lindseyeryn i am so in awe of how God brings people into my life like, @lostintravels. dreamer, adventurer, and earth shaker - chels is a gem who is in a league of her own. her story and life is one for the books and definite movie material! she reminds me that there is a whole world waiting to be explored and discovered

may we as humanity never stop connecting with one another, exchanging stories, and breathing life + inspiration into the people around us.


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lindseyeryn new cozy knits. new @c2c_central postcards. new projects on the horizon.

the past couple weeks have been wildly productive! there are so many new and exciting things on the table, i can hardly wait!

as for music you need to add to your playlist:
1. tongues by joywave
2. kissed it by macy gray
3. bones by ms mr
4. lovers on the sun feat sam martin

#coasttocoastchallenge + #theeverydaygirl

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lindseyeryn 13.1 miles on a sunday for this little beauty.

whoever thought of giving racers a tiffany's necklace as a medal was a genius.

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lindseyeryn some run like they stole something, some run like they escaped alcatraz, but i run to escape the wrath of my sister for getting in late!

today, i survived. i live to see another day + another tiffany's medal.

#willrunfortiffanys #werunSF #nwm

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lindseyeryn HEEEEY SF! 7d

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lindseyeryn 4 truths:

being wildly productive > being busy. wearing @hm coats is a fall must. lincoln park after dark is the only way to go. laughter is essential to the daily routine.

#theeverydaygirl #coasttocoastchallenge

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Normal lindsey eryn clark
lindseyeryn YA'LL! one more month til i am reunited with my tulsa besties!

#tulsaforever #theeverydaygirl

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lindseyeryn 1. i made a new playlist: writers unblock. if you're needing some new tunes to help the work flow - go listen on the @thirdstoryapt dotcom.

2. there may be 5 tips to go along with the playlist to help you unlock creativity if you are feeling a little uninspired.

3. writers, wanna-be-bloggers, and humans in general: if you didn't catch the memo, i am doing an october blog special to help you launch your blog! if you have a blog idea you have been wanting to launch - let's talk! i will take care of all the "hard stuff" from domain to design - so you can just start writing! shoot me an email at for questions.


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lindseyeryn i am a girly girl to the core. give me high heels, red lipstick, and chanel no. 5! i have never thought of myself as an outdoorsy person, considering i went camping once when i was 7 and never went back. but this year, that all changed.

i told myself that i would climb to the highest point in the lower 48, and i did.

mt. whitney, in all its glory, taught me something. in fact, it taught me 10 very important things that every dreamer, every human ought to know.

click on over to the @c2c_central dotcom. i am sharing it all there.

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Normal lindsey eryn clark
lindseyeryn …Because the month of October ought to be celebrated, I am doing a “Blog Special”. I truly believe in the idea of writing + publishing your thoughts because they have the power to change things. I know that sometimes starting something is hard because 1] you don’t have anyone to bounce your ideas off of 2] you don’t have enough funds to create something you can be proud of or 3] you just don’t know how / where to start. That’s where I come in. I want to help change that for you.

So writers, wanna-be-bloggers, and everyone in between — this is for you!

For the month of October, I’m offering a “Blog Special” for $300 where I will help you get your blog up and running— from bouncing off ideas to getting your domain to designing a space you can call “home” on the inter-web.

E-mail lindseyeryn@thirdstoryapartment.comfor more information!

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lindseyeryn dear writers, bloggers, and wanna-be-authors:

number 1: realize there is no box when it comes to writing. take off the limitations and write something that matters.
number 2: i am sharing 7 writing secrets on the @thirdstoryapt dotcom. check them!
number 3: go write something great! : @jessica_wuensch / #bloomyellow

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lindseyeryn this look is brought to you by the #delmarmudrun + the dr. bronners bubble machine.

#wearethesexymexis + #theeverydaygirl

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lindseyeryn ...and so the obsession with all things @lululemon begins! their new lifestyle line is about to be my everyday.

#theeverydaygjrl #lululemonrobertson : @willharaldson

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lindseyeryn truth: i would rather wear an oversized grey tee than anything else.

p.s. listen to these - you'll love!
1. black woods, white beach: afterlife parade.
2. i will be there: odessa
3. coffee: sylvan esso
4. hear the bells: naomi scott

#theeverydaygirl + #coasttocoastchallenge

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lindseyeryn one of my favorite things is reconnecting with dear old friends and finding out where they are and what they are doing now. on my last trip to tulsa, i ran into my friend janna hamilton! my heart was overwhelmed with glee as janna told me about a shop she owned, jilline's boutique. while her boutique has some of the most darling items - it has a mission: to empower single mothers in developing nations by building them a home + giving them community! using fashion as their avenue of change, jilline's boutique sells a beautiful array of statement necklaces that give back! everything about who they are + the projects they are doing to help women inspire me - janna has truly found a need and is filling it!

this week, @c2c_central, has partnered with janna + the crew #jillinesboutique for a #c2cgiveaway! check out @c2c_central for details on how to win this necklace.

let us always remember, that love requires action and that big or small, we have a role to play on bringing a piece of heaven to earth.

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lindseyeryn my idealistic self wishes that everyone who walks into my life would stay there. however, that's just not always the case. people leave. sometimes it hurts. sometimes it stings. sometimes it strikes fear in you. sometimes it brings up the ugly self doubt where you wonder if you are enough.

my greatest desire is that my highs + lows can be used to help someone other than myself. i believe that vulnerably is essential for this to happen.

so whoever you are, wherever you are - i wrote something for you. whether you are dealing with someone walking out of your life, struggling with the feelings of inadequacy, or are merely curious... there's a new article on @thirdstoryapt waiting for you.

at the end of it all, always remember: YOU ARE ENOUGH.


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lindseyeryn oh, LA! you and @lululemon are spoiling me today. it's been such a great day with all the gaels! cocktails! jewels! clothes! does it get any better than this?

@minkshoes @darlingmagazine @lovejookim


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lindseyeryn take me back to dallas. #theeverydaygirl 4w

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Normal lindsey eryn clark
lindseyeryn happiest of birthday to my dear sweet, @christabaca! today, my love, i celebrate you.

i could think of a million and one reasons why i love you + why you are so special to me, but for now, here's just a few:

1. you are the diana to my anne: you get me, you understand me when no one else does and you always know what to say.
2. you are willing to talk to anyone: my life would probably look a lot different if you didn't go outside of yourself + message me on fb all those years ago. you have changed so many people's lives because of your willingness to say the first word. which leads me to...
3. you are vulnerable: thank you for sharing who you are with me + the world. you never hide behind anything, but always open yourself up in such a beautiful way that people can learn from your story. you are authentic in every way.
4. you are daring: whether it be in creativity, in adventure, or helping people -- you aren't afraid to do something, to experience something new, and to discover something new. it's refreshing!
5. you are a dreamer: enough said.
6. you are the best adventure buddy: #goldshorts, alison wonderland cakes, eating tarantulas, braving red light districts, 5 hour car rides with 6 adults crammed in a camery completed with a cambodian massage, starbucks dates + birthday lists...
7. you are a listener: you understand the power of a listening ear + when the waterworks come - you always stick around to encourage.
8. you are contagious: in the most beautiful way.
9. you are about people: it doesn't take long for anyone to realize this, but you have made your life about serving people and it's beyond captivating to watch you change lives just by being you.
10. you are intentional: you are always there. morning, day, or night. regardless of city or country. you never fail to keep being intentional with me + everyone else in your world.

you are a woman of grace + beauty, c! when i grow up - i pray that i have your strength + courage. happiest of birthdays, my dear c! may this one be extraordinary. may this year be full of god's goodness + faithfulness rushing over you. i love you to the moon + back!

  •   inthefunlane Happy Birthday Christa!!! 1mon
  •   elanaloo Aww happy birthday to her! 1mon
  •   mrslizturner i agree with everything ^^^ @christabaca i love you soo much + celebrate you today!!! you are one in a million. how i miss our talks + prayers + desserts + dreams + cries together. you stood with me through the hardest seasons of my life. i cherish YOU. happy bday beautiful. 1mon
  •   lara_alayne @christabaca happy birthday!! 1mon
  •   christabaca Lindsey- what can I say; you know how to express in words everything I hope my life would be. Thank you for celebrating me today and for loving me so good. You are a faithful friend and I'll love you forever. 1mon
  •   christabaca @mrslizturner oh man. I was just thinking the other day that we don't always realize where our lives will take us and how they will change. I cherish our times of living a mile apart from each other. Just being able to pop over and share our hearts with each other is one of the mile markers of my life that I will forever look back on with fondness. You're one in a million friend and I love you. 1mon
  •   heysweetpea @christabaca - Ahhhh I love this so much!! 3w

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lindseyeryn my sweet, @kendallhanna tagged me to post ten little tid-bits about myself. so here we go, enjoy:
1. one of my most proud accomplishment was raising $500 for @sherescuehome in college. it taught me the importance of doing what i can, when i can to change the world.
2. two weeks after i got my license i got pulled over for doing a u-turn on a freeway on ramp.
3. in high school i wanted to be a broadway star, but settled for singing latin songs in carnegie hall.
4. at 22, @taberdean convinced me to try on red lipstick. scared out of my mind, we locked ourselves in the bathroom to try on the color. i was convinced i would look ridiculous. since then, the color has become my signature.
5. i ate a tarantula one time. the legs tasted like french fries!
6. my first crush was gilbert blythe.
7. i once wanted to be a songwriter, but then became friends with @pauljasonklein and decided to leave the song writing to him!
8. in college, i got really into painting. it took me a couple months to realize it was definitely NOT my gifting. p.s. if you are an unfortunate recipient of one of those paintings - throw it away!!
9. i am in love with theology and learning about the greek + hebrew meaning of words.
10. i started "mere christianity" in college and am still trying to finish it.

ok, now: @beckycmurphey, @joannawaterfall, @carolineroro, and @alyssayuhas.

#theeverydaygirl : @carolineroro

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