michael_mish At my first meetings in Germany.was a great experience 3mon
  •   charlesbruton Nice looking brother 3mon
  •   oyetinnocent Ha ha ha, good to know ur safe and with people of same mind. The meeting was it in english or germany 3mon
  •   michael_mish Have attended Germany and English meetings 3mon
  •   carlzjoel How much do you get from German neetings..? Like on a scale of 10.. I wanna know if those German classes u had here helped...lol 3mon
  •   michael_mish Hey!!!, I learnt basic German.German for meetings is real German.I get around 3 out of ten.but because I have a German lover on my side and English literature.I get 5 out of 10.I will have to go for another German language course for 1 year to be fit. 2mon
  •   shaniebanx Thats great.... 2mon
  •   shaniebanx Jo dat smile 2mon
  •   shaniebanx Now ur big 2mon

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