megantada "...the revelation that the dream was teaching the dreamers how to live." Slouching Towards Bethlehem by Joan Didion.

The Yukon Territory has been nothing short of fantastic. Our stretch of highway desolate of cars, signs, telephone poles, pavement, and left only with a big sky, unimaginable scenery of just about every variety, and us plugging along. Trying to get there but trying not to leave.

150 miles left, save our Juneau exploration miles. We are in for rain, bald eagles, grizzly bears, and more mountains and glaciers and wind, oh my!

#DownTheWayBackAround #ExploreYukon

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megantada Kluane Lake. The stretch between Haines Junction and Destruction Bay in the Yukon is incredible.

Tomorrow morning we make our last turn and follow the road 150 miles to Haines and bald eagle paradise to catch a ferry to Juneau.

Pure magic.

#DownTheWayBackAround #ExploreYukon #KluaneLake

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megantada We may not have been able to see the sunset for a while during our time in the last frontier, but we celebrated each time the sun set behind a passing cloud and changed the sky for a few moments.

Taken closer to ten or eleven at night, the view from Deadman Lake Campground, about 30 miles from the Canadian border, was a nice way to say goodbye to Alaska. We could still see smoke and haze coming from the Wrangell wildfires off to the left.

We will be getting back to Alaska to finish up the trip in Juneau by way of the Haines ferry at the end of the week. We keep hearing wonderful things about the Haines highway and we can't wait to have that be our final biking stretch to round out and finish up the great state of Alaska.

#DownTheWayBackAround #Alaska

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megantada All but two postcards have been stamped and mailed, has anyone received theirs yet?! The last two had special requests to capture Alaska and I've been saving them for our stretch to Haines and Juneau because everyone keeps speaking of them so beautifully.

There's still a chance to grab a watercolor postcard painted by moi! Email me and I'll get you the project details if you're interested!

#DownTheWayBackAround #Postcard_Project
  •   megantada @marinnawilliams I've been saving the best views for you!!! 2d
  •   marinnawilliams I'm so excited I can't hardly wait 2d
  •   hgoldspiel I got mine and it was beautiful! 2d
  •   megantada Yessssss! I was so afraid they got lost in the mail. @hgoldspiel Yours was the one I struggled with most! I wanted to capture those rocks perfectly but they were so beautiful and overwhelming that I couldn't stop my hand from jumping around on the page. We should do a NUS postcard chain exchange!! Get everyone in on it! 2d
  •   the.b.road I'm interested in this post card project. What are the details? Very intrigued! And Canada Post!! Hope you're enjoying the Yukon. What a fantastic Territory in Canada. 2d
  •   megantada Yukon is amazing!!! @the.b.road I have limited internet over the next week but you can either email me at and I can tell you more about it, or go to and find me under the send me a postcard button! 2d
  •   the.b.road Will do. And I'm loving the feed from you and @geklund. Randomly stumbled on it and is making me dream! Keep it up. 2d
  •   melissa.wyse Just signed up for your postcard project, Megan! Have so enjoyed following your journey -- thanks for sharing it on Instagram! 10h

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megantada Camp food just keeps getting better and better. And the picnic tables in Canada are amazing.

#DownTheWayBackAround #Yukon

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megantada C - A - N - A - D - A.

Border officer: What brings you to Canada?
Me: Well, we're biking to Alaska.
Border officer: ...hmm.
Me: We're going to Juneau, so we have to go through Canada. And a ferry too.
Border officer: Who dragged who on this adventure?
Me: Uhh, ha, I dragged him.
Border officer: Does she have a life insurance policy out on you or something? You went along with this? You don't have weapons? Not even bear spray? That's scary.
Me: Ha... Haha, yea.
Border officer: Traveling with raw chickens or eggs today?
Me: Definitely not.
Border officer: Have a safe trip.

That, but with the kindest Canadian accent. And no passport stamp.

#DownTheWayBackAround #AlCanBorder

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megantada Best privately owned campground goes to: Sourdough Campground in Tok, Alaska.

They had tons of photographs and letters and telegrams from way before Alaska was a state, and even before there was a real road connecting it anywhere. Famous for their flapjacks and fun, they do a nightly flapjack frisbee toss into that there bucket on the stage in the outdoor pavilion.

We biked 90 miles down one road to get there so we could wake up and hit the diner they run for George's promised breakfast. Met the absolute nicest people and hung out trading stories, meeting fellow travelers and locals alike (even a local man who had just returned from fighting the wildfires near Wrangell), and sipping coffee for some time.

Sourdough, we'll be back for you one day.

#DownTheWayBackAround #Alaska #SourdoughCampground

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megantada When even the smallest of grocery stores have a decent coffee selection.

According to the pretty package: Deadman Reach is a shoal along Baranof Island in Peril Strait in the Alexander Archipelago of Southeast Alaska. They thought Deadman's Reach sounded like coffee and were inspired to design this special high-speed blend of very rare coffees for:

Jump-starting your mornings, long-haul trucking, cramming for exams, winning races, inspiring great ideas and noble emotions, graveyard shifts, deadlines, states of absolute bliss, and pure coffee pleasure.

Revitalize your lifestyle and resurrect your palate with the libation with the sweet bite.

My favorite is the fine print warning not to navigate with the topographical chart used in the artwork.

#DownTheWayBackAround #Alaska

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megantada "I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can't see from the center." Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut.

My, oh my. The near constant Alaskan sunlight has me suspended in a dream like state. It has been such a strange adjustment to never get the lights turned out on you, to never see the sun set or the stars appear, to never start up the camp stove for sunrise coffee… There is no up with the sun. There is no competing with the lightness here. Getting used to this has been an adventure in its own way. I have to remind myself that no, I haven’t slept in, it’s just that top of the morning looks a lot like noon. And it’s okay to be tired when the sky is still blue, it’s nearly midnight. I dig it in a lot of ways, but I can’t wait to catch that first sunset and sunrise when I get back to a lower latitude.

My time out here is nearing an end and as much as I would love to keep rounding the last frontier and finding new nooks and crannies to set my gaze upon, I am truly excited to get back and make the journey back east.
Rest assured, I always have dozens of trips in mind sitting on the back burners, and today is no different. The coming months and year ahead are looking as bright as the Alaskan summer sun and I can’t be anything but content with that. I’ll be back to a very different sort of work soon enough, trading my cleats in for steel toed boots, killer shades in for safety glasses, and my helmet for a hard hat. But I’ll never leave here. There’ll be a part of me slowly winding on, lasting out here on these perfect roads forever, waiting for my return.

Photo by @geklund.

#DownTheWayBackAround #Alaska

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megantada I've taken a real liking towards the great many phone booths of Alaska. Functional or not, middle of nowhere patch of wild flowers with a view or in the bathroom of the raddest campground ever, they are just all so good.

Poor Little Rich Girl, Nightmare Before Christmas, Dennis the Menace, Annie, Toy Story... I mean, come on. Boot up the ol' vcr and hook it up to the tube.

#DownTheWayBackAround #Alaska

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megantada I sincerely believe this was put here for passersby to pick up the phone and tell whoever is on the other end of the line just how mind blowingly beautiful Alaska is.

#DownTheWayBackAround #Alaska

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