Normal Postalpix Photo Printing
postalpix Check out these great ideas for displaying your IG prints from #postalpix customers.

Top left: @lifemadelovely attaches 4x4 prints with mini clothespins to wire fencing she applied to her wall.

Top right: @_red_ makes a heart collage on her wall with some super vivid pics (makes the whole display really “pop”). Bottom left: @laura_elizabeth hangs her PostalPix prints and other postcards in neat little rows with white string and clothespins.

Bottom right: @mandeefranee makes a simple grid display with her 4x4 prints right above a few vintage Polaroid cams! How fitting ;) Got any creative print displays or just want to show off your latest PostalPix order? Let us know with a #postalpix tag!
  •   kellyleerules @jaymeplus2 thanks!!!!! Do u know if I can order ones already on my computer? Having a hard time figuring that one out... 4y
  •   postalpix @jaymeplus2 thanks for the shout out ;) @kellyleerules right now you can only order photos stored on your iPhone. One easy way to transfer the pics is to simply email them to yourself, open the email on your iPhone, then save them to your camera roll. Hope this helps! 4y
  •   postalpix Not yet @liddylids, still working on it! Would you mind filling out our mini international request form at We'll let you know as soon as we're there. Sorry if you've heard this before. 4y
  •   simply_adri @_red_ DUDE I was like Heyy that looks like Tracie's wall... holy canolies it is 4y

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Hudson Postalpix Photo Printing
postalpix Time for some Instagram print display ideas from #postalpix customers!

At left, tnbreezy mounts three 4x4 aluminum panels onto a matte (with our included foam squares), then inserts it into a vertical frame. She used prints of a trip to Hawaii she took with her boyfriend and gave this to him as an anniversary gift. Brilliant.

Top right, @a_damsel makes a lovely vintage scrapbook of her favorite beach pics. Check out her feed for more views of this little project.

Bottom left, @cottage960 strings a few of her favorite IG pics under a scrabble board with a message we all agree with :) We love seeing PostalPix prints in the wild, especially when they’re used for displays and projects by creative people like you! Let us know by dropping a #postalpix tag or mentioning @postalpix on a pic of your print display, project, or latest order of PostalPix.

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Normal Postalpix Photo Printing
postalpix Scrambling for a last minute #valentinesday gift? Check out these lovely cards @elf_girl and her daughter made with 4x4 #postalpix prints.
If you have any prints laying around, you can do it too! Plus you can totally take credit for the idea when your loved ones praise you for your craftiness (although @elf_girl may appreciate a thank you :)
  •   alchemyofsimplicity @postalpix I lost all my pics from Instagram on my iPhone . Is there any other way I can print my IG photos using this app? 4y
  •   postalpix @alchemyofsimplicity the easiest way to do this would be to email your IG photos to yourself, then save them to your camera roll. To do this, tap the grey [...] square at the bottom right of an individual post on IG. There should be an "email" option there. When you receive the email, click on the link for a full size version. Finally, tap and hold on the image in Safari until a menu pops up with an option to "save to camera roll". Hope this helps! 4y
  •   alchemyofsimplicity @postalpix hmmm. .. How could I not think of it;) silly me.... Thank You for help. 4y
  •   marine_sar @vane8686 this is what I was talking about yesterday! Text me your thoughts lol 4y

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Normal Postalpix Photo Printing
postalpix Happy Friday folks! Downtime this weekend? Could be a great opportunity for some IG print collages. Here’s a few creative displays we’ve seen lately with #postalpix prints.

Top left: @renatoghio makes a collage with his 4x4 aluminum panels. He uses crisp shots with bright colors (which “pop” like crazy on our glossy aluminum) on a red wall for a super vibrant display.

Top right: @exquisitebanana uses little red slices of tape to affix her 4x4 prints to the wall for an exquisitely (sorry - hard to resist :) elegant and simple wall collage.

Bottom: @shannonsteele strings her 5x5 and 4x4 PostalPix prints between some birdie wall art from Targét. Love it.

If you have any neat craft or display ideas for prints, let us know by posting a shot of it with a #postalpix tag!

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postalpix Check out these awesome PostalPix IG print displays!

Top left: @ksoileau overlays some of her 4x4 squares on a wall map.

Top right: @kdnlove collages her prints inside a big wood frame for a neat display in her office (check out her feed for a closeup).

Bottom left: @iheartfrenchtoast (us too :) places squares prints inside jars for a super creative, yet economical display.

Bottom right: @kadoldan hangs her square prints individually on the wall with binder clips hung on push pins. Simple and brilliant.

Got any cool displays for your PostalPix prints? Let us know with a #postalpix tag!
  •   eli_d15 @postalpix if there's is anything I can do to help just let me know! 4y
  •   lorenka @postalpix I just ordered some more prints and was going to order some of those cute little frames, but didn't see any. 4y
  •   postalpix @lorenka thanks for ordering again! The handmade wood 4x4 frames? We have those at 4y

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Normal Postalpix Photo Printing
postalpix We've been seeing a TON of creative ways to display #postalpix IG prints lately. Here's a few examples, with more coming soon.

Top left, @littlebitfunky uses blue oversized clothespins to showcase her 4x4 prints on a shelf. Top right, @_jasbot_ displays two of her favorite 5x5 prints inside a classic record player. On the bottom, @kale80 strings a photo line of 4x4s across a favorite space in her lovely home.

We can't get enough of these awesome ideas! If you have a neat way to display your prints (or just want to show off your latest PostalPix order ;) let us know with a #postalpix tag.

  •   postalpix @meycita not yet :( would you mind filling out the tiny international request form at We'll 4y
  •   postalpix ...let you know as soon as we're there! cc @meycita 4y
  •   postalpix @bradpuet hey Brad! I had our co-founder Michael email you (I believe yesterday). 4y
  •   bradpuet @postalpix right on. been inundated by emails. I'll respond first thing in the morning and see what's up. big thanks for the heads up! time to have fun! 4y

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postalpix Get any PostalPix over the holidays for yourself or others? If so, how are you displaying them? Let us know with a #postalpix tag!

Here's some creative ideas we've seen on IG lately. Top left, @angiebat clips her 4x4 prints to a neat wire birdcage from World Market. Top right, @birthdance makes a homemade album with her square prints. She uses a 12x12 album with three rows of 4x4s.

Bottom left, @chelsea_lyn turns her plain 'ol refrigerator into an insta-fridge! Awesome. Bottom right, @dustinjohns uses assorted frames to display pics of his cute pup. The little black frame is available at

Happy Holidays :)

Team PostalPix

  •   postalpix @ellesnaps exciting! We'd love to hear what you think when they arrive ;) 4y
  •   katiedidz Recvd my first order yest and OMG I am beyond impressed!!!! BEST photog app ever!!! So easy to order w a few taps & quality is amazing- I'm just in love w all my lil squares! My aluminum prints r going on my fridge & wall immediately! I told all my friends & fam! Thanks Postal Pix! My Vermont & NYC IG pics turned out flawless! What a team u have! 4y
  •   postalpix @katiedidz thanks so much for the kind words! We're glad you were happy with the prints and service. Feel free to drop us a line on here if you need anything :) 4y

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Normal Postalpix Photo Printing
postalpix Here’s a few neat DIY projects we’ve seen recently with #postalpix IG prints.

At top left, @loveleeokc adheres 4x4 PostalPix prints to tiles and pours on epoxy resin to make perfect photo coasters. At top right, @missmessie uses the same technique to make a few gorgeous coasters of her own. We saw a similar project from @janlovespix a few months ago too. Guess creative minds think alike!

On the bottom, @urbaneyestudio uses 4x4 prints, screws, brown jewelry wire, and silver binder clips to make an elegantly simple (and interchangeable) print display. Check out Kyle’s feed for more details.

It’s a tad late for new PostalPix to make it before Christmas, but not too late for awesome projects like these if you already have prints lying around!

  •   janlovespix Just finished up a new batch. It's 3:30 in the morning. Good Lord, I'm gonna be tired. :) 4y
  •   postalpix @janlovespix haha 3:30?! Sounds like someone was playing Santa last night ;) 4y
  •   whoajessica Hi @postalpix I tried ordering for the first time and I had an error while processing payment. I received a pop up that says "payment failure, try again and resubmit"--- but everything on my card is correct and funds are available. Please help! I want to order my first 60 prints asap 4y
  •   postalpix @whoajessica hi Jessica. Was this PayPal or a credit card payment? We've heard sporadic reports of PayPal having problems. If this is the case, try exiting the app, restarting your phone, and then reopening the app. If this doesn't work, please contact our support team at support(at) with details of the problem and we'll get you squared away ASAP! 4y

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Hudson Postalpix Photo Printing
postalpix Wow! With nearly 2,500 entries, the response to the #freemetalpix giveaway was amazing. It took us a while to compile everyone’s name and plug the list into a random name picker (sorry for the delay).

Without further ado, here are the winners of the #freemetalpix contest.

#freemetalpix reposts (7):


“Likers” (3):


Thanks so much to all of you that entered! Hope everyone has a great holiday season.

Speaking of which, anyone have a cool holiday print display using IG pics? Let us know with a #postalpix tag! We usually feature a few per week here in our feed.

  •   postalpix @iitskryszee hmm looks like it shipped out 12/20, so should be arriving any day now! Unfortunately, USPS got a little delayed over the holidays :( 4y
  •   misselectrofunk I really want to order from you guys are u only in the u.s ?? I'm in Canada :( 4y
  •   postalpix @misselectrofunk yes, we're only in the US for now, but should be there soon! Would you mind filling out the little international request form at We'll let you know as soon as we're there. 4y
  •   misselectrofunk @postalpix awesome! Will do ! 4y

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postalpix Howdy IGers! Two quick announcements:

1. We launched 8x8 prints today! Hi-res Instagram pics look uh-mazing. Just DL the latest version of PostalPix (2.0) from the App Store to check 'em out ($3.49 ea).

2. Just received another limited supply of these gorgeous handmade 4x4 frames. They’re made in Utah with knotty alder wood from re-purposed cabinets and doors. They come in black and white, and the edges are slightly sanded to give a distressed, but elegant look (listed in @ $9.49 ea).

Important note on holiday shipping:

Prints from our app – If you order today, there’s a very good chance you’ll receive orders before Christmas. We can’t GUARANTEE it though because of the USPS slow down. The closer you are to California, the faster your prints will arrive.

Frames ( – If you order before 6pm PST today, we can guarantee you’ll receive them by Christmas. If ordered after today, there’s still a good chance but can't promise anything :)

Happy holidays!

  •   postalpix @jecka_lee glad we could help! We'd love to hear what you think of the 8x8 frames once they arrive. Feel free to drop us a line if you need anything else ;) 4y
  •   jecka_lee I sure will! Thanks again! 4y
  •   jecka_lee Sorry to keep bugging you, but I entered the URL above for the marketplace and couldn't find it. These frames are not on the app, correct? 4y
  •   postalpix @jecka_lee oops, sorry about that! Try this address instead: 4y

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postalpix We’re giving away 10 of our 4x4 aluminum panels with your IG pics printed on them! Perfect gift for the holidays.

Here’s how to win one:

1. Repost the pic above in your feed by taking a screenshot and tag it #freemetalpix (7 winners selected)

2. Like this post (3 winners selected)

3. Smile a lot today

Ok, we can really only track #1 and #2. Karma points for smiling can’t hurt though :)

Deadline to enter is Thursday @ 11:59 PST. On Friday morning, we’ll pick winners from each group at random (seriously, it will be random).

Let the liking, reposting, and smiling begin!


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Hudson Postalpix Photo Printing
postalpix Hurray for DIY holiday decor! At left, @meganly wraps a Christmas tree with #postalpix 4x4 prints pinned on a string (check out her feed for close ups). At top right, @tat2wifey makes photo ornaments by inserting her IG prints inside clear ornament balls. At bottom right, @zombymama does the same but cuts her prints to fill out the whole ornament. Brilliant. Got a cool dispaly with your PostalPix prints? Let us know with a #postalpix tag! 4y

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Normal Postalpix Photo Printing
postalpix Here's are a few amazing DIY displays we've seen from customers to showcase their #postalpix 4x4 prints. Top left - @jessicaparr and @kevinparr make a HUGE 3x5 ft wood frame for their square print collection. Top right - @dearwhimsy drapes her prints across a shabby re-purposed window. Buttom left - @judygreen creates a unique wall display using a furring strip from Lowe's and mini clothespins. Bottom right - @neonkranz crafted a coat rack + picture frame combo with a reclaimed craftsman window and antique glass knobs from an old home. Holy awesomeness! How do you display your prints? Let us know with a #postalpix tag! 4y
  •   manusone @postalpix very cool!! 4y
  •   denizes @postalpix hello, I can't find your app !! I really want it!!! please advise :) 4y
  •   denizes Ohh I just read the comments you are only in US and that's why I probably can't get it!!! :( I'm in UK. @postalpix 4y
  •   postalpix @denizes yep, that's the reason alright. We're hoping to be there soon though! Would you mind filling out our mini international request form at We'll let you know as soon as we're there. 4y

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X-Pro II Postalpix Photo Printing
postalpix Howdy IG friends. We’re running a 15% off sale on all aluminum #postalpix this week in honor of Turkey Day! So that’s $6.79 for your favorite IG pic directly infused onto a gorgeous 4x4 aluminum panel (usually $8). Pocket change, right? Not to mention, these little guys are perfect gifts for the holidays! Just use coupon code TURKEYWEEK at checkout before this Friday @ 11:59p (PST) for your discount. P.S. If you’re can’t open our app since our most recent update, please delete the app and reinstall from the app store. Minor bug we fixed. Sorry for the hassle ;) 5y
  •   postalpix @erikballantine we're workin' on it! Would you mind filling out the int'l request form at We'll let you know as soon as we're there. 5y
  •   selinag80 Are these available in Australia cause I can't even find the app 4y
  •   littlehector Hello  Are you serving the UK yet? We don't have anyone printing 4x4 IG pics here! 4y
  •   iphoneographic @kalelkoven Check this :) 4y

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Hudson Postalpix Photo Printing
postalpix More awesome display ideas for your #postalpix! Top left, @jessicaparr clips her 4x4 prints to a set of decorative blinds in the house. Top right, @hlgreene makes a beautiful photo line frame out of an old wood frame from a thrift shop. At bottom, @andreajoy places her square prints under neat newspaper lettering she made. How do you display your prints? Let us know by snapping a photo of them and tagging it with #postalpix! 5y

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postalpix "OMG" is about all we were saying yesterday when we got our @photojojo iPhone macro lens in the mail. Here's a shot of one of our 4x4 aluminum prints through the lens. How amazing is that?! Definitely recommend picking one up. It'll take your iPhoneography skills to the next level! 5y
  •   postalpix @nycflychick it's actually a tiny lens that attaches to your iPhone magnetically. Their website is and they're @photojojo here on IG. It'll be great on your iPhone 4! 5y
  •   postalpix @crystal_rain the only square aluminum size we have through the app is 4x4, but we can do custom orders for just about any size! Just drop an email with what you're looking for and he'll get back to you asap. 5y
  •   rockinhair7 Thank you very much will order again. Great product by the way!! 5y
  •   crystal_rain Thanks! I really appreciate it 5y

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Normal Postalpix Photo Printing
postalpix Our designer Eddy sporting a handmade dragon costume (made by the wifey!). Hopefully he doesn't pass out from a heat stroke before the end of the day. Anyone have cool costume ideas for tonight? #happyhalloween! 5y

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postalpix At the amazing #spark event with @mindygledhill on stage 5y

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Normal Postalpix Photo Printing
postalpix Hey all. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we changed our IG name to @postalpix, so if you need anything use this one now (we used to be @ppix). Sorry for any confusion! 5y
  •   mydogsighs Are you in the uk yet? 4y
  •   postalpix @mydogsighs @arope sorry, not yet guys. Would you mind filling out the little international request form at We'll let you know as soon as we're there. 4y
  •   lo2487 Hello! I postalpix-I won an aluminum print and ordered additional prints as well and they come out insane! I was curious if you'd like to collaborate on a challenge that a few other igers and I put on every one to two weeks. We just did one with stickygram and had over 1k participants and theres only three of us running it. I was curious if you'd be interested in sponsoring the challenge by maybe offering the prize (doesn't have to be anything fancy) to the winner and help get your name out there more. If so, please email me at or comment on any of my pics. Thanks so much! 4y

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Normal Postalpix Photo Printing
postalpix Calling all iPhoneographers! We'll be in San Francisco for 1197 this Saturday (10/22), a one-day conference dedicated to mobile & iPhone photography. 1197 refers to when the first camera phone photo was taken: June 11th, 1997. The event is being organized by @blurb_books, Bolt Peters, and Instagram's very own @jayzombie. Can't make it? Remote tickets are just $10! More info and registration at 5y
  •   postalpix @tina there's always the remote option, not sure if you can view it later though as a recording. @boltron? 5y
  •   bigmac0420 Have a good time!! 5y
  •   swade77 Wow!!!!! Wish I could go!!!!!!! 5y
  •   lexiiloo Haha I will be. And soon to be in the states so hopefully more fun like this then 5y

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