prodigy Me :)!!! 2y
  •   _migii Is that girl? :o 1mon
  •   sopharinibopper Haha I looked this up thinking it was Prodigy the band, not this Mindless Behavior shit. But this is a good username 3w
  •   gissela_04 You are beautiful don't listen to anyone's opinion 3w
  •   selenator1357799 @prodigy don't listen to them haters u r beautiful on the inside and out and Kik me 2w
  •   definately_nate Exact opposite of a prodigy, kys. 2w
  •   leah_soriano Rude^^ 2w
  •   9o6 Hey pretty lady :) care to message me about something? Please and thank you @prodigy 2w
  •   blackravensrule Your not the real prodigy 2w

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