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obyyy FOR SALE or TRADE for US10/10.5
Visvim Fbt Shaman (2014) US9
USD610.00 excl. shipping
#visvim #visvimgang #visvimfbt #visvimshaman
  •   alecandsoul True to size? I wear a 9 in most nike runners 7d
  •   obyyy @alecandsoul yes, they fit true to size. u keen? i could send u more pics 7d
  •   d_juice Would u ship to canada? PayPal? 6d
  •   _ayotigo Would you trade for visvim jp sand sz 9.5? 6d
  •   obyyy @_ayotigo sorry man. only keen to trade for the same pair 5d
  •   _andrewmendez_ Are they still available? Also, how much would it be to ship to California? Thanks. 1d
  •   obyyy @_andrewmendez_ sorry man, just sold them 1d

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