Take your shoes off, baby, and stop running through my mind. #pinup #pinupgirl #pinupdoll #vintagegirl #vintagedoll #mua #yeg 2d

» LOG IN to write comment. So glad I ran into this fox at The Drifters concert last night! We tore that dance floor up! 😎 @theotherbettydraper #pinup #pinupgirls #pinupdoll #vintagegirls #vintagedoll #yeg 2d
  •   afro_007 Daammnn who's the cute vintage chick on the left tho 2d

» LOG IN to write comment. Now if only I had room for the matching couch. It's amazing what $50 can buy at an estate sale. #vintage #vintagefurniture #vintagedecor 4w
  •   misslettylou Wow! What a steal!! 4w
  •   xenophiliaz Beautiful. Are you going to rehupolster? I love the dresser.... 4w
  • @misslettylou I know! I love a bit of good thrifting karma! @xenophiliaz Thank you! Oh I wouldn't dream of it! The upholstery on the chair is in perfect condition and so pretty! Haha I got lucky with the dresser too, and snagged the entire matching bedroom set dirt cheap! 4w
  •   xenophiliaz Good for you It's nice when lovely old pieces can find a new home with a owner that will appreciate them. I still have my vintage dresser I bought for $20 dollars at a yard sale when I was a teenager 30+ yrs ago. It's still a beauty 4w
  •   _twentiethcenturyfox_ The carved detail on the wood is gorgeous. 4w
  • @xenophiliaz I agree! I find it terribly sad when people feel the need to refurbish vintage furniture that still has plenty of beauty! The couch's upholstery isn't all that perfect, but hey, it's just adds character! And that's the lovely thing about vintage furniture, it was really built to last! @_twentiethcenturyfox_ Aw thank you! Haha, it's what really sold me on it! 4w
  •   onmadison Nice. 3w

» LOG IN to write comment. Happy 104th birthday to the funniest, most adorable ray of sunshine. There'll never be another one like Lucille Ball. 🌞 #ilovelucy #lucilleball #legend 4w

» LOG IN to write comment. Early morning cow viewing. Perfect start to any day. #moo #cows #cow #calf 1mon

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» LOG IN to write comment. They ought to make you wear a sign of danger; TNT. #pinup #pinupgirl #pinupdoll #vintagegirls #vintagedoll #mua #yeg 2mon

» LOG IN to write comment. "It's a helluva start being able to recognize what makes you happy" -Lucille Ball 🌞 #pinupgirl #pinupdoll #vintagegirls #vintagedoll #mua #yeg 3mon
  • @tinadevere Aw I'm flattered! Thank you, gorgeousness! 3mon
  •   themixedpinup Do you do YouTube tutorials?? And if not have you ever considered it? Because honestly I would be like your number one fan because you are just so perfect in every way and you've actually have inspired me a lot! I've been following you for little over a year now and I've just fallen in love with what you do! 2mon
  • @themixedpinup Oh my gosh you're just too much! I'm so flattered, you have no idea! Thank you, doll! I don't do tutorials, though I have considered it. I'm just way too shy in front of a video camera and can't stand the way I sound recorded! 2mon
  •   themixedpinup Good to know I flattered you!! And puh-leez I don't think anyone would mind hearing your voice! You would get so many viewers and inspire even more women (maybe men, too)! 2mon
  •   royalvintageshoes Wow, stunning portrait! 2mon
  • @royalvintageshoes Oh gosh! You're so sweet, thank you, doll! 2mon
  •   darcy_cherry Omgggggg,You are perfectly unbelievably beautiful 2mon
  • @darcy_cherry Oh you're honestly the sweetest, you doll! Thank you, beauty! 2mon

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» LOG IN to write comment. What a lovely picture of me and my future pet cow. Someone seriously needs to do a Hilda photoshoot with me this summer. #Hilda 3mon

» LOG IN to write comment. 1, 2, 3, they gonna run back to me, cause I'm the best baby that they never gotta keep. #pinupgirl #pinupdoll #vintagegirls #vintagedoll #mua #yeg 3mon

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» LOG IN to write comment. 'cause I always have to steal my kisses from you. #pinupgirl #pinupdoll #vintagegirls #vintagedoll #mua #yeg 4mon

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Reyes Kristen Faith Meyn

» LOG IN to write comment. This lady was the sweetest, so talented, and so cute! We gushed over each other's dresses for a bit. #harp #vintagedress #talent 4mon

» LOG IN to write comment. Last minute road trip to Banff ft. this delicious piña colada frappe #yeg #pinup #pinupgirl #pinupdoll #vintagegirls #vintagedoll #mua #iwanttodrinkthis4eva 4mon

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» LOG IN to write comment. This has to be some sort of cruel joke. #CanadianProblems #yeg #snowdayinmay 4mon
  •   bethny_boop Omg, and I thought we were the worst in the upper peninsula of Michigan! 4mon
  •   lindsayofsheaves this made me cringe... 4mon
  • @bethny_boop Haha, well that's western Canada for you. @lindsayofsheaves I know, I literally screamed when I saw it. 4mon
  •   tassie_m Nooo! I'm in Ontario, and the snow has held off for about a week and a half. I'm sorry about the weather! Garbage! 4mon
  •   mintyiguana Are you in Edmonton too? I just about cried when I looked outside this morning. 4mon
  • @tassie_m We've actually had really nice weather lately, so this was extra disappointing to wake up to! @mintyiguana You're from Edmonton?! No way, that's awesome! I know, it looks like the middle of winter! 4mon
  •   mintyiguana I am! Such a neat coincidence. 4mon
  •   bethny_boop I understand all too well, we're on the border of Canada and surrounded by the Great Lakes so we get lake effect snow sometimes until may as well! I hate it. 😕 4mon

» LOG IN to write comment. I refuse to let a half dried wet-set ruin my good hair day. 🏻 #pinup #pinupgirl #pinupdoll #vintagegirls #vintagedoll #vintagehair #mua #yeg 4mon
  • @feminist_fatale That's it! I'm moving to wherever you are! 4mon
  •   feminist_fatale YES! I'm in Maryland! Come heeeere 4mon
  • @feminist_fatale One day we shall meet, my love! I swear it! 4mon
  •   feminist_fatale and after we meet can we go on a date?! 4mon
  • @feminist_fatale The best most perfect date ever! We'll put on our prettiest gowns and go for tea and go antiquing and dancing and go on walks while holding hands and go see plays and listen to records! One day! 4mon
  •   feminist_fatale oh my goodness, only my dream date! and we can go to old diners and get milkshakes and sit at the counter and spin each other on the stools and go to beautiful gardens and kiss amidst the flowers and slow dance to old records and do each other's hair and everyone will be jealous because we'll be the most perfect couple! 4mon
  •   mahtab8542 Very good 4mon
  •   darcy_cherry Omg You are just gorgeous 4mon

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