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wjooi92 #yolo you only live once. Dont get regret on what you miss out, i dont wish to miss her out in my life. Our memory has been record down from time to time. The first time we prepare bento for each other, the first time we celebrate each other birthday, the first time i bring her outing with my friends, the first time we meet each other family, the first time i wrote confession letter to her, the first time we web cam when she is not with me...and so on. All i want is just to share my every first time with her, because this is first time make me feel my responsibility to protect her. This is also my first time to participate in contest, if i am the lucky winner of the contest. I would like to present her my first contest gift to her, share the every first time happiness and memory with her.
#0130177GUE #WinWinWinWednesday

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