lcfitokc "I LOVE an incisive, inquisitive, insightful, irreverent mind. I LOVE someone for whom philosophical discussion is FOREPLAY. Who sometimes makes me go CRAZY due to their wit and evil sense of humor." - |

I'm attracted to their mind.. Their energy level..that #SapioSexual flow... - |


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Video LaMere Cornelius
lcfitokc #DonkeyCalfRaises

Of all the calf muscles, donkey calf raises places the most focus on the gastrocnemius.

Yu get an awesome stretch to calf while putting the spine under less comoressiom than while standing.

I perform standing, seated & donkey calf raises to make sure i'm destroying 100% of the fibers in my calves.




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lcfitokc Floatin' on em! I'm training hard to make sure every single fiber from my finger tips down to my toes is as EXPLOSIVE & Functional as possible!! Its my daily challenge to myself. I don't strive for perfection.. I just try to be better than i was yesterday!! 3h

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lcfitokc If its not deep enough it doesn't count... #LEGday.. If I've noticed anything from the pools & beaches this year..its the LEGS, symmetry & proportions that really separates the MEN from the boys.. I'm starting my workout on lateral squats with the resistance bands to focus on sculpting every inch of my lower body! Your explosiveness comes from the HIPS & GLUTES.. My entire physique change when I made a #COMMITMENT to training my lower body more intensely. Im working hard to transform what was once a weakness into STRENGTH!! 4h

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lcfitokc These #IGmodels with their camera angles, back arched & contorted looking like they're about to slip a disc, just to make it appear as If they got them CAKES!! ..hmm...smh - |

Ladies... Don't let this be you!! - |

#PoolSeason, #LakeSeason & #BeachSeason are upon us!! - |

Don't be the girl with the booty looking like a knee-cap with a rubberband around it!! - |

Put in that work .. Build your strength.. Hit that squat rack.. DOMINATE those DEADLIFTS.. & grow them cakes the way they were meant to be grown!! (#SquatsNoShots) - |

Checkout my #60DayBikiniBodyProgram to help get you started!!... It's a complete program using only DUMBBELLS, so you can do it at home, the gym or even on vacation..(ANYWHERE!!) - |

You will receive: - |

Liquid DETOX.
HIIT Cardio workouts.
Creative CORE routines.
Detailed Nutrition System.
DETAILED Supplement guide.
Upper Body workout routines. - |

IT IS A COMPLETE 60 Day ONLINE Program to get you ready to confidently wear your SEXIEST bikini. - |

If you're ready to join the program then you can purchase the program by sending $45 via PayPal to and include the email where you'd like your program link sent. - |

#tag a girl who's been looking to get that body right & drop 10lbs preparing for SUMMER.. And share with someone who's looking for a midday laugh!!

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lcfitokc #Abs are made in the GYM, but UNLEASHED by the kitchen!! - |

No.. YOU DONT HAVE TO BE PERFECT.. You don't have to measure your meals or even count calories. - |

You simply have to understand your healthy options and how to manage your portions. - |

It's not about PERFECTION, it's about PREPARATION !! - |

My #FitNutritionSystem "TEACHES" you how to meal prep & consume the essential #Macronutrients for the body you desire!! - |

My #FitNutritionSystem includes: - |

Liquid DETOX.
Detailed Grocery list.
Glycemic Food Index.
Portion Control Chart.
Detailed Menu Options.
Detailed Supplement list. - |

So whether your goal is lose weight, drop body fat or gain lean muscle.. My #FitNutrition will definitely teach you everything you need to know to attain & sustain your goal!! - |

If you're ready to get started, then you can purchase the program by sending $30 via PayPal to and include the email where you'd like your program link sent.

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lcfitokc Don't let this be you!! Some people be in the gym doing them most.. - |

I love going to gyms & seeing people doing waaaaaaay too much EXTRA stuff!! - |

Gyms have tons & tons of MACHINES you don't truly need .. All they do is take up space and collect dust!! - |

At HEAT ATLANTA, we pride ourselves in the ability to create exercises that build functional strength & help shape the body without use of machines!! - |

If you ever wonder where I get my equipment, or where I get my exercises.. Many of them are created or made out of necessity and many of the exercises are designed with EXCLUSIVITY in mind!! - |

Because as a trainer.. If you're client can use machines.. What do they truly need you for?? - |

Email me at to join my crew at HEAT ATLANTA. - |

#Tag a friend who's always doing too much in the gym and share with a few friends who need a good laugh this morning!!

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lcfitokc #RiseAndGrind BE YOUR OWN PRE-WORKOUT 19h

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lcfitokc I been working so HARD..!! #goodnight 😴 1d

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Normal LaMere Cornelius
lcfitokc You made it thru another MONDAY.. - |

You made it thru the 1st of the month.. - |

You've made it to the start of the Half way point of the YEAR!! - |

Whatever you're worrying about.. #LetGoAndLetGOD!! - |

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lcfitokc If you're not in ATLANTA & still looking to train with me, I offer a CHALLENGING #60DayOnlineSystem. - |

Here are the details for my online program. - |

This program consists of a series of separate folders with informational PDF packets inside. These folders are downloadable thru the Dropbox link that will be emailed to you. - |

There are also fully descriptive videos for UPPER BODY, LOWER BODY, ABS & CARDIO that you can download or stream online to your phone! - |


FIT Nutrition System which will TEACH you how to eat. - |

FIT CARDIO SYSTEM which will give you a variety of cardio routines to help you burn fat. - |

FIT AB SYSTEM which will teach you 24 different CORE routines to help sculpt your abs. - |

Weekly CHALLENGES & DAILY weight training workouts to help build lean muscle & burn fat. - |

To purchase the program simply send $50 (LESS THAN $1/day) via PAYPAL to LCFITOKC@GMAIL.COM and i will send you the links to your preliminary assessment and to get you started. - |

Just remember to include the email address where you'd like your DROPBOX LINK SENT.

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lcfitokc I rarely lift HEAVY, but I'm still able to MAINTAIN high levels of strength in all of my major lifts (Squats, deadlifts, bench press) simply by focusing on #CoreInEveryExercise & developing #FunctionalStrength & being able to integrate all MISCLE groups to FIRE and help me perform at a high level at all times!! 1d

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lcfitokc Working on my weaknesses everyday until they become strengths. Isolated incline chest press is a major core engagement exercise and as you know i train #CoreInEveryExercise 1d

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Video LaMere Cornelius
lcfitokc Single arm upper pec isolation.. For that top shelf..FULL sculpted PEC ...#LeftArm.. 1d

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lcfitokc #ChestDay shall commence in........... 1d

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lcfitokc WHEN YOU REALIZE YOU'RE NOT READY FOR SUMMER.. You gotta take advantage of one of my programs. - |

Whether you're male or female, ATHLETE or just getting started.. I have designed LOW COST, affordable programs to help you reach your goal! - |

Here are a few of my ONLINE programs that I've designed for my followers. - |

#60DayOnlineProgram- is a 8 week crash course that includes nutrition planning, cardio planning & weekly workout challenges all on downloadable videos. - |

#60DayBikiniBody program is mainly for my ladies looking to drop inches, body fat and tone up to get in a more desirable body for the summer months. - |

#FitNutritionSystem- is a crash course in the basics of healthy eating. This program TEACHES you how to meal prep for the body you want. - |

#FitAbSystem- teaches you 24 different exercises to sculpt your lower abs, obliques & upper abs. - |

#7DayShredReloaded is a 7 day detox that includes a liquid detox formula that will help you drop body fat & reduce excess water retention. - |

#GetVertical is a program designed for athletes looking to get strong, faster, more explosive and increase your overall VERTICAL LEAP! - |

#MetabolicMeltdown is a 30 day high intensity workout program that it's designed to build muscle and burn fat in only 30 days. - |

All programs are discounted for the 1st week of June to give you am extra incentive to get READY for summer! - |

EMAIL ME AT to inquire about each program. #Tag someone looking to get ready for summer !!

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Normal LaMere Cornelius
lcfitokc Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay up!!! I feel BLESSED... #RiseAndGrind.. Get up & Go Get it this week!! 2d

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  •   capo1420 Just got finished doing the same thing bro...chicken and in the oven 2d
  •   motivation222 Looks good big homie 2d

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lcfitokc All major sports are played within 3 planes of movement.


Many athletes only train from frontal & Sagittal planes.
Many lower body workout programs include SQUATS & lunges.
Front lunges, reverse lunges, walking lunges, side lunges.. Side squats and everything in between.
It's important to know that 3-4 sports related injuries occur within the TRANSVERSE PLANE.
If you are an athlete, transverse lunges are an important exercise for you.
Many athletic movements happen in the transverse plane of motion--movements like rotations, twists, turns and pivots.
So, this plane of motion must be adequately trained for you to successful in your sport.
The PIVOT LUNGE really works the glutes by changing the direction of momentum that needs to be stabilized by the glutes as well as the quads as we rotate from starting position, lunging back and to the side.. Head over to

Or type in:

To view the entire video.

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lcfitokc I was not BORN to be perfect, but I was BUILT to be a #KING.. - |

Like many KINGS before me, I have allowed peasants & jesters into my KINGDOM but I only allow QUEENS to share my throne. - |

Hold yourself HIGH.. Demand that others hold you high as well.. - |

But be strong enough to live up to the title of KING. Not all men can bear that title as not all women can bear the title of QUEEN.. - |


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