mooreaseal The countdown to my book release date continues with our third GIVEAWAY chance to win a copy of #52ListsProject!
Comment letting me know the thing you treasure most.

Is it a person, place, object? What's the most special thing you can think of that you value so much. No answer is wrong or right!
The winner will be announced tomorrow!
And today's winner from yesterday's 800+ entries is... @aridvdson! Congrats lady! Shoot us a message at to claim your book!

Ok. Ready, set, tell me your most valuable treasure!
  •   rothskid Family, friends and freedom 3h
  •   lipstickandlager Since today is my birthday party and I'm throwing a brunch, my biggest treasure is all the wonderful, talented, loving, loyal and amazing women in my life. I've learned so much from them. 2h
  •   odelmendorf @bryin4 you need dis 2h
  •   kenzieasmith The thing I treasure most is my little family -- they have taught me so much about love, patience, and kindness. 1h
  •   rockpapertrees Family and dog aside, I think my greatest treasure is the large red, heart-shaped rock my dad found for me when I was six. He's been gone for twenty years but I can look at the rock and remember that day. 1h
  •   lothiriel0421 Excluding my family the thing I treasure most is a mink coat from the 1950s that belonged to my grandmother. I had covered that coat ever since I was a little girl. My grandmother was/is so glamorous and she is the one who gifted me with my love of fashion and the desire to design and sew. A year ago I moved from the U.S. To Sweden and she gave me her coat as a going away present. I will always cherish it because it reminds me of her and will always be a symbol of our special relationship. 58min
  •   ryzmomplus2 Memories are my biggest treasure since so much has changed in my life and so many losses. So those memories are the sweet spots of the past. 32min
  •   orangecatbakery Mine is not so much a thing as a person- my mom and dad. They've worked their asses of their whole lives to give my sister and I the best life we could have. They both gave me my love of reading, my mom gave me my love of cooking, my dad gave me my love of cameras, and they both made me the person I am today. They inspire me to be kind, generous, creative, observant, intelligent, healthy, and very well-read. Even when we didn't have a lot of money to spare they always made sure we had books. And my sister, I would die for her in a heartbeat. She's my best friend and even though we fight sometimes I'd still do anything for her. @orangecatbakery out :) 28min

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mooreaseal That moment I started seeing everyone posting about the ridiculously on point @socalitybarbie. Dammit. She nailed the stereotypical PNW adventurer Instagrammer girl way too well. How many people do I know that have taken portraits on this bridge. And do I want to take a portrait on this bridge someday too? Ugh, yes. Nailed it @socalitybarbie. I'm dying with laughter. 14h

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mooreaseal My hometown friends threw me the loveliest bridal shower last night! It was beautiful, but more importantly, spending time with my high school best friends reminded me that the pressures of social media telling you that your wedding needs to be Pinterest perfect and Instagram worthy just isn't worth wasting your time on. It's the community of love and compassion that matters most. Then make your wedding as pretty as YOU want, not what social media tells you is right.

As someone with almost a million followers on Pinterest and 23k on Instagram, you can bet I feel that pressure daily to make a wedding look a certain way that will match up to all the hundreds of thousands of stunning weddings across social media. But at the end of the day, I know what I like, I know what I can afford in the greater scope of things, and I know what matters most to me, to Max, and to our close community. And I can't wait to celebrate Max's and my big day with so many good friends by our side. ️ And hey, on the flip side, I do appreciate people posting about their gorgeous weddings across social media so I can determine what we like and how we can do something similar within our budget and time frame Style and inspiration are wonderful! But comparison is the thief of joy. Stay true to you, simply enjoy inspiration and beauty, and let peer pressure fall to the way side. You ain't got no time for that you bodacious babes! Wedding planning is hard. But reminders of the most important things are the world greatest moments.
  •   rebbermade Ya! Serious plates! 16h
  •   janetbrownstudios @morgan_brown1988 I knew I liked her! 16h
  •   kvercillo Great post 15h
  •   irwiniantheory Well put! Way to go! 15h
  •   hanan_ajluni It's all worth it. Love who you are and follow your heart!! 12h
  •   kaihals I adore your style, but more than anything, I've remained a dedicated follower of your accounts for the last 5-6 or so years because of your beautiful and inspiring spirit! I'm glad that you are focusing on what really matters. 11h
  •   karenita_s We're getting married on 10/10 as well, and I couldn't agree more with this post! Thanks for hitting the nail on the head 😀 7h

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mooreaseal It's time for today's #52ListsProject journal giveaway! If you haven't been following along, I'm giving away 1 copy of my new book The 52 Lists Project everyday until the book is released on Sept 8th, this coming Tuesday!

Today's way to win is all about community. Tag a friend who you think would love this book! You can enter as many times as you like and tag as many friends as you want! One winner will be chosen tomorrow

The 52 Lists Project is all about improving your life with ease and reflection, through one year, one step at a time. Each week there is a prompt to get you listing and at the end of your weekly list, after you have taken that time to be reflective, introspective and focused on self love, there is an action prompt to help you transform your list into inspiration to make each week better!

I wanted this journal to not only be fun and encouraging to use on your own but just as powerful and inspiring to work on side by side with friends. I think it's going to make an incredible Christmas gift, helping those you love start off their year right with positivity and encouragement.

I'm SO EXCITED to see how you all make your journals your own and how you engage with others to create even more depth and love within yourselves and your communities by using the hashtag #52ListsProject. A self love revolution and compassion filled transformation starts now!

Now, yesterday's winner... Drum roll please! Miss @katy.yancone! Congrats! You've won a copy of The 52 Lists Project! Please email to claim your copy

Okay, ready? Start tagging your list loving friends! Enter as many times as you want by tagging different friends.

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mooreaseal Lately, our customer's Instagram shots of our products have been KILLIN' IT. You can get a chance to be featured by us Across our social media platforms and in our newsletter by posting pics of you rocking your favorite Moorea Seal goods in your outfits or in your home! Just hashtag #mooreaseal in your photos that feature our products! Did I mention we have 1 million followers across our social media platforms? Let's get you insta-famous, ladies!

This gorgeous shot is by fellow Seattlite and Queen of style, @mermaaidy wearing our Maddox Bootie. Visit the link in our profile to shop these perfect boots!

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mooreaseal We're so excited for our pop up shop on Saturday with @porcelainandstone! Lucky for you, our 20% off EVERYTHING online and in our store runs all the way from today till Labor Day. Which means you get to take 20% off all of the Porcelain + Stone pop up accessories in store on Saturday as well! It's our treat to you Come visit us from 11-4pm at 2523 3rd Ave, this Saturday to check out some seriously beautiful bling! 2d

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mooreaseal #52ListsProject GIVEAWAY #2!
Every day this week I am giving away a copy of my upcoming book The 52 Lists Project.
To Enter today:
1. Tag a shop that you think the journal would be a perfect fit in!

More About the 52 Lists Project:
I created this beautiful journal because of the incredible traction that the 52 Lists Project got on my blog and I wanted to create a self love revolution with the power held in the book and within each of you! Each week throughout the year, there is a list prompt such as "List the ways you are energized." And with that prompt you can get as deep as you want in listing out your thoughts, inspirations and feelings. At the end of each list, there is a prompt to take action, transforming your list into a motivator for you throughout your week!

The journal is packed with gorgeous photography and illustrations by the talented miss @juliamanchik. And the cover is hardcover with stunning gold foil on the spine and in the title. It's truly everything I ever hoped for and I'm SO inspired by everyone who has already pre-ordered the book. We've sold hundreds and hundreds so far! Eek! It's only $16.95 too :) Shops: you can purchase the book wholesale through @randomhouse!

Friends + Followers: you can shop everything in this image by visiting the link in our Instagram profile!

52ListsProject Giveaway Winner #1 from Yesterday is: @mandyfersch! Congrats girl! Please email to confirm you won!

Okay ready everyone? Start tagging your favorite shops in the comments to enter to win a copy!

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mooreaseal Now why exactly do we have a giant balloon in our shop today? Oh only because we are offering 20% OFF OF EVERYTHING online and in store this week for our giant Labor Day Sale!

That means you can take up to 70% off of some of our best sale items. And even new arrivals are marked down 20% off! Everything is on saaaaaale! Shop now at or at 2523 3rd Ave, Seattle WA

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mooreaseal GIVEAWAY time!!!! So, we have one week until my 52 Lists Project journal comes out. EEK! How about if I giveaway one book a day until then? Can you dig it?

To enter today's giveaway of the #52ListsProject:
1. Re-gram this image and use the hashtags #mooreaseal and #52ListsProject so I can find you!

The winner will be announced tomorrow. Winners are chosen at random! Good luck!

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mooreaseal Still getting used to this new formatting option in Instagram where we can post tall or wide photos. But excited it means more room to share spaces in my shop!

Shop this photo by visiting the link in our Instagram profile!

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mooreaseal We're so excited to announce that we will be hosting a @porcelainandstone pop up shop this coming Saturday, Sept 5th, from 11am-4pm at our store front in Seattle WA!
I had an impossible time choosing which gorgeous shot from her Insta feed to feature so you should go check out @porcelainandstone and see what beauties she will be bringing to our shop on Saturday!

See you then :)

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mooreaseal The power is back on!
Finished all of our wedding invites!
🌲 Dishwasher is running!
Laundry is going!
Moved all of the last things from our old house tonight!
Purged a bunch of stuff and I'm thinking of doing an Instagram sale!
🌲 Crushin' it like #ladybossrealness

What did your Sunday look like?
  •   blissedoutlife I was feeling a little sad and down but then I started cleaning and doing laundry and I felt much better! The magic of tidying up. :) 5d
  •   ferniacci Can I ask where you got hose fern stamps??? 5d
  •   katescoggins Yes to the sale!!! 5d
  •   mooreaseal @ferniacci @jennifer_batton @silversheepjewelry the stamps are just from USPS! I searched online for custom stamps but then decided to browse the USPS site and discovered they have packs of fern stamps!! Eek! 5d
  •   caaarter I used the same fern stamps for my save the dates! Love them 5d
  •   jennifer_batton @mooreaseal - I wish these were available back when I was getting married!! We had mostly ferns vs. flowers at our wedding 5d
  •   haejco Always crushing. Miss you Lady. You're a sweet but yet badass inspiration to us all. 🏼 5d
  •   kristawelch Hey! Random. I have a friend who writes for Houzz and is looking for first-time homeowners to feature in the next couple of weeks. Would you be interested in chatting with her, or know of anyone who might? 4d

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mooreaseal Eek! @caskro did such an incredible job on our wedding invites I saw her work and knew immediately that I could trust her to come up with something perfect. The first design she created was exactly what I wanted! Thank you SO much Carina!
She also is an incredible photographer for those of you who are looking for a wedding photographer. Check out her Instagram to see her beautiful PNW style.

Lastly, you wanna see a peek at my wedding website? I was hesitant to share it as I have already seen some not so nice comments about me and my personal life and wedding plans on social media. Good ol' internet. But I WANT to share, and I won't let any critics get me down. And since I haven't shared the address of our wedding, I feel a little safer haha. Visit to see and read a rare peek into my personal life.
  •   lavender_thyme That's my wedding date and around the same time too :) 6d
  •   licicox @senoritaelena well it's a good one 5d
  •   livelifedeconstructed Omg, you guys are the cutest! The website is soo pretty and made me tear up a bit! I wish you and Max an amazing weeding season! I'm so happy I was able to meet you at txsc, you are such a generous inspiring soul and you deserve all the good things in the world! 5d
  •   livelifedeconstructed And totally made me wanna visit Nevada City 5d
  •   confetti_works Congrats! Your invites are truly beautiful 5d
  •   caskro You are SO welcome!!! My sincere pleasure doing these for you. 5d
  •   itshellooctober Love your invites and your website is the cutest! Congratulations!!! 3d
  •   nuvea These are stunning. 13h

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mooreaseal Well, Washington was really needing some rain! But we weren't expecting monsoons! I'm not sure of the exact numbers but something like 170,000 people were out of power yesterday. And today it's down to 70,000 in our area.

We recently moved outside of Seattle and our neighborhood got pretty beat up but not as bad as people right along the coast. 2 people have died so please send your most loving thoughts to their families.

Yesterday I spotted my neighbor K strapping down our other neighbors pagoda to their fence during the crazy winds so I ran over to help him. Another neighbor G came and helped too. We were worried that the metal frame of the pagoda that was getting whipped around like a boat because of the canvas top was going to smash into the house's windows. We saved it!

I've been having a hard time living far outside of Seattle this summer but I'm so grateful to have incredible neighbors that band together to hep one another out. That is an incredible feeling.

Now wish me luck today as our power isn't expected to come back on for another day or two! I've got a dark house to clean, a friend to host in our home, I've got to go get the last piles of things from our old house to somehow squeeze into our smaller new house, and I've got about 70 more wedding invites to address!

When it rains, it pours, am I right?
  •   spiritandhaven Thinking of you and everyone up there! Good, good vibes your way, my love. xx 6d
  •   amandabnguyen I know exactly how you feel lady. We just moved into a more wooded area (haller lake) and trees down everywhere. One huge cedar tree branch broke part of our roof/siding 6d
  •   mooreaseal @amandabnguyen oh no!!!! So sorry to hear that! We were definitely worried about the big tree in our front yard, but our street managed to make it out ok through the storm. But I've heard plenty of sirens going off around the neighborhood over the last 24 hours. Just hoping everyone is safe and that they all have insurance to cover any damages. Oof. Glad to hear you are safe and I hope that any damage to your home can be fixed quickly! 6d
  •   amandabnguyen @mooreaseal thanks lady ️ yeah all the sirens yesterday were crazy 6d
  •   felenciagerald Life has a way of showing us the way. I hope all is well and that you enjoy your wedding. 6d

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mooreaseal Never enough Macramé. Ever.

Shop this new teeny tiny plant hanger and this gorgeous wall hanging by visiting the link in our Instagram profile! Both are available at and in store

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mooreaseal Behind the scenes of a first time author!

This is what signing 200 books while caring for a post surgery puppy looks like. My poor little pup. She didn't take well to the pain meds so I'm just keeping a close eye on her today while I sign all 200 of the first pre-order copies we have sold of my #52listsproject journal!
Lemon and I say a HUGE thank you to you all for supporting my business and my new book. I have wanted to be my own boss and a creative entrepreneur my whole life. And I've been an animal lover and passionate about the rights of women, children and the underprivileged just as long. In 2009, when the economy crashed, I was just graduating college, and there were no jobs, I thought there was no way I could achieve any of my dreams with just a studio art degree under my belt. But with a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, a positive attitude and most of all, support from friends, fans, and customers like you, I am where I am now: 29 years old, owning and running an online retail site, owning and running a store front, puppy momma, soon to be married, first time author of a journal that is my heart and soul, getting to share my journey with you through every high and low.
You have made my dreams come true and with your continued support and belief in me, my business and my wild adventures, I dream bigger and bigger everyday. The challenges I face get greater and greater, but it's because of success and incredible growth that challenges arise. And it's an honor to take on every single moment because of your gift to me.

Thank you to everyone who follows my business, who buys accessories from my shop, who has pre-ordered my book and or plans on purchasing it. Thank you for growing my staff from 3 to 12 in less than a year and for helping to support the individual dreams of each person on my team. Thank you for giving me the chance to get a puppy this year, making me feel transformed and more joyful than ever before in my life. Thank you for giving me the chance to marry the love of my life this Fall. Every single way that you support someone in Small business effects every other element of their lives. I love you! This is some #ladybossrealness
  •   kikapubyfurahab @mooreaseal what an amazing heartfelt tribute. I've been following you all the way from Africa both on Pinterest and Instagram and the transformation has been incredible to watch. Will have to find a way to order your book. Thanks for being a wonderful inspiration to budding entrepreneurs such as myself and wishing you much continued success!! 1w
  •   jenniferyoungstudio So amazing. I'm in town and can't wait to visit your shop!!! 1w
  •   jenniferyoungstudio Oh and a huge congrats to you on your book! Inspired! 1w
  •   anitafendrock Excited! Three of those are mine! Actually one is mine, and two will be gifted to members of my tribeI that I deem worthy of the gift. One will go to my sister for sure, but I have not decided on the 2nd recipient. It will def be someone in need of both the inspiration and motivation that I am certain this offering contains. I am both proud of and awed by you. 6d
  •   kvercillo YAY!!! And sending love to pup 5d
  •   simplycyn So inspired. This is beautiful. Congrats on it all, you put in so much hard work and you deserve all the rewards. 4d
  •   sneakpeekbabyboutique Just received mine! I absolutely love the dedication to your sisters. Thank you for your inspirational words. I am just beginning my #ladyboss journey. I hope I can inspire my own daughters to follow their dreams. Hope you feel better soon Lemon🍋 10h
  •   mooreaseal @sneakpeekbabyboutique awww thank you. My sisters will always be my first children to me. Helping to raise them from an early age was one of the hardest struggles of my life but equally just as rewarding and precious. I love them so much and his my love for them throughout the book. It's really like a love letter to them, because it's through learning to love myself well in my twenties that I realized I could love others even more. Self care and love is the avenue to true love and investment in others. I hope this book brings you so much joy and that your daughters see that power thriving in you more and more everyday as you journey through the book. 10h

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mooreaseal Currently feeling like the world's meanest dog momma after realizing we scheduled Lemon to get spayed on National Dog Day Got any advice to help me not be a ball of anxiety today? #clementiniest 1w
  •   death.and.texas I foster dogs for a rescue. If it is any consolation, I've never had a spay go awry! It's a very common safe procedure 1w
  •   death.and.texas And you're doing great things by getting her spayed, especially on national dog day! It's all about promoting adoption. Fewer fertile dogs, fewer homeless babes! 1w
  •   veruca027 Busy yourself getting a nice bed ready for the pup in a low place since range of motion is a bit limited. 1w
  •   christinatuschhoff Give Lemon big kisses I think she'll understand! 1w
  •   aimeeburchard I am sure the love you show her makes every day national dog day in her world!! ️ Don't fret!! 1w
  •   katwakefield If it makes you feel better, we just realized today that we were supposed to feed our puppy more as he grows. Oops. They will forgive us! 1w
  •   ingrid777 You're preventing cruelty/neglect/homelessness/oversupply of unwanted and unloved animals. I think spaying in national dog day is perfect! 1w

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mooreaseal Some days call for DONUTS! 2w

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mooreaseal Raise your hand if you are ready for Fall boot season! 🏻🏽🏿🏼🏾 All of these beauties are available in our shop, online and in store! Shop this photo by visiting the link in our Instagram profile. 2w

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mooreaseal Something we've discovered is that our customers LOVE zodiac jewelry! These are the prettiest we have found and are by far our most popular. And at just $18, I think these are awesome bridesmaid gifts, presents for friends, or little treats for yourself 🌒🌖🌗🌘 we have one for every sign!

Shop these easily by visiting the link in our Instagram profile! Or head to

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