nekelanih29 the squad minus 3 11mon
  •   yvsuf._ Tbh brandi u ugly but not daniel ugly. Just be satisfied with that. 6mon
  •   nekelanih29 Damn that hurt...but I still look better than daniel so aye @yusuf.l 6mon
  •   jennaabear13 I c u 5mon
  •   tracysimekha VanillaCanteloupe is my stripper name because I make the boys come whiter than vanilla all over my "cantaloupes" 2mon
  •   nekelanih29 please go to church this weekend @tracysimekha 2mon
  •   jennaabear13 I've got a bad feel about this scoob 1mon
  •   tracysimekha But that profile pic tho 2w
  •   jennaabear13 "I like to picture my arm hair like a forest and I see a man walking through the hair as if they are trees" 3d

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