•   chardlv Wow her and Rocco look a lot alike in this picture. 4d
  •   pippiandhappy I hope Rocco get to stay with his dad.i wouldn't want her for a mom ,she strikes me as having mommy dearest syndrome.,seriously,I worry about her kids mental health, 4d
  •   waingromercuryreed So much like Rocco here 4d
  •   alaff155 Gross 4d
  •   johnd105473 I like the marshmallow lips 4d
  •   mrshoesang Urca farti una tinta prima nooo eh!!!! 4d
  •   soniamjardin Lovely my Queen , Rocco is resembles his mom 4d
  •   tomy800y1500 I love you Madonna 3d

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