pdy Jeff Goldblum • sensory overload

Amsterdam showing off her shapes and lines

#gramthedam #beautifuldestinations #wonderful_places

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pdy Gabriel Byrne • enlighten me

When the light shines in this city, it's good to be right in the middle of it

#gramthedam #chasinglight #streetdreamsmag #vscohmygosh

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pdy Audrey Hepburn • take flight

The sun has disappeared on us here in Amsterdam, so if you don't mind I'll shine some #latergram light from my day in Zurich and the wonderful @sarahpour proving that levitation works best with a smile

#zurich #streetdreamsmag #litely

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2d pdy
Normal phil
pdy Natalie Portman • the world at your street

It's weekend!! Tomorrow night I'll be attending a test screening of a documentary - Do It Together - that I filmed a few scenes for. A link to the trailer is in my bio

#doittogether #gramthedam #whatidowhenimnottakingpics

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pdy Mireille Enos • leavin this all behind me

Thanks guys for your feedback on my mirrorless camera post the other day. I still didn't make up my mind, but I'm like that sometimes

I shot this in the Kerkstraat - Kerk meaning Church - which is what that white building is in the background - the Amstel Church - only it isn't a church anymore, it's offices, so they probably don't feel guilty about cursing while they're working inside

#communityfirst #vscocam #gramthedam #didyouknowseries

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pdy Have you ever wanted to search for Instagrammers from a particular country?
You can with a brilliant app that's out today
I'm stoked to be featured as a Suggested User from The Netherlands - thx guys @gotlib @lakxs
It's free and def something you should check out - link is in @huntgram bio


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pdy Vincent Cassel • my head is a jungle

Winter's trying to push Fall to the side
#gramthedam #ink361_europe #litely #beautifuldestinations

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pdy Marlene Dietrich • keep your head down and just keep moving

I'm thinkin I'm gonna get me one of those mirrorless cameras. Just not sure which way to go. Sony, FujiFilm, Sigma, Lumix. Of course I'd love a Leica but my feet are on the ground.
Any of you guys shooting with a mirrorless?

#choices #mirrorless #sony #leica #fujifilm #lumix
  •   pdy @dorjan_ it's just a heavy beast Dorjan. For me it's always been a video camera first. And it's paid for itself many times over, but now I need something a bit lighter with wifi and other good specs 3d
  •   pdy @locarl gonna check that lens. I've got several lenses - EFS mounted Tokina 11-16 which is a killer lens - but a bit heavy. 3d
  •   dorjan_ Makes sense... 3d
  •   russell_willetts_photo If you want to shoot anything in low light, street photography etc the sony a7s is the best. It's only 12mp but the quality at high ISO is outstanding. You can also use lecia lenses. It's expensive though. 3d
  •   vigoliya Beautiful shot 2d
  •   white.swallow <---- Please follow 1d
  •   liapavlo Love this! 16h
  •   gramielle 13h

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pdy Julie Andrews • the ebb & flow

And the last in this little #laterjam series is from Switzerland again. This time with @bobbimac taking in the beauty around us
#rhaetiansensation #exploreswitzerland #tryframeworkskickstarter #tryframeworkslovesHannesBecker @tryframeworks

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pdy Diane Lane • hanging onto hope

24hrs in Rome was way too short.
I can't wait to go back and dig a little deeper
#streetdreamsmag #ink361_europe #streetsofrome #romanity

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pdy Sophie Marceau • only good thoughts

Remembering the time in Switzerland and one of the views we were treated to at Alp Grüm
Photo by @l_o_r_y

#tryframeworkskickstarter #tryframeworkslovesHannesBecker @tryframeworks

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pdy Eric Bana • express yourself

Morning ️ Green tea anyone? #anotherwaytooearlyinstameet
#gramthedam #vscocam #streetdreamsmag

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pdy Marilyn Monroe • I loved you more yesterday
If there's one thing I'd totally love to do, it's a basejump from some cliff in Norway (and snap a selfie on the way down of course)
Have a crazy good week

#crazyiknow #gramthedam #streetdreamsmag #vscocam

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pdy Anna Paquin • road block

This is Charlotte @charlottevandenberg and she took on the local bikers of Amsterdam just for me. Thx for risking your life Charlotte!
If you wanna see what great photography looks like in this part of the world, take a peek at her feed

#anotherwaytooearlyinstameet #gramthedam #thosedambikes

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pdy Paul Dano • no time to reflect

This is Ruud @ruu_da and he's a puddle master and a fine person.

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pdy Tyler Perry • the who's hue

#anotherwaytooearlyinstameet some things are worth getting out of bed early for

#communityfirst #gramthedam #streetdreamsmag

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pdy Salma Hayek • community colours

This is Curro @ekkieboy
We met this morning at #anotherwaytooearlyinstameet
Even though the weather was shit, a small group of us got together for a great walk through the streets of Amsterdam
@ruu_da @charlottevandenberg @blissfullcreature
#communityfirst #beyondthevirtual
  •   artiste.noire Still made it symmetrical. Dope 1w
  •   aracaera Wow! 1w
  •   vincentdemmenie Cool portrait mate! 1w
  •   sashagrudska Great pic! How can I know about next insta meet?:) 1w
  •   pdy @vincentdemmenie thx man 1w
  •   pdy @sashagrudska stay tuned - I'll do another one soon. But don't be shy to do your own Instameet. It doesn't matter if only a few people turn up, but it's totally cool to just do it. 1w
  •   sashagrudska @pdy thanks for advise! I ll stay tuned:) i think i m still too shy with not so many Amsterdam followers:) 1w
  •   fliickman That Wall is to dope!! 1w

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1w pdy
Normal phil
pdy Charles Bronson • lay your foundation

I was excited to launch my workshop "Instagram - From The Start" in Milan recently.
Aimed at helping brands and individuals build a great profile with real value.
And here's another #laterjam from the rooftops of Venice

#wearewinksta #workshop #venezia #chasingfog

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pdy Sophia Loren • weekend blues

Have a great weekend, preferably with a blanket of fog like I got in Venice

#chasingfog #pdydoesvenice #venezia #tgif

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