purplefeathers Let the words fall from your skin

Let 'em sink and you can swim

If you want that, we can sail away

And find a sanctuary within ~Sophia Black, Anchor

#fridaynight #bathtime 🏻

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purplefeathers //She's a mess of gorgeous chaos, and you can see it in her eyes// I view eye contact as the truest form of intimacy. Our eyes are expressive, open, and true. When you hold eye contact while connecting with someone, you see the real, vulnerable parts that they try to hide.
If eyes are the windows to our souls, then I invite you to dive deep into the depths of me. See who I truly am, be witness to the fire in my heart.

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purplefeathers Joining in on this because it looks like fun! #Repost @riva_g_ with @repostapp.
#FiveDancingYogis challenge 🏻
A little warm up dancing retical before the Holidays! Flexi Lexi and our awesome team of dancing yogis are bringing to you one of the most fun, beautiful and festive yoga challenges! Put on your favorite leggings and/or tutus and pose on! If you are familiar with Twelve Dancing Princesses, a famous German play/musical, here's our yogi version of this heart-warming story based on love, sisterhood and the beauty of movement. Guys - this means you, too! Tutus are not required!
Join us for our 15 day challenge #FiveDancingYogis Starting November 15 with our dancing yogi hosts from all over the world!
Follow our gorgeous dancing hosts

And our fabulous sponsor

@flexilexi_fitness -
This challenge is for ALL levels so everyone is welcome!
To participate:
Follow all hosts and sponsor listed above
Repost this challenge photo tagging all hosts/sponsor along with the hashtag #FiveDancingYogis
Tag your dancing yogi friends, sisters and brothers to join in on the fun and make sure your account is public so we can see you!
First pose will be posted on the night of the 14th starting by @robinmartinyoga and followed by the hosts listed above
There will always be one variation of each pose. Check in with the host of each day to see whose account to check for variation
Winners will be picked when the challenge ends

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purplefeathers Mynx thinks Mondays aren't so bad as long as you're sitting on the sun!
Mynx has this motivational message: Go forth and shine like the sun! Make people wear shades because of how bright you are! ️😎 #happymonday #catsofinstagram #sunshine #monday #mondaymotivation

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purplefeathers //I don't know where I'm going

But I know where I've been

And it's never in the knowing

It's in the not giving in. ~Machineheart, Circles//. • • •I've taken a short break from social media the past few days to find a piece of myself that I felt had been missing lately. I've had a lot on my mind and in my heart, and when I feel disconnected from my life I'm usually disconnected from myself.
Sometimes you simply have to take a step back to embrace where you are in your journey and pause to take a deep breath. There is no reason to always be moving forward if you can't enjoy the experience. #sundayselfie #sunday #selfie #selfiesunday #sundaymusings #ss

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purplefeathers #gratefulinnovember
My weekend was B U S Y! So here are days 7 and 8! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

my mom sleeping in on Saturdays slowly making progress with my inversions the flirtatious interactions that always occur at whole foods when I buy muffins having a washer and dryer in my apartment stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new hummus and pretzels to keep me going

a beautiful sunrise to take my mind off the chill in the air party planning my morning walk turning into a run because my body needed to move. my favorite part of fall-the sound of crunching leaves under my feet holding an inversion with NO wall support! being out in nature makes me feel whole and in love with life. The colors, the sounds, the energy. if you can be honest with me, you intrigue me. One of the things I'm cultivating in my life (in all areas) is honesty. It's refreshing, exciting, and deeply vulnerable. Having three different conversations about the allure of honesty in one day is fabulous. when my friends share new music suggestions with me • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

#gratefulnovember #grateful #life

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purplefeathers It's blurry because it's a screenshot of a video, but it's progress! @_zephyr22 here's my #stopdropandyoga pose! While on my walk this morning, I started feeling like my body wanted to run, so I did. Feeling the breeze and sun in my face, was glorious. I stopped in the park and proceeded to play around with some yoga sequences. I've been practicing my inversions, focusing on floating and engaging my core, and I finally held this pose!
It was only three seconds, but it felt like an eternity! #practiceandalliscoming is so true in all areas of my life. @jackieszen @kylieignace @llcool_rae come play and #stopdropyoga with me please!

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purplefeathers #gratefulinnovember //The beautiful thing about gratitude is that it can be done anytime, anywhere. As I continue on with my grateful in November challenge, I'm noticing that I'm slowing down and enjoying my days a bit more. I am choosing to be happy and find those moments that make me smile.// 6️⃣ Driving with the windows down at 7:30 in the morning. Enjoying what could be the last warm day of autumn. Finding a jacket in my car when I forgot my rain coat and umbrella.
Bring introduced to a new poet. Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur is lovely. An afternoon walk through Shadyside. Seeing this vantage point of my favorite church in the area.
Bringing back memories of YTT. On our lunch, we would walk across the street to Green Life and eat from the hot bar. Most days it was Indian, and I was introduced to Buchi. Thanks @danieljheath

Reconnecting with old friends, and making new ones.

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purplefeathers I'm falling more and more in love with poetry. ️ As I read the words on a page and they penetrate my psyche, I feel it viscerally, down to my core. The moment stops, my breath slows, my heart recognizes the emotions beneath the prose.
I'm such a romantic. My body responds instinctually, my soul feels as if the words I read are written for me.
The people who give me books of poetry, I shall hold you close always. ️ • • • • • • • • • • •

#poetry #milkandhoney #love #writtenword

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purplefeathers #nofilter beauty

4️⃣ randomly finding the best playlist ever. All I do is win 🏻 Knee high socks and skirts (thank you Mother Nature for warm weather in November!). 🌳️ Climbing. 🐏

Being informed that I give fantastic hugs. Anyone want one?
5️⃣ An amazing massage.
Sunshine, warm weather, trees shedding their summer layers, plump clouds lazily moving through the sky. I freaking love fall!

Repeat massage clients.
Cat naps with an actual cat (the best!) This magical moment: the wind moving through the trees, creating a cascade of leaves falling all around me.

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purplefeathers #gratefulinnovember
I have so much to be grateful for, and it's only the third day of the month! Playing catch up.. 1️⃣For the first: I'm grateful for my Rubi!

2️⃣On the second: I felt gratitude for North Star guidance and my affinity for bringing groups of like minded people together (it's my soul work). 3️⃣Today I'm grateful for unexpected sushi, compliments on my earthy aura, connections at Starbucks over my love of hot chocolate. 🏼Join me in finding gratitude daily in the month of November! It's simple! Post daily the number of things you are grateful for that match the date. Share the love by tagging friends to join you, and use the hashtag #gratefulinnovember

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purplefeathers I love November, and I love gratitude, so why not combine the two?

Who wants to join me in recognizing all of the things to be grateful for in our daily lives? It's a simple, fun way to reflect on all the great things surrounding us. My own life has been really hectic lately, and I've noticed my gratitude slowly slipping away.
Everyday in November, I'm going to express the same number of things I'm grateful as the date, and I'm going to use this hashtag: #gratefulinnovember It goes like this:
On the 1st I'm really grateful for one thing.
On the 2nd, I'm grateful for these two things.
The 3rd, these three things.
Daily for the remainder of the month

It helps to slowly notice and recognize those things, items, expressions, feelings that we normally would overlook.
Join me, tag one or two friends who you know loves gratitude and let's spread gratitude all throughout our lives and IG this month!

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purplefeathers Day 26 of the #OctoberYogaSpice #yogachallenge • Wheel or #dhanurasana • hosted by @kinoyoga@beachyogagirl@aloyoga@yogisheart .. //I don't even know if I believe

Everything you're trying to say to me

So open up my eyes

Tell me I'm alive

This is never gonna go our way

If I'm gonna have to guess what's on your mind. ~ @mumfordandsons

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purplefeathers Sometimes I wonder
what more is there,
insisting within
myself that I
should forget
trying to be
everything to
someone or
something to
and just remember
perhaps the two
most beautiful string
of letters ever
married together;

Just be. ~ @christopherpoindexter Day 24 of the #OctoberYogaSpice #yogachallenge • Pyramid/Intense side stretch pose or #parsvottanasana • hosted by @kinoyoga@beachyogagirl@aloyoga@yogisheart ..

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