•   stixnstonesinc Awesome shot 2w
  •   matty_coghlan @stixnstonesinc many thanks 2w
  •   bigdowg88 @matty_coghlan brilliant, any tips on plucking woodies? I normally just cut the breast out. 2w
  •   matty_coghlan @bigdowg88 I usually leave them 1 day then pluck them. Use good firm technique not trying to take to many feathers at once then once the whole bird is plucked use a chefs blow torch quickly over the bird to get any tiny feathers that are left hope this helps 1w
  •   bigdowg88 @matty_coghlan cheers bud sounds good, I usually end up tearing the skin 1w
  •   matty_coghlan To be honest that one there was pure luck that I didn't tear it somewhere. where abouts do you go shooting are you in the USA ? @bigdowg88 1w
  •   bigdowg88 @bigdowg88 USA I wish, I'm from Leicester I go shooting on a small 2 acre permission but it usually has a lot on it to be fair. Keep it up with the good pics anyway 1w
  •   matty_coghlan Haha no worries it was the name bigdowg88 sounded American let me know how you get on with your next lot of woodies and post up some pics @bigdowg88 1w

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