marketingprofs What is your #1 creativity tool?
A little pocket-sized notebook?
Your mobile phone or an app?
🌳 Getting away to nature?
Tell us what inspires you!

On this #MakeItMonday, we want to find out how you get inspired and get those creative juices pumping. And when they're going, what do you love to MAKE?

Find out what our #mpb2b speakers make by heading to the link in our bio and dropping by the Speakers page. (

And be sure to join us in Boston with nearly a thousand of your fellow marketing makers to swap stories, share shenanigans, and learn from the best around!

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marketingprofs Oh hey, Friday! When did you get here? Ready for another round of super smart marketers to follow for #FollowFriday, folks? Of course you are!
️ Cyndi Greenglass: @ DirectChick (Twitter)
️ Carlos Hidalgo: @ CAHidalgo (Twitter)
️ Justine Jordan: @meladorri

For more amazingly smart marketers, check out our Speakers page by following the link in our bio ( Are you going to be joining us in Boston for #mpb2b, where you can high-five these smarties in person? Marketing smarts and shenanigans await!

#marketers #marketing #b2bmarketing #peopletofollow #ff #smartpeople

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marketingprofs We'd like to introduce you to you @robertlburns, one of our favorite #mprofsPRO members. Let's #meetaPRO! (Learn about PRO membership by following the link in our bio, or:

Robert runs digital marketing strategy at MicroAge in Toronto, where he loves finding new ways to use digital best practices within enterprise or mid-sized businesses.

He also continually improves his marketing know-how by attending #MarketingProfs University courses and attending #mpb2b in Boston.

Speaking of which, Boston (and Scituate) have become his second home for friends and digital marketing visits. He has also coached minor hockey for years (which he says, "You’d be surprised how those coaching skills can be re-purposed in management and digital."). Connect with Rob at:

#marketers #peopletofollow #networking #smartmarketers #marketing #b2bmarketing #b2bmarketers #digitalmarketing

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marketingprofs We are all makers. We're movers and shakers. No matter what you do, where your passions are, you MAKE something.
Maybe you MAKE someone's day
Perhaps you MAKE a mean chili
Or do you MAKE marketing magic?

So let's go. Let's do. Let's create something delightful—and unusual. Let's get together in Boston this October at #mpb2b and inspire each other.

Let's MAKE Marketing Magic!

#marketing #inspiration #quotes #MAKEitMonday #josswhedon #creativity #marketers #b2bmarketing

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marketingprofs Happy #FollowFriday! Want to add some smart marketers to your watch list? Here are three to keep an eye on, anywhere on the web.
️ Dan Gorgone @dangorgone
️ Kerry O'Shea Gorgone @kerrygorgone
️ Matthew T. Grant

And for a FREE chance to learn from these folks, and dozens of other super smart marketers, visit the link in our bio!

We'd love to see YOU in Boston for #mpb2b.

#marketingprofs #ff #smartpeople #marketers #marketing #peopletofollow #b2bmarketing

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marketingprofs #tbt to the #mpb2b opening last year. We were so excited to set a new attendee record, and we're looking to do it again this year.

Want to help us out? Register to attend by following the link in our bio! Why should you? Glad you asked.
💭 8 thought-provoking workshops
54 takeaway-packed sessions
Make Yourself at Home reception
🏻 #MarketingProfs Fiesta of Awesome
After-dark shenanigans at @hobboston
Networking opportunities galore

And those are just the things we've announced! See you in Boston?
#marketing #events #b2bmarketing #throwbackthursday #throwback #marketers
  •   cparizo I want to go so bad and cover it for examiner but airfare and hotel is cost prohibitive. I agree though, it's an amazing conference! 2w
  •   marketingprofs @cparizo did you see the essay contest we posted on Monday? Winner gets everything for free! (also in our bio) Do it! We'd love to have you there! 2w

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marketingprofs Considering a podcast for your marketing efforts? Tomorrow, our friend and #mpb2b speaker @NickWestergaard from will walk you through the steps to get started!

You'll learn:
What equipment you need
How to align with your brand
Techniques to create advocates

This is an actionable PRO Seminar you don't want to miss! Follow the link in our bio, or

#podcasts #podcasting #tutorial #marketers #marketing #contentmarketing

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marketingprofs Calling all writers!
Pick up your pencils, warm up your keyboards, or bust out your old school Underwood typewriter. Find your inspiration wherever you can, because it's time for an essay contest!

And this isn't just any essay. This is an essay that could score you a free pass to #mpb2b in Boston this October, including airfare and hotel stay!

Follow the link in our bio ( and get ready to share your inspiration. We can't wait to read how you plan to MAKE marketing magic!

#MAKEitMonday #writing #inspiration #marketing #marketers #b2bmarketing #essay #contest
  •   la.vida.linda Is it possible the link doesn’t work well? I am very curious, but I only see a map... 2w
  •   marketingprofs Hey there, @la.vida.linda! Don't follow the location one above. That's just to kind of reinforce the link presence. Hop over to our profile and follow the bio link. That will take you where you need to be! 2w

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marketingprofs Today's #FollowFriday features some pretty exceptional gentlemen. Be sure to follow these guys wherever you find them online!
️ Barry Feldman @barryjfeldman
️ Oli Gardner @oli_hero
️ Steve Garfield @stevegarfield

Learn more about what makes these #mpb2b speakers tick, as well as many other great folks, by stopping by the link in our bio! (

#marketers #marketing #peopletofollow #smarties #marketingprofs #events #networking

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marketingprofs Throwback to #mpb2b 2013! We held an awesome evening event called Profstoberfest, and @annhandley did not disappoint in bringing the party...and the lederhosen.

This year at B2B Marketing Forum, we're having what we've named The Profs' Fiesta of Marketing Awesome. Bet you can't wait to see how Ann shows up to this party, right?

And you should be there to celebrate awesome marketers and Making Marketing Magic. Follow the link in our bio ( to see what else we're cooking up for this October!

#marketing #marketers #shenanigans #lederhosen #tbt #throwbackthursday #marketingprofs #mprofs

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marketingprofs "I MAKE cute babies." —@coreytarne
Our Senior Sales Executive Corey certainly has that right, and we have some adorable photographic evidence from Halloween to prove it!

What do you make? At work, outside of work, tangible things, or experiences? How do you add a little magic to the world? Tell us below! 🌎 #MAKEitMonday #marketers #marketing #family #costumes #latergram

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marketingprofs Happy Friday! Are you following these #mpb2b smarties yet? If not, check them out and follow them anywhere you find them online.
️ Andy @Crestodina
️ Tom Curtis
️ Frank Days @tangyslice

Looking to add more to your list of smart people? Head to the link in our bio ( and check out the amazing speakers presenting in the 52 sessions at B2B Marketing Forum this October. Will you be there?

#marketers #marketing #smartpeople #followfriday #ff #b2bmarketing

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marketingprofs "I MAKE it a point to do things that scare me." When was the last time you had to steel your nerves, take the plunge, and do something that scared you? Share your best story below!

And don't forget—this October, we'll be doing, making, and breaking barriers in Boston at #mpb2b. Join hundreds of people who share your fears, your successes, and who get you. YOUR people.

Learn more in the link in our bio (or #marketing #suchgreatheights #Honolulu #marketers #MAKEitMonday #events #networking #takingrisks

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marketingprofs Did you get everything done that you needed to this week? Ready for a long holiday weekend? Yeah you are!

#4thOfJuly #IndependenceDay #shortweek #marketinghumor #marketing #marketers #humor #doodles #InstaSize

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marketingprofs Happy Canada Day! We'd like to introduce you to some (but certainly not all) of the friends and super smart marketing folks we love up north.

Meet and follow:
🇨🇦 @mitchjoel
🇨🇦 @hanaabaza
🇨🇦 @uberfliphq
🇨🇦 @sysomos
🇨🇦 Richard Hill
🇨🇦 Alan Quarry
🇨🇦 Quarry
🇨🇦 @Klipfolio
🇨🇦 @Influitive
🇨🇦 @alexshipillo
🇨🇦 @unmarketing
🇨🇦 @teamvidyard

#CanadaDay #🇨🇦 #marketers #marketingagencies #brands #smartpeople #Canada

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marketingprofs Ladies and gentlemen, the #mpb2b shenanigans have already begun. Imagine how ridiculous it is going to be in 4 months! @annhandley is already out of control.

#marketersgonewild #mprofsontheroad

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marketingprofs How much do you know about search marketing? Whether it's a little or a lot, we have an exciting new course to tell you about!

Introducing Search Marketing School! Our all new #mprofsu course designed to turn you into an expert in optimizing your website and content for search.

Get the results you want from your digital marketing efforts. Go to the link in our bio: and use promo code SEARCH to save $200!

Courses start Aug 13!

#searchmarketing #digitalmarketing #marketers #elearning #professionaldevelopment #marketingtraining #marketing

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marketingprofs Some of our team members are in Boston readying plans for #mpb2b. But first, three cheers for marketers!

#mprofsontheroad #marketers #marketing #MarketingProfs #cocktails #Boston #WestinBoston

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marketingprofs "I MAKE new friends, wherever I go." —@robzie81 Our marketing manager also says that he loves being a digital marketer for the connections you make online, especially when those connections turn into real life interactions.

This photo comes from an awesome event we held in Austin. Among many other friends of #MarketingProfs, the great folks from @Spiceworks were there reminding us why we love surrounding ourselves with amazing people.

And that's exactly what happens at #mpb2b. Your people are there. People who deal with the same problems and celebrate the same victories. Marketers from all industries, who MAKE marketing magic everyday. People just like you.

So join us in Boston this October. Experience the magic that happens when you put nearly 1,000 like-minded smarties in one building. It's going to be exceptional. And we'd love to have you as part of it.

Follow the link in our bio, or

#marketing #marketers #spiceheads #networking #besties #events

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marketingprofs Supercharge your #FollowFriday with some super smart marketers!

We recommend following these #mpb2b speakers wherever you find them online.

Heidi Cohen ️ heidicohen on Twitter
Jeffrey L Cohen @jeffreylcohen
Kristen Craft ️ thecrafty on Twitter

Looking for more smart people like these three? Head to the link in our bio ( to see the whole lineup of incredible speakers we are bringing together in Boston this October!

#marketers #marketing #events #networking #ff #smartpeople

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