renan_ozturk "Center Of The Universe" 6 x 2.5 ft mixed media on canvas. -

Created at basecamp during our first 2008 @merufilm climb. I traveled with the canvas rolled up in a duffle bag, unfurled it once we got there and roamed the glacial moraines and high alpine meadows to get this perspective of Mount Meru, Shivling and the Bagirathi Group. It's not a perspective you could get from stitching together photos from any one place but the mountain features are accurate to this amazing location. I only paint when I can really be there - in the elements and the mountains, where the final piece created is connected to the memories of the adventure had with friends. (Prints available -

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renan_ozturk After 19 days on the wall on our first @merufilm attempt I learned a lot about living in the vertical world from @conrad_anker -

Rule #1 - take care of your hands and feet. Conrad would often be giving his feet a bath in hand sanitizer to keep them clean before putting his socks back on. Also, some spare climbing tape is as good a bandage as there ever was. -

#wordsofwisdom @merufilm collection #no #pocketpost @jimmy_chin photo

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renan_ozturk More than just name, it really feels like it. Mount Meru, called the 'center of the universe' in Hindu and Buddhist cosmology, looms in the distance. -

In the beginning I was just a climber and a landscape artist. Years later when digital cameras came out, I started experimenting with timelapse. It felt like the closest thing to landscape painting and the perfect extension to share these indescribable places. -

Looking forward to friends, family and all those coming to Boston this weekend for the Meru screenings. @merufilm collection

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renan_ozturk From the words of our 8 month old pup @baloointhewild - "Walk more, I tell them. Walk more, drive less, fly less, buy less. Eat less beef (unless you're sharing it with me). Spend more time sniffing things. Really. It makes you remember where you are. And the earth is full of all sorts of smelly things you probably never notice." [by his mama @taylorfreesolo, the photographer and magical interpreter of his dog musings] #nationaldogday 6d

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renan_ozturk There are no plastic selfie sticks in the remote Himalayan jungles of Burma. But there is an infinite supply of fallen tree limbs and bamboo stalks. They came in handy for capturing the wide-lens live moments of our stumbly trek! @thenorthface @natgeo @gopro 1w

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renan_ozturk This is what it looked like and sounded like inside our hanging tent platform on the wall during the 2011 @merufilm climb. On this attempt @conrad_anker had designed a unique 3-person-wide platform as opposed to the 2 person one we crammed into in 2008. Although we were literally hanging in space, being inside this little pod each night was a 'safe' zone to recover mentally from the exposure and constant unknowns...and just to enjoy our wild position. #pigpile #bigboysfort -

The film is still playing in:


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Sierra Renan Ozturk
renan_ozturk Something still so nice about the physical copy! Paging through the 30+ page @natgeo #MyanmarClimb expedition article in the airport here. - "Renan descends a slope after finding the route impassable. Negotiating the region's maze of unmapped ridges and false summits forced the team to backtrack twice, squandering precious time and energy." -

Camera nerd talk: At this point high on the mountain I was left with just the lightweight @sony A7s and one 24-70 lens. From the time I started climbing (and only brought art supplies on expeditions) things have changed a lot. Advances in technology have opened doors for capturing the story on these remote climbs in lighter and lighter weight packages that still hold up in print and on the big movie screens. I mostly shot video but also was able to shoot a few stills with this @sony system which made it into the print article. -

@taylorfreesolo @hilareeoneill @emilyaharrington @md_jenkins @coryrichards @camp4collective @sadiequarrier @thenorthface
  •   trail_runner_12 Thanks @renan_ozturk be fantastic to see you guys hit the Aussie cinemas! 1w
  •   zidandcats @joelxiong he really was up there with the A7S 1w
  •   gavin_lang_photographer How do you find the Sony's at altitude and in the cold? Obviously light weight, but what about batteries? I switched from Canon to Sony recently and I'm excited not to have so much weight hanging off me. 1w
  •   panamad @hindakristine para que se lo enseñes a calorparty , todo en la A7 de Sony 1w
  •   stothehm @renan_ozturk is it in September issue? I didn't see it in August and I'm dying to read about it! 1w
  •   renan_ozturk @stothehm sept... Just came out! 1w
  •   stothehm @renan_ozturk thanks and really looking forward to it. And where can I get the hi-res video of Down to Nothing? I like to keep a reference of our country where we cannot reach. 1w
  •   derek.13 @renan_ozturk Grabbed my copy today! First magazine I've bought in like 5 years hah 6d

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renan_ozturk Continuing along the wild ride of sharing the @merufilm story in theaters around the U.S. Lots of new theaters are popping 'meru theaters' to find out if it's near you! Also international release coming in 2016...iTunes to follow... -

This timelapse is from our hanging portaledge camp on the wall. We weighed everything before heading up, cut tags off jackets and sawed our toothbrushes in half... so the shared DSLR between us (and a small grip of batteries and cards) was a big deal. During the final of 3 edits, we brought in #BobEisenhardt who kept asking if we cut off the ends of clips and if I was hiding footage. I had to break it to him that they were just very short clips because we had to conserve. So, this was probably the most 'expensive' single shot of the film. I chopped out a little ice nook below our hanging platform, placed the camera in it on a long tether and prayed the wind wouldn't blow. #merufilm #mymeru #notripods #FOMAS @conrad_anker @jimmy_chin

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renan_ozturk One of the best things about expedition climbing actually isn't the climbing's the cultural exploration and characters along the way. -

Before @merufilm I had no idea how rich, welcoming and hospitable the Indian Garwahl Himalaya was. Even the 14K foot basecamp had devout 'sadhus' living there who weathered the harsh winter in caves. -

Here is the moment when we first crested the glacial moraine to basecamp in 2008 and met 'the silent baba'. He had been a silent mountain sage for 5 years below Mount Meru. He had just come out of silence and after 5 years of not talking he unleashed his enthusiasm on us, giving us a nice overview of his solar cooker and asking all kinds of questions about the upcoming climb. -

When the climb was over I gifted him my @lasportivana spantik boots for the winter :) -

Photo by @jimmy_chin #banannahommok #thesilentbaba @conrad_anker #merufilm #mymeru

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renan_ozturk The 20 min @thenorthface @camp4collective cut from the @natgeo #MyanmarClimb expedition just dropped online! Stoked that it is on @vimeo as well since it's the community that has provided the most inspiration over the years. If you have time to watch the whole thing the link is in my profile... -

There is a lot more to this story that we will hopefully get to tell as part of @reelrock next year...stay tuned. -

@hilareeoneill @coryrichards @md_jenkins @emilyaharrington @sandisk @gopro #mudsweatandtears -

Special thx to @taylorfreesolo who in the context of this adventure endured her first trip to asia and stuck with us for the entire editing push.

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renan_ozturk Photo by @coryrichards // words by @md_jenkins -- part of the #MyanmarClimb @natgeo feature story. Google 'point of no return Nat geo' for more.... -

When I reach the ridge and push my ice-crusted face into the sun, it’s like poking my head into heaven. The sudden warmth renews my hope. I pull my body onto the ridge, and a blanket of sunlight envelops me. After the dark, soul-sucking cold of the north face, it feels like rebirth. -

Renan and Cory have dropped over the ridge to get out of the wind and discovered a stone platform hanging above the south face. The sun is spread over the rock like honey. “Lunch ledge!” I bellow, christening our aerie. -

Within minutes I’ve got our tiny stove roaring. Renan takes off his boots and begins rubbing his toes. Cory gets out his camera and begins snapping pictures. After more than a week of climbing, this is the first time we can actually see the summit: a steep, shining pyramid of snow. But we can also see what we have left to climb: a menacing, serrated ridge of rock and snow, guarded by a dozen dagger-like pinnacles. -

@hilareeoneill @thenorthface @sandisk @emilyaharrington @taylorfreesolo #sandisktories @sadiequarrier @camp4collective

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renan_ozturk Video by @jxnfigs @merufilm // One of the questions we have been getting a lot after the film screening is 'how do you get those far away shots for sense of scale?' -

Well, there are two different kinds. The first are the ones like this (that didn't make the final film), is just a straight-up timelapse shot by Chris Figenshau (@jxnfigs) who hiked 4 hours and posted up for a cold night, shivering on a ridge with a 600mm equivalent lens. -

The other ones that look more like actual aerials shots were made by the talented Marty Blumen (@visualgoat) using a crazy technique that took our photos of the mountain and projected them onto a 3-D @googlemaps #GoogleEarth terrain map. Then he studied how cineflex cameras behaved and flew the camera around the mountain, higher than a Heli could actually fly.

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renan_ozturk The line-up to meet @conrad_anker felt all too awkward and 'movie star' for us dirtbags. It's been a humbling experience, and a great opening weekend on the road with Conrad for @merufilm. So proud of the team for all the years of effort, from seed to sow, that it took to make this film. Thanks everyone! @conrad_anker @jimmy_chin @mochinyc @krakauernotwriting #bobeisenhardt 2w

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renan_ozturk In the middle of this crazy opening weekend of the @merufilm, @natgeo just released the full article and first video from the more recent #MyanmarClimb expedition epic! Link in profile! -

Bleeding feet, aching limbs, bug bitten, still open hearted. Here the women of our expedition, @taylorfreesolo @emilyaharrington and @hilareeoneill, expose how physically depleting this trip has been. We have descended safely and now wear the jungle on every inch of our selves - it's thorny vines and steep muddy cliffs, it's rugged unpredictable alpine terrain, it's indigenous people and their generosity. As @thenorthface athletes, we are used to suffering for a first ascent or a new approach to a high mountain peak, and that suffering is a privilege in many ways. This expedition was by far the hardest most of us have pushed physically and emotionally for such an extended period of time. We came to solve the mystery of Southeast Asia's highest peak, but deep down we came for the adventure and story - one that would play out regardless of a summit. As a climber/filmmaker, I came here because this kind of adventure is rare and real; beset with days full of grit and pain, and nights spent living amongst the local people belonging to this land. I wanted to come away with more than just imagery of snowy mountains and heros. What we have gotten is a beautiful unraveling - a trip that has broken us all down and exposed the true nature of our character and of those around us. @camp4collective @coryrichards @md_jenkins @sadiequarrier

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Normal Renan Ozturk
renan_ozturk Photo and words by @conrad_anker // "Today the 14th of August is the opening of @merufilm. In two weeks on the 28th of August this man, Mugs Stump, would have turned 66. As an aspiring climber Mugs pushed me to try harder. He set expectations and let me know how I did. One of his dream climbs was Meru in the Garwhal Himal of India. He tried the peak twice, learning something each time. In 1992 he was buried under a wall of ice on Denali.

Eleven years later the peak beckoned. Bruce Miller, Doug Chabot and I learned something. Five years later the schooling continued. @jimmy_chin and @renan_ozturk joined in and we almost made the grade. We turned back.
Climbing is a pursuit that is passed from one generation to the next. The story of Meru is my link between three generations. Thanks you #mugsstump for the vision. Respect." - #feedingtherat #believeintheimpossible #neverstopexploring from the Streaked Wall, Zion 1990.

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Normal Renan Ozturk
renan_ozturk The night is often the time to start climbing, before the heat of the sun bakes the ice and snow, increasing the avalanche and rock fall danger. On MERU, the start of the climb was a 3,000 ft snow filter, and required starting at midnight to try to push through it safely. @conrad_anker @merufilm photo by @jimmy_chin -

@merufilm opens tomorrow in NYC, LA, Seattle, Denver, Boulder and Minneapolis ... See you in Denver / Boulder with @conrad_anker.

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renan_ozturk @scottyrog of 'The Moab Monkeys' treading the line. This crew of rambunctious slack-liners, base-jumpers and climbers are always having fun and opening up creative new desert features to walk between and jump off. -

It was great to check in with them earlier this week for a shoot masterminded by @awesomeandylewis. We used to call him 'Sketchy Andy' after his close calls and wild hair ideas. This particular evening, it was time to basejump and the RED cameras, drone and whole production team was standing by. Then he gracefully declined because of unsafe wind. That was awesome. -

@nickwolcott @bustedshutter @hayley_ashburn @kyleberkompas @sparkshopclimbing et all!!

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renan_ozturk Photo by @eric_crosland @sherpascinema -

Happy to see so many friends in town last week, thanks for all the inspiration!! Eric and his Sherpas crew took some of the first shots of Iceland that revealed the insane braided glacial rivers and volcanoes from above that continue to fascinate us all. This is another really unique shot from that series. - "Taken out the window of the Heli on our long approach to the active volcano. The huge black lifeless desert gave me the feeling of not belonging. The pilot reported a sand storm a head. He suggested turning around @davemossop and I told him it was too late to turn around. So we pressed on. Shot on the @phaseoneww in 8k" #marsonearth

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renan_ozturk Why are all my shots of @baloointhewild of him running away? Playful little buddy. He's going on 8 months, and a little under 60 lbs. Probably the only time he isn't trying to run deep into the wild is when we have a chorus of family howling every morning. Almost as good as coffee. #goodmorning #wolfdog w/ @taylorfreesolo 3w

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X-Pro II Renan Ozturk
renan_ozturk Damian a.k.a. @johnny__bones is about as driven as they come. The creative side of riding seems to evolve for him every day, and it was a wild ride to capture some of his passion. Here, he surfs the concrete waves of Southern Utah. -

In order to film continuous stretches, like Damian surfing, we employed a chase truck and the @skysightrc brothers James and Soren piloted the @freeflysystems #ALTA and operated the #REDdragon camera on the fly. They have been flying for a long time and have a magic coordination for shots that sometimes seem like only siblings could achieve. Also, I couldn’t tell if the Kodak courage helped Damian, or if he didn’t even notice the drone, just in his own world of flight. #brotherpower #camp4pix #johnnybones

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