3mon lamarodom
  •   frenchseason Amen! 2w
  •   nikkipucheu 2w
  •   mrs_rogiers_6714_ What good bro u probably dont remember me we grow up in the same hood the same schools you uses to practice dunkin on me in The back yard hoop just making sure u good and god bless 1w
  •   fistfullofbliss Who knows if he really cheated on her? Who knows if he really did drugs? No one knows so why doesn't everyone just mind their fucking business and let these people be -_- 1w
  •   iambelleza_ Everyone, go comment emojis under my new pic for a shoutout to my 17.9k 6d
  •   _toxicsweetheart I dislike you lol 2d
  •   _toxicsweetheart French Montana wayy better 2d

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