robbinsanity There are things in life we simply can't control.

We CAN, however, choose to trust that God is in control.


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robbinsanity **VULNERABLE** Fitness is a journey, and that's a fact. I used to want to be as skinny as I could. Maybe that's what happens when you're 100 pounds overweight your whole life. Now I want to lift as much as I can. Tomorrow, I might have a different goal. And that's okay!

Social media has made it SO hard for SO many people to love themselves.

Yeah I wish I could look like the guy with a million followers 😎.
Yeah I see girls whose abs I wish I could carve for myself🏾.
Yeah I see people competing in NPC shows and I wish I could walk on stage and earn a trophy.
Hold up.

Do thoughts like those ever go through your head? Stop it.

We are each uniquely made, and while I believe it is important to strive for progress, what matters MOST is finding what makes YOU happy. Don't let someone else be the bench mark. Don't let someone else tell you what you should be. Don't let someone else be your limit.Don't let someone else set the bar for your dreams. NOBODY can dream the way you dream.

Find YOUR happy. THAT is what this journey is about.

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robbinsanity 400+ people committed to ending the trend of obesity in America with us here in Orlando!! Giving glory to God and asking for His guidance before we start this show!
#beachbody #supersaturday #endthetrend #supersunday #Jesus

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robbinsanity Today, we all have the opportunity to blow away and amaze a stranger with a simple act of love.

Maybe it's a compliment, maybe it's a hug, or maybe it's just putting the cell phone away when you're meeting someone for the first time to show that THEY are more important to you than this little machine.

You have more influence on the world than you think. Don't abuse that power. Make a difference.

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robbinsanity There is nothing better than doing a workout program with your partner. On Monday, @chelseablush and I started the 21 Day Fix Extreme. I mean, how much damage could a little brunette from the Midwest inflict? Dear @autumncalabrese, I hate you, but my quads love you.
#21dfx #beachbody #growquaddiesgrow

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robbinsanity Talk is cheap, action gets results.
After 21 Day Fix Extreme, we decided to go to the gym for some extra curriculars.

Brent took a pretty nasty hit towards the end of these box jumps. But he refused to quit, and finished up.

Sometimes in order to get where you want to go, the price is pain. But pain is temporary, and the satisfaction of being the best version of you lasts as long as you choose to push yourself.

Are you struggling with pushing yourself to get where you want to go? Shoot me a message, I'm happy to help!

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robbinsanity In God's eyes we are all the same.

Can you love on someone who is poor as much as you try to impress someone who is rich?

Can you forgive an oppressor as much as you thank those who do things for you?

I challenge you to find ONE person today that you've stopped talking to, are stuck in a grudge with, and find a way to forgive them. Even if it's just in YOUR heart. That pain and anger is keeping you from being the best version of you, so LET IT GO!
  •   leahsouled0ut 2w
  •   simplya.lopez Wow! I'm following you again and it warms my heart to see you unashamed and sold out for Jesus Christ! Thank you for allowing him to use you Bro! 1w
  •   robbinsanity @simplya.lopez he is my everything 1w

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robbinsanity My travel companion! We are officially on our way to Nashville!

I'm most looking forward to:
T Shirts
And Hugs. ALLLLLL the hugs.

What's your "can't miss" spot in Nashville?
And, if you're heading there this week, are you willing to trade me a selfie for a hug?

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robbinsanity Just a little Monday motivation...
What are YOU putting first today?

For me, it's my health and fitness. We're running around crazy getting ready for Nashville, but either you make moves, or you make excuses!

You're worth it, so put YOU first!

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robbinsanity You have to ask Him.
You have to pray for it.
You have to have faith in Him.
You have to trust him.

If you do, the disarray, the pain, the darkness, the discord, and whatever it is that is rocking your boat can stop.

But you have to ask Him.
You have to pray for it.
You have to have faith in Him.
You can trust Him.

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Normal R O B B P E A R S O N
robbinsanity Tag someone who is a pink Starburst!

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robbinsanity Did someone say "everybody love everybody"? I was indirectly issued a challenge that has completely changed the complexion of my life, and I want you to have the same amazing change I've seen.

Treat everyone as if they were Jesus. The person who screws up your coffee order. The guy who cuts you off on the road. The girl who is talking on the phone holding up the line.

We are so often wrapped up in ourselves that we can't see that these are all opportunities to LOVE people through patience, compassion, and forgiveness. These situations are gifts, if we allow them to be.

So what do you think, can you make an INTENTIONAL effort to treat people as you would if they were Jesus? Even for one day?
  •   jenniibella_ This was awesome rob. I loved this! 3w
  •   meredith.holmes2 Amen on that one @robbinsanity 3w
  •   kittymauer I so love this.🏻 It's such a beautiful thing when we allow the Holy Spirit to shine through us and truly be His hands and His feet. Especially as believers in this world we have so much of an impact on others who may not know God, and who ultimately may only see Him as much as we choose to allow Jesus to be our focus and example with how we treat others. How we act and talk has such a huge impact! I completely believe He blesses those times, those situations and people when we walk out what He has called us to do, Love God and serve people.🏻 Robb, you are such an amazing example of a Godly man and husband, and I believe the blessings and prosperity in store for you, your beauty of a wife @chelseablush (who also kicks some major awesome butt!) and your business is going to see some major shifts in ways only God could do! Keep being a light and being awesome! 😇😀 3w
  •   robbinsanity @kittymauer 🏽🏽 I could hug you right now!! 3w

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robbinsanity Most of my life, I've found myself wishing and wanting for things I never thought I could have.

Most of us fall into this trap, because no one tells us that the want, the desire, and the dream means nothing without the work.

What are YOU going to work for today?

Do you need help figuring out what you need to DO to make it happen?

Let's talk.

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Normal R O B B P E A R S O N
robbinsanity Started my day off with some @shakeology in lieu of pizza because I'm not a fan of olives or mushrooms, but I AM a fan of getting my vegetables in!!

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robbinsanity One of the hardest things to accept when we follow in someone's footsteps is that sometimes, we fall. We often forget that once we stand up and dust ourselves off, those footprints are still there to follow.

Get up, and get walking!

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robbinsanity So this is what happens when you start off your workout with squats, and super set them with 3 foot step ups Big thanks to @lisasmiling for the tip, leg day will never be the same. Neither, apparently, will the color of my shirt 4w

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robbinsanity If there's one thing I've learned on my journey it's that our brains only give our bodies half he credit they deserve.

Have you ever had to overcome "I can't"? One of my mentors told me that the best way to grow is to try to achieve one "I can't" every day. It's amazing how your body responds to that first box jump, that first handstand, that first 100 meter sprint.

You get addicted. You can't stop. Your body tells your brain "See! I CAN!" What is one "I can't" that you can TRY today? YOU CAN DO IT!
  •   living_e_320 Man I miss your post! Always inpiring! 4w
  •   fromfatgirlto5k I think you're ready for the next size box! Awesome jump! 4w

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robbinsanity Maybe you've been rejected.
Turned down.
Turned away.
Maybe you've been the last one picked.
Felt unworthy.
Felt like you aren't good enough.
I've been there.
There is a light inside each of us, and it's YOUR choice whether to let things turn your light out, or if you'll stand strong, and shine through the darkness.
Who's gonna turn it up with me!?

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robbinsanity Just in case you ever struggle with body image issues the way I do.

Tag someone beautiful.
#loveyourself #loveeverybody

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