robkardashian Gone way too soon,,,,, rest in peace CHINX,,, another brother gone ,,, this is terrible :( 2w
  •   miksmith46 Stop hiding and confront 1h
  •   _angiewalls Idk how else to put this, but I really feel believe I understand you completely where you are coming from @robkardashian 25min
  •   angiet.m I'm sorry . I hope your ok . 24min
  •   _angiewalls And I'm not just talking about this photo 23min
  •   ameliobraff You the only one that is real! 8min
  •   ameliobraff From that family 8min
  •   ameliobraff U stay on the right path. Ur family is corrupted. Son don't follow there step they ain't taking u to heaven remember that. 7min

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