•   alante101 Amen. Fight the fight & beat those demons Lamar... May God Bless You & restore your relationship with your wife. Mistakes don't define us...its after well fall do we get back up? Yes we do...your triumph is to create a new history & new memories. Its your come back time! As a struggling sister of addicts & addiction tendencies we have to surround our selves with a new normal or else it just keeps coming up like sour old vomit. Time to let yourself be loved & I think @khloekardashian scared u away..she loves you so much you didn't except it & ran...go home to your wife ... 1w
  •   alante101 Maybe no one ever showed you unconditional love...well you got it now...her name is Khloe Kardashian ODOM! @khloekardashian your wife! 1w
  •   cattaylor1986 Thank you 6d
  •   candy_sue_ Khloe needs a strong man now, and she deserves a strong man, I hope That's you , Reach Out God Bless 5d
  •   lorna.alilain May the good lord bless and guide you always 5d
  •   xxalldayxxballing Everyone saying that he's a great man with Khloe but did everyone forgot that he cheated on her and left her 3d
  •   xxalldayxxballing @lamar_odom_official your an fake account stop lying 3d

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