•   dankitchener It's my biggest piece so far, glad you like it :) 6d
  •   maraleftlung Very moody and atmospheric, @dankitchener :) We loved it ! ️ May you make many even bigger (and amazing) pieces - we'll be delighted to follow your path 6d
  •   dankitchener @maraleftlung thanks! Yes I am always planning bigger and better work, constant development and learning is what arts all about! 6d
  •   dankitchener @maraleftlung thanks! :) 5d
  •   maraleftlung Development and learning? Dear @dankitchener - after drooling over the amazing stuff on your website (those urban landscapes with the light and the speed effects? Those manga characters? The black and and white creations?) I showed it to hubby (@leftlung, say hello, pls :-) ) who simply stated: “oh for a talent like that” - We live in awe ! :) 5d
  •   dankitchener @maraleftlung that's very very flattering indeed! I am grateful for that, so good to heat positive responses to my work, I do quite often work on solitude, maybe a vacuum so it's great when people respond to the work I put out in the public domain, makes it all worth while! :) 5d
  •   maraleftlung On solitude, @dankitchener ? That's only cos we don't know where you live ! :-D We'd turn up with our cameras and a cup of tea in hand :) Now - seriously, that's one of the things we loved the most: the fact that we could watch the process of creation, talk to the artists, and the like. One of the suggestions I've made for next year's #CityofColours (fingers crossed!) is to have streetartists giving talks, doing projections, video - that kinda thing. We shall also demand the return of the #dank :) 4d

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