petitefi Trying something new #MindBodySoul 1w

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petitefi I've made a lot of changes in my life in the past few months. Evaluating your center and exposing your heart has a tendency to do that.

I'm headed down a new road. A better road. One that I fell safe on.

It's easy to place your marker in the sand and declare your place - what's hard is stepping back and looking at it from another view. Just because you once felt one way, does not mean you must ALWAYS align with those thoughts.

If we never look back, we can never move forward and are stalled in eternity.

Take a moment to reevaluate. Are you TRULY happy in your life today? Even if it made you happy yesterday does not mean you shouldn't change for tomorrow.

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petitefi This was delicious!

AND #GrainFree #SoyFree #NutFree for all you fellow food allergen sufferers.

Definitely pick up some @vibrantfood if you are lucky to stumble upon it
  •   kimbypix Where'd you find it? :) 4w
  •   dangjesse21 Sounds good!! 4w
  •   voxxik Is grain free gluten free? May be a silly question but one fleck of gluten and I'm done !!! 1w
  •   petitefi @voxxik in this case yes! Grain free means gluten free but that is not ALWAYS the case (if soy sauce was present for instance) 1w
  •   bcollinstattoo Hey @petitefi any suggestions for cool tattoo shops to guest spot in Boulder/Denver? And maybe a good box to train? :) 1w
  •   diamondpixie Worst part about doing Paleo ... Being allergic to coconut. This looks so good. But it'd kill me. Lol 1w
  •   petitefi @bcollinstattoo try lifetime or landmark or think tank or dedication or boulder ink! And box....cuspis. Or CF Golden 1w
  •   bcollinstattoo Thanks buddy! I'll check 'em out 1w

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petitefi Dinner in 15 Seconds Flat!

Tossing a whole bird into a crockpot is one of the simplest methods for perfectly cooked chicken meat as well as a great way to start your first homemade bone broth!

Stuff a whole chopped onion (or apple) into the cavity of the bird to help keep it moist

Cover with seasoning! Here I used lemon wedges, basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary and some salt. This is totally modifiable so experiment with flavors!

Perhaps mash up some garlic and tuck it into that slippery bastard

Put a lid on the whole thing

Turn the heat on low and cook for 6 - 8 hours or on high for 4 - 5. You'll know it's done when the meat is falling off the bone.

Voilà! Dinner for two WITH left overs for lunch in less than 10 minutes (or 15 seconds in IG land)

Scrape all that meat off and keep all the cartilage & bone in the pot with the juices for a tasty, gut healing broth - coming up next


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petitefi I have been loving me som fresh veggie juice these days.

My current favorite is carrot, apple, kale with EXTRA ginger and bee pollen!

Makes me and my tummy smile

What is your favorite liquid elixir?
  •   marrrisssa Thank goodness for team member juices. 1mon
  •   melissuhhnicole Is the bee pollen a powder? 1mon
  •   julian_73 You should try señor mangos on 30th st in North Park. They have fresh juices, fruit salads, and smoothies. 1mon
  •   ladyiodine My friend @hunterfitness added jalapeño to a juice blend, but I forget the other ingredients. It was unreal! 1mon
  •   hunterfitness @ladyiodine I forget the other ingredients as well since we tried so many variations. I think that one was jalapeño, ginger, watermelon, carrot, and one or two other things 1mon
  •   mmmorisset Will you be at the games this year ? Come see us at the Strike MVMNT booth ... 4w
  •   petitefi @mmmorisset unless my dude makes it to the games, I'll never be attending again 4w

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petitefi Believe it or not I actually AM on twitter (along with Facebook and Pinterest)

I know I've had the tendency of falling off the planet and keeping to myself. Mostly that comes from my own internal struggle of deciding if any of my thoughts or insights actually contribute anything positive or helpful to this mess of a world.

Most days I can't justify it to myself and so I just keep it all in.

I have, however, experienced great connections from this technology we call social media and part of me feels very drawn to sharing a message.

Basically what I'm saying is - if you're still with me, I'm still here. And if you actually are interested in anything I've been conjuring up, I'll be sharing again soon.
  •   wreckit_tina Thank you for this. I am still here. Hope all is well in your soul. namaste @petitefi 1mon
  •   bpo316 Your why I got on here! 1mon
  •   intwopointfive Team Hell Yeah You Got This til the very end 1mon
  •   godssmessenger I'm very curious on your personal life,like what you I counter to feel a certain way?It seems like you are finding who you are?Just in my definitely have a good group of people who support who you are as a human,definitely use that to spark someone.Like 2pac 1mon
  •   dr_mannyfresh @petitefi I feel you, i feel the same. It's pretty safe to say that we are all behind you. If you disappear well just pick up were we left off. 1mon
  •   a_qub3 You know we are here!!! Have been and always will be! (On social networks I'm not a stalker ) 1mon
  •   jigmasterflexx Every lesson you learn from your journey and even announcing your mistakes but how you had managed to get back right up are ways to share positivity with the world... 1mon
  •   zackparadis_mt @petitefi you still pumping iron? 2w

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petitefi The best healthy choices....are the ones that suit you. 2mon

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petitefi Climb to heaven one last time: 2mon

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petitefi Thoroughly enjoying my last days in Hawaii with some of the inspiring & genuine people I've had the pleasure of connecting with.

I've really been focusing on strengthening my relationships lately as opposed to my body and it has been such a powerfully positive experience. Bringing welcome change to my heart.

What are we, after all, without the ones we love?
  •   petitefi @radsar no sis, off to California! I'll be in Denver in July - will you be around? 2mon
  •   petitefi @linzig138 YES PLEASE 2mon
  •   radsar @petitefi I take my licensing exam on July 8th, otherwise I am a free bird. Can't wait for you to get back!! 2mon
  •   intwopointfive @yuliyau - her shirt says Crossfit South Denver, that's her home gym! 2mon
  •   crossfithippie I have been working on that too. Its a beautiful thing. No better thing to do after you get your heartbroken than to go and do what you love. I hope my journey is as fulfilling. #onelove 2mon
  •   joruff loveeee your friends shirt! & of course all of your posts :) 2mon
  •   riafitness Miss you @petitefi2mon
  •   janalynn87 @moliwin love what she says 4w

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  •   copstache The Road. Cormack McCarthy. 2mon
  •   simon_ybarra Perks of being a wallflower, The name of the wind, & Tweak. 2mon
  •   chef_fluff Life, on the line. Grant Achatz 2mon
  •   guiltykitchen A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. David Eggers. 1mon
  •   scrublessmuffin The drunkard's walk: How randomness rules our lives. 1mon
  •   cchiass I know this much is true-wally lamb. He's phenomenal. Hokay creep sesh over, hope to meet ya out in Cali this summer since you skipped out on me in Hawaii good luck with the move! 1mon
  •   ernie_g the way of the peaceful warrior by Dan Millman 4w
  •   ariannav_ I'm going to start going through this list this weekend. So thankful for your post and everyone's recommendations! 2w

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petitefi Moving to San Diego in June and I couldn't be more excited!

Who wants to pick up heavy things and eat all the tacos?

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petitefi Don't stop pulling. 355lbs straight weight #WESTSIDE 4mon

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petitefi How to fix your Snatch

Step 1. Get rid of that nasty stripper booty

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5mon petitefi
Hudson Fiorella
petitefi Am I the only one who finds something inherently wrong with bodybuilding competitions for children? 5mon

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petitefi Thoroughly enjoying my rest day. 5mon

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petitefi It's Taco Tuesday. Do you know where your lunch is?

#EatBigLiftBig #Paleo? #TacosPorVida
  •   vaffanculostronza @taylorcotilla get a bag of masa (pure corn flour) from a Mexican store and try making your own! Very easy, cheap and fresh. 5mon
  •   adamjmachin @petitefi whats up tough stuff ?:). So I'm finally getting my self to a crossfit gym , Jui jitsu is the best but I'm wasting away , need to get some strength training in! Any recommendations in NYC ? Thanks miss , be well 5mon
  •   davidcl501 Holy crap!! You can eat that AND stay awesome!? Petitefi, you just introduced me to a whole new world! 5mon
  •   _thebearjew I need this in me right now. I can't wait to get back to the states and get real Mexican food!!! 5mon
  •   ibashoryukenarra Now those are REAL tacos 4mon
  •   2nicecustoms Hey boss I can't find your email get at me I got a question 4mon
  •   chicojes Yummy 2mon

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petitefi 185lb bar weight + 266lb chain weight for an aprx 415lb top weight sumo Deadlift.

Not all the chain is lifted off the floor therefore it's not the true 266lbs at the top.

Working on strengthening my hips and posterior chain especially my hamstrings!

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petitefi Hey you! How much ya bench?

If you're bench press is quite literally weak and/or if you need to get stronger in your overhead, try out this little accessory move for strength & hypertrophy: the JM Press

This is a tricep exercise invented by JM Blakely (a 700lb bench presser!) that is a hybrid move of a close grip bench press and a lying tricep extension. Added into your routines after a bench or upper body focused day, you'll get some much needed tricep work to help you lock out those big weights.
Lie flat on the bench just as you would in order to bench press with your feet firmly on the floor. Using either a standard barbell or an EZ curl bar, hold in a narrow grip at arms length (fully extended), elbows in, just as you would in the starting position of the bench press. Lower the bar in a controlled manner to just above the sternum. Rotate the elbows up allowing the bar to roll back towards the neck/chin. Keeping the elbows in, press the bar back up into the starting position.

Start with a lighter weight and higher reps to feel out the movement itself then go for strength and try out 2 to 3 sets of 3 to 5 reps with something heavy!

This is how I'm going to bench 200lb keep up

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petitefi That feeling #worked 5mon

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