oanhderful #Repost @nan.ig with @repostapp.
Giveaway: 6 $3/1 tide and 4 $5/1 playtex
Repost and hashtag #naniggiveaway if interested in these *These didnt print out the best (I guess red ink was low when these printed out)

#couponcommunity #tidecoupons #playtexcoupons #iso #idso

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oanhderful Top pics are from today purchases at . I took advantage of their care promotion & lucky for me, the place was fully stocked today! The bottom pic is over a span of two weeks with purchases from T, FD, Kroger, wags, & CVS. There were a lot of error and trial but I returned the merchandise and reprocessed the entire deal. It's the only way for me to learn.

Also, thanks to my friends & family who sent their code, 'Preciate ya

Transaction 1:

2 L'oreal (shampoo & conditioner) clearance from $5.99 to $2.98/ each
2 Suave $2.89/ each
4 Suave $2.49/ each

Total = $21.70

Used 2 $2/1 L'oreal = -$4
Used 3 $3/2 Suave = -$9
Ad care code -$5/$20
Mobile Care code -$5/$20

6 listerine clearance $3.48/ each = $20.88

Used 4 $1/1 hang tags & 2 $1/1 peelies = -$6
$20.88 - $6 = $14.88 - $1.40 (10% CW) = $13.48
Get back 3 $5 gift card = $15 $13.48 - $15 = $1.52MM

Total OOP = $20.17 (after 20% off debit) & receive $25?gift card!!! $4.83 money maker! ***my very first no tax purchase***
***my very first money maker***

Transaction 2:

Again with suave & L'oreal combo

Transaction 3:

Again with suave & L'oreal combo

Scott bathroom tissue posted all over, too lazy to repeat it.

Listerine deal, look at transaction 1.

Playtex Sport pantie Liners at $3.99/ box, currently it's buy 1 at $3.99 get 1 50% off

Purchased 4 = $11.98

Used 2 man Q $1/1 = -$2
Used 2 target Q $3/2 = -$6

Total OOP = $3.98 for 4 or $0.96/ pack

Overall I paid about $65 (including tax), & received a total of 10 $5 GC = $50! Net cost ~$15.

I also DID NOT roll any previous GC (I have plenty, but since this trip wasn't much, I didn't feel the need to, beside I'm saving up for a better deal). Last day for these deals, people!

#extremecouponer #HoustonCouponing #HoustonCoupon #Coupon101 #CouponCommunity #Coupon #Couponing #CouponFamily #Winning #SoCalCouponer #DallasCouponer #Atlcouponer #Diaperdeal #caredeal #huggies #loreal #listerine #playtex #floridacouponer #couponnewbie #couponnoob #Learninghowtocoupon #stockpile #stockpilesaturday
  •   oanhderful Thank you ladies @kimberly__le @don__na @deal_chaser. 1w
  •   oanhderful @deal_chaser you need a coupon101 class for beginner cause you the bomb at this qponing shiet. 1w
  •   deal_chaser Naw I don't have enough patience for that 1w
  •   deal_chaser @oanhderful got ur tide qs 7d
  •   oanhderfulqpon Awesome. I usually get off around 7pm, let me know where you gonna be then and I'll come by to pick it up. If not, tomorrow or anytime this week is fine, I'm not in a rush for them...@deal_chaser 7d
  •   oanhderful @deal_chaser do you know anyone that's currently have the playtex $5/1? I placed an order for 2 sets but it was cancelled. she ran out and now it's NLA 7d
  •   deal_chaser @oanhderful woman I tagged u when that girl nan.ig had it when it first came out .....if the ip is nla it's hard to find and the ones who already printed will charge u an arm n a leg for it I'll ask my friends to see if they have extra ...b is napping now so I may not be able to meet u up today bc he naps btwn 2-3 hrs so tomorrow we can meet up ...ure not doing the target deal for tide this week? 7d
  •   oanhderful I didn't realize the importance of it @deal_chaser 7d

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oanhderful Family & Friends:

Can you text "offer" to 827438

Then you'll get a message link from target, click on it, screenshot it, then text it to me or DM on IG to me, please. 'Preciate ya #iso #extremecouponer #extremecouponing #couponer #houstoncouponer #houstoncouponing #insearchof #couponcommunity #couponfamily #couponing #couponing101 #couponingnewbie
  •   deal_chaser @oanhderful yup u got it 1w
  •   oanhderful Man you the bomb-diggity!!! @deal_chaser 1w
  •   deal_chaser @oanhderful girl how are u doing runs when ure working and prego 1w
  •   oanhderful LOL I wake up super early. Most days I leave at 6am to hunt deals, land at target when they open. Go to work, run during lunch, then run after work. As a matter of fact I'm at target now. Idk what I'm doing so I'm trying to learn. @deal_chaser 1w
  •   deal_chaser Lol ure crazy and super woman I'm limited to couponing bc Bryson is super bad and throws major tantrums.'s was better when he was younger since all he did was sleep in the carseat 1w
  •   deal_chaser Just ask away if u need anything 1w
  •   kimberly__le That is why I call her "superwoman"! 1w
  •   couponcutz Awesome 2d

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oanhderful #GlitchDeal (?) these Hunter boots are on sale on Amazon at a fraction of the price. Original $150-$250, currently on sale for $16! Hop on it.

I purchased 4 pairs (6 now!!!) In various sizes (5 & 6), colors (black, red, & blue), and styles (classic tall & Wellington) without properly researching the authenticity of these boots. After I have placed my orders, read through reviews and researched the company name, I did not find any indication of this company selling fakes. But I'll definitely get these authenticated as soon as they arrive. Either way, I can always return if they are fake or sell them slightly less than retail if they are real and doesn't fit.

I also chose expedited shipping since there isn't a difference in dollar value. The estimated ship date is 03/11-03/12. Perhaps deal is too good to be true and the orders might cancel, but it doesn't hurt to try!

#WinWinSituation #ExtremeCouponing #HoustonCouponer #GlitchMafia #HoustonCouponing #Deals #ILoveDeals #CouponCommunity #DealAddict #AlwaysLookingForDeals #IDontNeedAnymoreShoes #ILoveShoes #ShoeDeal #Shoebargain #HunterRainBoots
  •   oanhderful Mine went back up to 124-200 LOL & when I click on their "storefront" link all listings were removed. They're probably backtracking & wondering wth happened last night. @hellolovelie 3w
  •   oanhderful @jetanho you're welcome dear 3w
  •   oanhderful @hellolovelie some received cancallation emails due to "pricing error" and some has gotten a shipping confirmation. Hopefully we're the latter.  3w
  •   jaquino711 I ordered 1 pair....last time I got greedy on a glitched deal everything got cancelled lol. Hopefully we all get at least a pair 3w
  •   karekarester I got a shipping confirmation!! :) 3w
  •   oanhderful OMG congrats @karekarester!!! 3w
  •   karekarester Great! Lol they sent me a cancellation email just now. 3w
  •   oanhderful They did for all of my orders  Wasn't expecting it to happen anyways. Now I'm just refreshing Buyer's Feedback on Amazon and watch it burn down in flames...@karekarester 3w

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oanhderful I love you #Walmart #GlitchDeal! #SertaPedic #CoolSlumberGel pillows 6 kings, 2 queens, & 4 standard for $60! I got 'em sweating calling corporate. Deal is dead's removed from their website so don't ask. #extremeCouponer #SaveBig #CouponCommunity #ILoveDeals #Couponer #Couponing #GlitchMafia #YouSnoozeYouLose #AwesomeDeal #HoustonCouponing #Save #Deals #Glitch #NewbieCouponer #ILoveCouponing #AddictedToCouponing #HollywoodSwank 3w

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oanhderful My ObGYN suggested more walking so I did. From roaming the aisles at Walgreens to Kroger to Wal-Mart then to a second Walgreens. #ILoveCouponing

21 Colgate Optic White Toothpaste
12 L'oreal Shampoo & Conditioner
16 Cesar Little Crusine
2 Scott 16-Double Roll Tissue
TOTAL OOP: $55 / Total Saved: $106!

#Couponing #Couponer #CouponAddict #ILoveCoupons #TXCouponer #HoustonCouponer #Couponing #CouponNewbie #BeginnerCouponer #Deals #Krogers #Walgreens #Walmart #Deal #Addicted #NeedMoreCoupons #HTXCouponer #CouponCommunity
  •   monicateeqpon Shouldve bought 4 Scott. You get a $5 catalina back:) 3w
  •   oanhderful @monicateeqpon $5 is a lot in the coupon world lol. How do I know when something qualifies for $ Catalina? 3w
  •   monicateeqpon Lol all the paper products on sale at krogers 2 for $10 are kimberly clark. And the promotion is spend $20 get $5 back. So buy 4 you can mix and match and get a $5 catalina. 3w

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  •   cdoggydog Teach me! I tried I suck at it 4w
  •   oanhderful Def! Let's do dinner, it'll take a min to explain the process but you'll catch on in no time! I've even gotten money back last night from Target. @cdoggydog 4w
  •   cdoggydog Ok!!! 4w
  •   jadie77072 This wat prego lady been doing??? Can u show me how to do this? 4w
  •   oanhderful Not much to do when you're pregnant @jadie77072 can't nhau, can't smoke, can't move, can't do shiet LOLA. I'd love to show you, it's easy once you get the hang of it. 4w

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oanhderful Baby is healthy & complying to mama's request to keep the gender a secret. He/she had his/her legs crossed the entire time during the anatomy scan. #Thuong! #23WeeksDown #16WeeksToGo #BoyOrGirl #KicksAndPunchesMamaAllDayEveryday #ILoveYou #DueJune192015 #CancerBaby #BabySheep 1mon
  •   greeny1212 Haha I miss being pregnant 1mon
  •   greeny1212 Did you do the blood test for gender ? 1mon
  •   ss_h0le It's a boy 1mon
  •   oanhderful No, & don't want to know LOL. My ObGYN will try to ID sex this Friday w/ another U.S. @greeny1212 my stomach growing so fast & part of me ready to pop but part of me want this ride to last for as long as possible. 1mon
  •   oanhderful @ss_h0le by boy you mean girl then yahhhh! 1mon
  •   greeny1212 Lol I found out gender at 13 weeks from 1st tri screening. U can do it!! It was so hard for me to keep gender a secret surprise I kept it in till labor since my husband waited till she was born to know. Haha even during labor I'm like telling the nurse 'it's coming out' even though I wanted to scream I feel her coming out of me 1mon
  •   kimberly__le LMAO @ss_hole girl! 1mon

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oanhderful Our tradition since day one. #TempleWithMyBabyDaddy #ChucMungNamMoi 1mon
  •   airicly Chuc Mung nam moi aunt @oanhderful and AT. I'm otw over tomo after work to pick up my li xi 1mon
  •   oanhderful Chuc mung nam moi, @airicly you can come but we won't be home. Come out to window! Super double-up calling yo name 1mon
  •   kacienguyen74 Nooooo why u temping me?! La la la la 1mon
  •   oanhderful I tried to remove the tag before u see lol. bong bong bong bonggggg. Happy new year babe. @kacienguyen74 1mon
  •   kacienguyen74 Too late asshole, now my fingers r itching . Happy new year boo! 1mon

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oanhderful #CouponingForBeginners #Kroger buy 1 pack of #Pampers ($9.39 sale price) & get 1 box of Pampers wipes ($2.59 sale price) up to 72 counts FREE! Use an additional $2/1 Pampers coupon, total $7.39 for 1 pack of Pampers & 1 box of Pampers wipes. #IDidThat

#couponersofinstagram #NotCheapWithMyCouponingKnowledge #AskAway #LearningMySelf #SharingTheWealth #NotStingyWithMyCoupons #Couponer #Coupon #ImGettingIt #GotLoadsOfInsertsComing #Happy #ImSoSmart #NoThanksToYOU

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oanhderful #KROGERSMEGASALEEVENT: $8.99/package. Save $3 when you buy 6 participating #HuggiesDiapers = $8.49/package. 6 ($2 manufacture coupons) = $12 off. Final price of each = $6.49!

#Winning #MySaturdayNight #Couponing #ImOnlyGettingStarted #KrogersMegaEventSale #Couponer #ConservativeSpending #OnTheCouponTrain #GettingBetterAtIt
  •   babyblu3tina @oanhderful you're very welcome love! Couponing is super addicting lol 2mon
  •   oanhderful It is @babyblu3tina I'm constantly checking the weekly ads for sales in my area. 2mon
  •   oanhderful @mstyperez stock up babe! Sign up for Amazon mom and get 1 box (approximately 246-276 count) for $10.99! Original price $45. 2mon
  •   mstyperez Will do! Thanks love @oanhderful2mon
  •   greeny1212 Really?! On Amazon ? Lol 2mon
  •   greeny1212 I did a run on couponing over holiday season when they had buy 2 get free target gift cards lol 2mon
  •   oanhderful Yes. First time Amazon mom subscriber can order 1 box (246-276 count) for $10.99 one order per address. I had several family members ordered for me so I got 5 boxes (1,300+ count) ranging from size 1-4 for $55 total with free shipping. Saved approximately $200! @greeny1212 just remember to cancel before your 30 day free trial. 2mon
  •   kimberly__le You got more coming! 2mon

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oanhderful Friday, 01/23/2015. 100% of people predicting it's a girl after taking a look at my growing belly. My #AnatomyScan scheduled for next Friday, but I have requested doctor/tech to keep the sex a secret, instead they will write it on a card & seal it for me to reveal at the #BabyShower/ #GenderReveal party.

#BabyTranNo2 #GirlOrBoy #Ecstatic #MommyToBeAgain #CantWaitToMeetYou #DueJune192015 #CancerBaby #SummerBaby #19Weeks #IEnjoyYourKicksPunchesAndHiccups #Precious #Gained6Lbs1stTrimester

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oanhderful Weather is too beautiful to be stuck inside.🌞 #MommyAndDaddyDay #SundayFunDay #NoTylerAllowed #MyHandsomeDate 2mon

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oanhderful One of those situations where your eyes are bigger than your stomach, but who's gonna check me, boo? #FatBao #PorkBellyBao #BulgogiBao #CrabDaddyBao #NewYorkerBao #PorkKatsuBao #AvocadoChips #SpicyEdemame #SpicyMisoRamen #DanDanRamen 2mon

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oanhderful Happy New Year, dolls. 3mon

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oanhderful My off days are spent with him. #MommyAndSonDay 3mon
  •   jaquino711 Nice. Wish I had off days during the weekdays 3mon

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