robbinsanity Saturday in the sauna... TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!
Your workouts are on point.
Your nutrition is perfect.
But it's never enough.
Why? Because the REAL growth that happens comes from the inside.

Check out for full video.

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Juno R O B B P E A R S O N
robbinsanity It's a lot easier to make those "tough decisions" when you remember who you're living for.

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robbinsanity 4 servings of green beans with dinner because I'm 6'7. Oh, and home made bison meat sauce #youarewhatyoueat

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robbinsanity That time I pretended to be a model.

Okay but seriously, I just wanted to take a moment and recognize @mrsvirginia2014 for her incredible amazing talents. I am so blown away by her because getting to where she's at hasn't been easy.

Behind every success is a story, and what truly inspires me about Danette is not just how amazingly talented she is, but that she took a leap and went all in to realize her dream.

Most people live their lives saying "I wish I could do _____" instead of "I refuse to quit until I do _____". Thank you, Danette, for reminding me every day that I need to LIVE instead of wishing I could live.

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robbinsanity A lot of people ask me how I've made the changes I have in the past few years.

I stopped trying to control everything myself, and I started trusting God. HE has made me a better me.

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robbinsanity Dear Amazon Prime,

Last night when I put my final bit of peanut butter in my Greek yogurt, I realized I was out of this amazing deliciousness.
I ordered three jars of @nutsnmore with your FREE SHIPPING at about 8:30pm last night.
At 7:30am this morning, I was about to reluctantly head out to the grocery store to get some PB I didn't really want, to find a little package sitting at my doorstep.

You are the best.
Love always,

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robbinsanity I spent a good chunk of today purging my closet, and I found these all the way in the back.

I'll never throw these jeans away because it's a reminder of where I've been, and how far I've come.

My passion in life is to help people who KNOW they deserve better, but have trouble believing they deserve better. Does this sound like you or someone you care about?

Send me an email at and let's get started.

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robbinsanity Just a reminder to everyone who has days where you feel beat up, broken down, and just don't know when it's all going to get better.

This is a promise that if you don't quit for long enough, if you can be faithful, it WILL get better.

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robbinsanity I have a message that I HAVE to share:

We don't communicate enough.

Because of social media, most of us have resigned to communicating through posts, comments, and likes. We were built to connect and communicate, and social media, in attempt to connect us, has disconnected us.

My friend @fitesteem taught me an amazing lesson a few weeks ago and I'd like to pass it on to you. If someone is on your mind or your heart, don't hesitate.

Send them a message, or a text message, heck call them and leave them a voicemail. If they're on your heart, there is a reason. Quit the "ill do it later" because we ALL know that later will never come.

If you're still reading this, there's probably someone who you're thinking of and feeling sad that you don't talk to them enough. My challenge to you is to shut down this app, and send them a text or a call.

It will change your day, and it will most likely make theirs.
  •   niksanity I love this! It's so true. 3d
  •   abigailpease 🏿🏿 3d
  •   breannimal I needed this, Robb. Thank you. 3d
  •   tiu_andy This is so true. I try to text people when I'm thinking of them and you don't know how many times it was the exact moment that person was going through something and really needed it. There are no coincidences with God! 3d

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Normal R O B B P E A R S O N
robbinsanity When your passion meets your obsession it's called your purpose.

A lot of people collect art, paintings, and other types of home decor. Me? Give me a squat rack with a pull-up bar and I'm good to go.

Part of my life by design is to make my office the "gym" in which my buddies want to work out. Mirrors are on their way next month, and then it's on!

Do you ever let your obsession off its leash? Do you ever let your passion run rampant? If you're intentional with them, you might just find your purpose.

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robbinsanity What will YOU do with this new day? 5d

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robbinsanity My life by design includes spending Saturday with the girl of my dreams @chelseablush and my brother from another mother @brentupham, spraying as hard as I can.

I'm not a Pisces, but there's something about being on the water that makes my heart sing. We work hard, and we play even harder. Now, don't mind me while I go take a 16 hour nap 😇
#lifebydesign #believe #workhardplayhard #beachbody
  •   rockywake Perfect way to spend a weekend...if you ever make it back up to NY hit me up and will take you guys out on the Wakesetter. 7d
  •   jenellesummers That's how it's done!!🏻🏻 7d
  •   tarafitnessinspired Whooohoooooo 🏼🏼 7d

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robbinsanity That time I pretended to be a male model 😎 7d

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Juno R O B B P E A R S O N
robbinsanity Have you ever woken up tired...well more so exhausted? With no desire to get up, no desire to accomplish anything?

We all have days that START that way, but it takes a DECISION to put those feelings aside that determines greatness.

We are weak, we require WORK, and through God we are strengthened mentally and emotionally, which empowers us to grow physically.

I urge you today to take a moment to pursue God. Pray to Him if you're tired and having a rough day. Pray to Him if everything is going well and you feel like you're on top of the world.

He WILL strengthen you, but you have to let Him.
#Jesus #dailyverse #Christian #Scripture

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Normal R O B B P E A R S O N
robbinsanity The four most dangerous words in the English language are "I wish I could."
Why are they dangerous?
On one hand, it's dangerous because that phrase can lock the door to the room you've been forced into. It can turn off the lights to your goals and your dreams. It can trick you into thinking that some day, what you WISH for will happen without you WORKING for it.
On the other hand, that phrase is one step away from smashing through the door. From throwing all the excuses in the trash. From LIBERATING yourself to a life by design.
My hump day used to be the day that meant half my work week was over. Today, it means I get to go hop on my boat, enjoy the world that God created, and spend time on the phone with people who I care about who are working to create THEIR life by design.
So, are you going to keep wishing for it, or are you ready to start WORKING for it?

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robbinsanity This is my morning view.

These two AMAZING women, fueled by Jesus (and coffee) focused on empowering, uplifting, and inspiring others. Worship music is ON!

Their ideas are brilliant, their energy infectious, and their passion unparalleled.

Something amazing happens when you surround yourself with people who push you to be better, and I feel blessed to witness their work ethic and dedication.

@healthyhappyme_ and @chelseablush I can't express how much you amaze me.

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robbinsanity Just a little reminder to love yourself. It's YOUR heart that is the center of your life, and that's a precious and powerful thing.

There is no heart like yours, there is no life like yours. You are unique, and you matter.

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robbinsanity There's something to be said about facing your fears... I've been shy my whole life as thoughts of self doubt and negative self talk circled my brain.

I'm not good enough.
I'll never be like him.
Do I even matter?
Could I even make a difference?
What's the point of trying?

This is my pep talk:

Everyone has value.
We're all made perfectly different.
We all matter to someone.
Making a difference is a choice.
You try, because you can.

This weekend, I stepped in front of a camera and TRIED, because I could. I've done it before and it still scared the heck out of me.

But You see, something happens when you put yourself out there. You are able to find a part of yourself you never knew existed. It's part of what makes you special. It's part of what makes you amazing.

This is a preview of one of the shots that the AMAZING @mrsvirginia2014 shot this weekend. I'm not perfect by anyone but God's forgiving unconditional loving standards, but for me, that's enough.

I hope this can somehow motivate you to do something out of your comfort zone.
  •   thebick You clearly owned it, brotha. Proud of you! 2w

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robbinsanity I learned a technique from @drmcayla that has COMPLETELY changed the way I look at myself and love myself.

Every morning, I look in the mirror and I picture the 10 year old version of myself, and pick out something I love about that version of me.

I also look in the mirror at the current version of myself, and pick out something I love about me.

Negative self talk is something I have struggled with, daily, and still struggle with. There is no ego in taking a moment to appreciate something beautiful about yourself, or something you love about yourself.

Today, I LOVE my left shoulder! I severely injured it earlier this year but fighting through and rehabbing had made me such a stronger person.

What do YOU love about yourself? Take a photo and tag me so I can appreciate one of the many AMAZING things about you!

#leftside #strongside #rememberthetitans #loveyourself

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Juno R O B B P E A R S O N
robbinsanity Many people don't know this, but my love language is quality time.

I don't need compliments. I don't need presents. I don't need favors. I LOVE hugs too, but what I love most is spending time with the people who I care about. And because of that, the way I show my love is by committing TIME to those who I love.

I am SO excited to love on the AMAZING women who @chelseablush and I are flying in to Orlando. They dedicate EVERY DAY to helping others be successful, helping others reach their goals, helping others love themselves. It's an amazing, noble, CHALLENGING task.

We're going to relax. Were going to enjoy this time to RETREAT from the 200mph life we live every day. We're going to fuel our hearts and prepare ourselves for another year of changing the world.

I love these ladies SO MUCH, and I feel so blessed that we get the opportunity to love on them.

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