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Normal Mike Vallely
mikevallely Now available from @streetplantbrnd

The Checkout 8x10

15 PT Card Stock Paper
Full Gloss Coating

I can and will happily sign and personalize these. Please note if you’d like a signature and to whom it should be signed to in the
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Available here:


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mikevallely This demo in Tel Aviv (2006) is one that I will never forget. It was my first real skating after breaking my leg... And it was the energy and love of the Israeli Skaters that brought out the best in me... And helped me to heal.

All 3 seasons of DRIVE and the original award winning film are now all available On Demand here:


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mikevallely Ryon Rommel

Ryon Rommel was not a “Mike V” fan.
To him “Mike V” was some over-exposed dinosaur — Irrelevant.
Ryon had ambitions of being a pro skater, he was about what came next…
Not what was.
I know all of this because Ryon told me.

When I traveled to Florida to meet Ryon in 2001, he had a secret.
The secret was that he was not really a fan of mine.
He had written to me almost as a joke…
Knowing that I was some bleeding heart pro-skater.

He was hoping he could tug on my heart strings and get some free product out of me.
He had been recently diagnosed with leukemia and he had written to many skateboard companies and pro-skaters —
Sharing his story, looking for product, for support.
He knew that I had a reputation to respond and so he figured he’d clump my old-ass in with the others.

I took his letter seriously.
Of course I did.

I wrote him back.
I told him that not only was I gonna’ send him product, I was going to come visit him.

The first time I met Ryon, his secret was revealed.
It was written on his face.
I knew I was dealing with some punk-ass kid who didn’t really give two-shits about me.
That is until we got to know each other.
And we got to know each other quick.
In a matter of several small shared moments.
Moments that we were both completely present in…
And I didn’t care that he didn’t care, I still cared about him.
And he didn’t care that I was some old-school knuckle dragging neanderthal…
He liked me anyway and we became fast friends.

I remained friends with Ryon for the rest of his life.
We shared many more moments and adventures both on camera and off.

One of my favorite times with Ryon was when I visited him and his family without any cameras around.
Ryon and I took of to the mall…
I pushed him around in his wheelchair and we shared all kinds of laughs and pizza.
Without the cameras, we weren’t taking ourselves so seriously…
We were just being kids.
Of course, I was in my thirties, but that didn’t stop me.

Ryon brought out the best in me.
I knew who I was in his presence…
And he knew he could share anything with me and he did.
Even how he wasn’t a “Mike V” fan.
We had a good laugh at that.
  •   cookie076 Nice.. 1d
  •   stencild Another story for your book, Mike. I'm waiting for that book. So many stories from the blog you had up before elephant brand launched. Thank you for sharing your stories 23h
  •   edwin_reygun Thankful #goodhumans 22h
  •   alexandrefeliz i hope rony be ok soon 14h
  •   boonatic I agree @mikevallely you need to write a book.. I've been fan since day one.. Your a powerhouse in sk8 scene and still killing it 14h
  •   jackiempearce Oh damn I remember that Drive episode! So funny to learn what went on behind the scenes. Ha! 7h
  •   xx37ko @mikevallely this made me become a "Mike V" fan. Thank you for the share. 35min

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mikevallely Rolling deep in the summer of ’97 in Florence, SC with
@steviecab @mikesantarossa @dannywainwright @555_FILK
@wilkinsskate @emilyvallely @wolfmate and Dom Kekich

Thanks to @chrisisthedude and @callmeesteban for the photo.

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mikevallely Revolution Mother @revomutha Carson, CA /2007
Photo: Deanna Templeton
#revolutionmother #mikevallely

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Normal Mike Vallely
mikevallely Several years ago Rob Dyrdek told me I was -- "like the Terry Bradshaw of street skating" -- I didn’t know what the hell he was talking about at the time — I was just like — What? -- But lately I’m starting to think he had a point… Ha, ha. Well, the thing is, he meant it as a compliment... And then I find this old pic. When I was a kid in the 70’s and early 80's — Even though I lived in Giants and Jets country there were only two football teams one could really like… The Dallas Cowboys or the Pittsburgh Steelers. I hated the slick Cowboys, with their slick coach and their slick quarterback. I was a Steelers fan. Period. Blue Collar from the start. Plus Terry Bradshaw was in one of my favorite movies w/ Burt Reynolds -- Hooper. Thanks Rob!!! Rob also told me that I could — “draw blood from a stone” — I still don’t really know what that meant and I don’t have any photographs to compliment that compliment... I'll keep digging. #mikevallely 3d

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mikevallely Make sure to tune into the Dancing With The Stars @dancingabc Finale tomorrow night to see my beautiful and talented daughter @lucy_vallely featured in the Annie production. Photo: @sharkcookie #DWTS #lucyvallely 5d

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Normal Mike Vallely
mikevallely With my dear friend Ryon Rommel (RIP). Jupiter, Florida / 2004.

DRIVE (the original film and series) are available for streaming and download here:
  •   davidcoelho328 drive... 5d
  •   itsfinetina I remember this. :( 5d
  •   fabiosleiman I remember . RIP ! 5d
  •   child_of_dixie You have a heart of gold sir. Thank you for caring so much. 5d
  •   leo7090 Rip that's kind of u 5d
  •   teekok So awesome episode. So inspiring. Thanks to you both. 3d
  •   michaelwaynebrooks Yes, great episode @mikevallely , it moved me to tears. I always loved you, but this episode made you my favorite professional skateboarder of all time. I look forward to the day when I get to give you a big hug. You rock brother! 3d
  •   mikevallely @michaelwaynebrooks Thanks! I'm looking forward to that too!!! 2d

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mikevallely 1991
Northlands Coliseum
Edmonton, Alberta

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mikevallely Stoked to be out filming yesterday with @tednewsome and interviewed for upcoming chapters of the @redbullskate #pushingforwarddocumentary
#mikevallely @socco78 @servant_footwear

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mikevallely Kickflip up the pyramid, say hello to @mikesantarossa 5'0 across and down... Münster, Germany 1995

#mikevallely #mikevallelyvideo

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mikevallely Me, the streets and my board... 1987
Orlando, Florida
Follow @streetplantbrnd for more photos and videos from yesteryear... #mikevallely #streetplantbrand #mikevallelyvideo

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Normal Mike Vallely
mikevallely Never-Comply
1988 / Edison, NJ
Photo @crstecykiii
#mikevallely @peraltastacy

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mikevallely 2008... The old Sidewinder...
I'm driving the black car pulverizing the red mini-van.
That was a fun day!!!!

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mikevallely 1980
Edison, NJ

Take a wild guess... #mikevallely

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mikevallely It all started one day when I picked up a skateboard... 1985
Pete Russo's Ramp
Edison, NJ

#mikevallely #mikevallelyvideo

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mikevallely The Noside Banks

The thing is
It wasn’t cool
That’s what was so cool about it

We didn’t strive to fit in
To be cool
We just were

Unconscious Strength

A gravitational pull

Misfits, outlaws, poets, freaks
That’s who we were
That’s who we attracted

When the school bell rang
We met in an abandoned lot
Somewhere between Dunkin’ Donuts and Burger King

Into the dusk
And on into darkness
Sweat and blood and smiles

A meeting place, a proving ground
A sanctuary

Asphalt and concrete
Hardrock Maple, metal and urethane
Embedded in our flesh
Part of our DNA

A moment in time
And with us forever

The thing is
It wasn’t cool
That’s what was so cool about it

#streetplantbrand @streetplantbrnd #mikevallely

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mikevallely Glory Bound Tour / 2010
#mikevallely #mikevallelyvideo

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mikevallely Big Spins, Late Shoves, Big Pants, Small Wheels -- 1992.
#mikevallely #mikevallelyvideo

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mikevallely Christmas Morning, 1984

Skateboarding was not a welcome visitor in my home.
My parents hoped that it was a fad, a trend, a passing interest.
Like the music I was listening to.
Just something I was going through.
The haircut, the bleached jeans.
The weird friends.


If you say it to a young person enough times maybe you kill the urge.
Dampen the inner spark.
Maybe you steer them away.
Back into the flow of the mainstream.
Back into the gray of the school hallways.


Mix tapes and borrowed boards.
Black Flag and The Bones Brigade.
I’d never been so sure of anything.
Every moment inspired.
Every inch of asphalt alive.


Teachers, the kids at school, local business owners,
the police and my parents.
With every push I’m more certain.
A moving target.
Unyielding passion.
Definiteness of purpose.


Christmas Morning.
Underneath the tree.
A Sim’s Jeff Phillips.
Gullwings and Krypto’s.
Out the front door out into the street.
A board of my own.
Tears of joy.


I’ll make my own way.

#streetplantbrand @streetplantbrnd #mikevallely

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