciful flight
On circles and whirls, these emotions they ride
And I wait for the slumber to enter inside

I cannot sleep when I'm sleeping
Cause all of my dreams
Well, they're not there it seems
I just drift into the vastness of uncertainty
As the clock ticks on
As the clock ticks on..
With no regret
With no remorse
With no pity

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Sometimes the night sky seems barren and clear
No star in sight, only blues there appear
The cold sifts through the air
The clouds strips it off bare
But stay, look a bit closer now
It's not as it seems somehow
There's a speck right in there
The stars may be too far to see
Too hidden to be
But the moon stood and stayed
And she will persuade
Some nights are barren
Some nights are blue
But through it all and always
There's a light shining through..

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sarci Fresh from a full day of fun and food at the swimming resort. Kids and pools are always a sight so sweet to behold. 1y

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sarci Pinoy spag is the best! 1y

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sarci There's a light
A certain kind of light
That never shone on me
So listen very carefully
Closer now and you will see
What I mean
But my words
Like silent raindrops fell
And echoed
In the wells of silence

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sarci You can argue then agree, fight then make up, misunderstand then hold each other's hand.. At the end of day, what's important is that you stay.. 1y

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