•   luvqueendee Amen. He alone giveth peace like no other and if u have found this,u have found a great treasure. 3d
  •   nicole_icy Amen 2d
  •   monique_geritz_69 Im sorry 2 see and here you lately. I know you're a good man underneath that"s why people don't understand. They don't get that atletes & celebs also can suffer from some kind of #depression, wich sometimes lead 2 addiction. But that"s just a quick fix., that leads nowhere & b4 u know it, it's 2 late. Goodbye career, goodbye friends 1d
  •   monique_geritz_69 It's not you, it's the addiction and especially the depression u have 2 work at. Or their will be no turnen back. I know it's been hard the last few years, loosing 2 friends in a short periode of time, it seems you can't catch a break probebly. Seek help @lamar_odom_official and good luck!!!! 😇 1d
  •   peter.afv @lamar_odom_official you're a bitch liar 18h
  •   ntsoaki_mochala Hang in there lamlam I know in my heart u n khlo wil get back together 12h

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