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knowledgebank Hello everyone! KnowledgeBank is back! We apologize for the lack if posting these last couple months, busy times.
As you know, today is September 11th, the anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centers in New York, NY, USA. On the topic of terrorism, we turn to an even that occurred recently that's stirring up a lot of dust on the global scene. This one however did not originate by those out of the country, this was initiated by those stationed in the country. In Syria, just a few weeks ago, a chemical attack was posed on the people.
My question for you is: was this attack brought on be the government like many of us believe, or the rebels. And what should America/UK/Russia/Etc. do about it...if anything. Please pose a good argument and back up your statements.
Give your thoughts and arguments. Look forward to debating!
  •   knowledgebank @bookumoney I agree completely with your statement of exhausting out resources to the point where out empire collapses from under us. I believe it has already began to crack. 2y
  •   knowledgebank @chwige exactly. There is money in the middle eastern countries. Where there is money, corruption will occur. I know that mass genocides and killings happen all over the globe and each should get attention. However focusing just on this, it is a horrific act of injustice. What is your opinion of the actions we should take? Infiltrate the country to try and find diplomacy or let them deal with it their own way. If in fact it was their government who killed those 1,500 people, there will be many trials and thousands more will die if we let them deal with it themselves. That is, in my eyes, a given. However if we step in, it is introducing the possibility that war breaks out and even more people die and our money/resources are depleted. So it is a risk reward scenario. What do you think? 2y
  •   knowledgebank @callme_robin_ brilliantly put. Could not have said it better. I think our quick response on the situation was unwise. However, consider this, by allowing so much time to pass, we give the Syrian government time to straighten things out, hide weapons, and clean up the scene. Bin Laden did the same thing, we allowed the clock to tick, while doing so he abolished much evidence, straightened things up, and fled. Leading to a search that took years and costed billions of dollars and many lives. 2y
  •   hooligansailor @chwige right on target. Get rid of the UN, the U.S. plays up to its rules and regulations, for example Law of the Sea. The UN will eventually become a global government controlling every nation and the people. But back on point; yes, it's all about the resources that a nation may have links to, that's what interests the U.S. we must remind ourselves that this country was not created to be a global empire. Empires do not last forever, we have already crossed the Rubicon friends. 2y
  •   hooligansailor Here is another thought to ponder; America has Nuclear weapons, Military Bases stretched all over this planet, we still hold stockades of chemical weapons, have murdered its own citizens, exposed such chemicals on its own during why hasn't the UN come to us and inspected our basement?? 2y
  •   green_girly100 "Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron."
    Can America afford to steal anymore from the mouths of her children? I think not. 2y
  •   brittany_taylorc It's been said it was fake. And any further measures of war have been postponed so I would not exactly say this is another 9-11 crisis. 2y
  •   basel_alahmad963 my country:(((( 7mon

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knowledgebank First I apologize for not posting recently, I have been busy with increasing my intelligence! On that note I want to introduce these FREE academies and universities for YOU to gain multitudes of knowledge. If you cannot afford a college education, no need to complain, these are full courses. As well as these, Harvard University and MIT have many of their classes in YouTube. Full classes from Ivey/the most prestigious schools in the world. I encourage you all to check these sites out. They are: and Completely free and knowledge banks that you cannot get without paying thousands at a school. Our country needs education more than anything. So let's go! Here are the urls again: and! Thanks everyone! 3y
  •   wisdom.body Wow. This is wonderful. Simply for developing minds. I wish I found this earlier ! 3y
  •   standup911 S/o for s/o? 3y
  •   jodah._ Kind of, If you think about after you finish ther course, then you will realize that you don't have any proof of education, no Diploma, nothing, they can assist you in almost anything, and teach it to you, but under the law, if you were learning from these websites. You wouldn't be educated. You wouldn't be able to get a job any person with A HS diploma has, much less a bachelors degree. You would have to prove that you are a genius or something in any interview. Now this may be the future, you only need the approval of the government 3y
  •   rasifari @jboy909 right? I am right there with you 3y
  •   5gcivic WHY U NO POST!!! 3y
  •   whatupc ^^ whhhhhy? 3y
  •   joahsmark @Knowledgebank Where did you go? 3y
  •   kinetic_ascetic Miss your posts bro, you really had something going. I regret to say I shall be unsubscribing, not that it will be noticed. Namaste 2y

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knowledgebank This post is for those who believe the United States, or any country should not get involved with the nuclear conflict in Iran. @xtro718 @tinker_licious @geiger89 @calebisabeasy This is what would happen if there was no hold on Iranian Nuclear arms:

Sorry about the confusion of the photo, I had to throw this together really quick to help illustrate the issue.

So we know that Iran is willing and wanting to destroy Israel; they have for hundreds of years. If Iran were to obtain nuclear warheads, it is highly assessed that they would use them on Israel. This would be first blow toward global meltdown. Now yes Israel is small and could be completely taken out with some nuclear warheads, however, the materials that Iran possesses are not sufficient enough to create a thermonuclear bomb (one with enough power to wipe out a country like Israel). Second, what would Israel do? They would attack at full force. Israel does obtain nuclear arms, and if this were to happen, they would use them. As explosions ripple Iran’s soil, nuclear fallout is created in the process.

Now this is where it gets tricky. Earthly jet streams that travel overhead Iran blow directly north and northeast. Which country lies directly north of Iran? Russia. Why is this significant? Remember what happened April 26, 1986? Chernobyl was a nuclear incident that still swells with tragedy in Russia. They are still recovering from it and people are still dying due to the heavy radiation exposure.

Now if nuclear fallout rained down on Russia who is still trying to recover from Chernobyl, they would not be pleased. Next, Russia would attack Israel (most likely… due to the fact that they are allies with Iran). And from here, I believe it is pretty east to predict what would happen. Russia is allies with China and North Korea as well, two heavy tension areas at the moment. We are allied with Israel, so most likely, even if we were not involved now, we would get involved.

Comment with thoughts and opinions, this will have a lot of disagreements. If you do disagree, back it up.
  •   d.grecs @knowledgebank thanks for liking one of my pics ur the first to like one 3y
  •   itshadii Idk where u from .. but u should know more about isreal n illuminati i swear of god that im really out of wars whatever else . B 3y
  •   itshadii But isreal start the wars n the war should end as fast as they can cus they gonna be damaged n they r so evil thats my opinion i wish u got it on a good way sorry for my english cus im not english speaker 3y
  •   itshadii N by the way there r just alot of countries that have bombs n other that no safe for human at all so y we r just talking about iran we really should think about it 3y
  •   flyboyfifer So we do covert attacks so subvert Iran's nuclear capabilities. We have the greatest minds in the planet, send them some more viruses melt their computers assassinate leaders, it can be done without a full blown strike. 3y
  •   flyboyfifer And I seriously doubt that Iran would ever be able to launch a missile, and even if they did Israel's anti missile capabilities are unparalleled, they would probably hit back with more conventional means, jets with JDAMs and stuff. 3y
  •   chef_wavy I totaly agree with you !! This is going to be the start of another war !!! 3y
  •   lurchenstien Can someone explain to me how in 2011 i talked to this guy in the UofA about the new world order and how he predicted that russia and ISIS would be threatning to start WWIII and how this guy predicted everything from 2011 and now and the future and guess who labeled him crazy and locked him up. A goverment funded organization and he gave me his laptop that is completely encrypted he told me about the Ebola outbreak as well and how it will begin in a third world country preferbly hot and dry he said.... he also told me about all the natural Disasters that have happened since 2011 he said all of them will also be caused by HAARP facilities which are all military and government funded!!! Im going to find out where he is being locked up and i will talk to him again and if it turns out he knows more and they come true i am going to have to get him released because he can be a major game changer for the future world war! 1y

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knowledgebank Iran
A short essay:

With Iran competing greatly with Israel and its’ allies, a new threat has proposed itself. Iran’s interest in nuclear development leaves Israel debating whether a strike on Iran’s nuclear plants should be commenced. However, no evidence shows that Iran’s intentions are actually developing a nuclear weapon; they remain unclear. But, the Atomic Energy Agency reported an increase in the number of centrifuges built underground in Iran.
As America’s fundamental goal for this issue is slowing Iran’s development of nuclear weapons, many solutions have been proposed to buy time and offer Israeli officials a credible alternative to a military strike.
The United States is developing an antimissile radar in Qatar that will potentially have the ability to counteract nuclear missiles aimed for Israel. In doing so, they aim to leave a warning to Iran that no matter what they launch, they can counteract it. Israel does not feel assured that Mr. Obama is fully prepared to take military action, claiming that the international community is not setting a “clear red line” for Iran.
In addition, America has ideas of revamping past computer software in aim to corrupt Iran’s’ nuclear centrifuges. Furthermore, the United States, as well as 25 other countries, has scheduled naval exercises in the Persian Gulf in a hope to prevent Iran from attempting to block oil exports through the Strait of Hormuz.

The impact: READ FIRST COMMENT, to long to post all at once
  •   lawnmowerman11 Americas government was compromised so long ago by the vatican through th order created by ignatius jesuits..we are run by th vatican..our country ruler..our presider..always kisses th hand of th pope..while he kneels ...there is your king america..(yes w 2 small A's) 3y
  •   pat0riku america has more of em, and is the higher risk for the world, more terrorist than the middle east countries 3y
  •   pat0riku and israel 3y
  •   karimelqady Israel has nuclear weapons itself and why Israel is always the good one ? That because they control the US politics by controling the US Economy . 3y
  •   karimelqady That's* 3y
  •   sarahhodell @s4giis let me clear things up. The UN suspects that Iran has a nuclear weapon (and there is lots of evidence STRONGLY supports the claim that they do). Iran is extremely corrupt, and its leader cannot be trusted. Nobody wants a country like that with nuclear power. Iran has many enemy countries, and Israel is one of them. Considering the geologic location of Israel, Iran poses a major nuclear threat. And the leader of Iran will not be afraid to use any weapons it has. So, what is Israel to do? Israel is already fighting an extremely taxing war with Palestine. So, as a strong ally of Israel, the United States must defend them. Unfortunately, the US hasn't completely stood by Israel's side... 3y
  •   sarahhodell @kayesway exactly!! Obama does not have the abilities to be the nation's backbone if a war-like situation would come up. Weakening our forces is dangerous. He's been talking about giving less money to the military to help cut the debt (very bad idea), but hasn't even discussed a spending cut!! 3y
  •   debatenetwork Share your opinion here: @debatenetwork 3y

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Normal # Revolution Wired
knowledgebank Ba
Ok, so I have withdrawn a consensus on the matter of the United States current state. From a lot of you (not all of you), I saw a heavy lean toward neither side of republican or democrat. I saw a lean toward libertarianism. I personally am on the same page, I believe that either candidate, the President or Romney, is a bad choice for the future of this country. I believe that without a stand by the people, us, the ones whom truly own this once majestic country, it will crumble to the ground.

This problem that we have on our hands is going to take a group effort, from millions of people. A revolution. No not with guns and violence, but a revolution like Iceland's recent overthrow (**look it up, the news omitted it for this purpose), one where the people take back what they own.
I'm posting this to try to gain further knowledge in ways to draw this out. I have a plan myself, one that will take years to draw out, this is a part of it. But it isn't enough. I need help from you all. I want you all to be a part of this, to help me out as we venture to pick up where Ron Paul left. Please join me (not trying to get all cheesy on you). ****This is my task to you:

Can anyone brainstorm any ideas that could be utilized by both you and me to push this peaceful revolution? I need anything. Throw any idea at me, let's get this post 100+ comments! Even if you think it is ridiculous, say it, it will lead to something greater.
You all are amazing! Let's take back what we deserve.
Thanks everyone! Comment!
PS, I will bring this up later when the follower count is higher, but I wanted to post one now to see where we are at. Also I am going to keep posting news, which is what most of you are here for. However I urge you to actually get involved in politics, go to state meetings, county meetings, everything counts, and to be honest it is very interesting; after all the world of politics is something that determines your future and your kids future.
  •   itsj0shthomas People are AFRAID...the government controls us because we are all scared little sheep. What you're doing here @knowledgebank is great. Hopefully people will learn that FEAR is why change takes so damn long to take affect. The government should always fear it's citizens not the other way around. Truthfully WE are in CONTROL. We are billions of people who could make a difference if we all stand together and love one another. Love is contagious and race, gender, and religious differences must be set aside to see a change. Afterall, don't we all want the same thing? Gay or straight... Black or white... to be happy!? #makeAchange #makeAdifference #knowledge #revolution #freedom #peace #love #rights #humanity #takeAstand 3y
  •   maikeenkarlsen Like back? 3y
  •   coolfabricsllc @knowledgebank I love the MESSAGE within the WORD never noticed nor took time to notice but Ur WISDOM has been received nd SHUKRAN (thankU) my brother/sister.. 3y
  •   bruttino Is it just me or are people online more informed than those who choose to stay out of it? I want a revolution. I also didn't care if Romney or Obama won because they are puppets of the nwo. Unfortunately they are waiting until they have all their cards in play and that day they will have so much control we won't have any power to do anything. I believe now we can only inform as many people as we know. But I also realize that it's easier to inform someone with an open mind online than my friends or family here. 3y
  •   bruttino I do believe peaceful protests like those instigated by Dr Martin Luther King Jr. will help in the awakening. When people see the great movement happening and they see that it's full of peace then they'll understand. But also I believe that many prophetic events are going to happen and we must keep our faith despite the mind blowing events that will happen. 3y
  •   n3lble You are so right about everything. I'm registered as an Independent . I'm more liberal than anything. And I do believe the people are afraid to speak up. They are afraid of our government. Your vision is what I seek. I'd like one election to not involve republicans or democrats . Not by a rich person or famous person but by someone chosen by the people. Someone who represents us. The bottom of the food chain. 3y
  •   el__mero__mero América will never change 3y
  •   gracierb @knowledgebank Very well written! I agree with you. You spoke about making a difference, well, here is a link to my friends blog: PLEASE check it out. There is a lot of good information, writing, support for Ron Paul, and knowledge there. Also, there is a movie called #Axed #TheEndOfGreen, that the blog above (And myself) support, that you should look into. It's currently being jump started with a #kickstarter campaign - to raise $50,000. There are only 5 days of the campaign left, and there is around $38,000 raised. Please search for the movie, filmmaker J.D.King is directing the movie. (documentary) But, it only happens if it gets fully funded. THANKS! (If you do end up searching for the movie/blog, please tell me what you think!) they would both be worth your time. 3y

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knowledgebank Alright, as most of you know, and many of you saw, the president went head to head with republican candidate Mitt Romney last night in Denver, Colorado. At the end of the night, Obama exited the stage frustrated. Almost every source agrees that Romney "won" the debate. What are your thoughts on the debate? How will it effect the future election? Do you believe it put Romney ahead of the president? What could they have done different? I look forward to hearing the responses! Thanks everyone! 3y

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knowledgebank During the “War on Terror” in 2002, a young man (only 16 years old), was captured by the American soldiers and shipped to the coast of Cuba to an old military base labeled Guantanamo Bay, which is now a detainment camp for US combatants. His name is Omar Khadr. Recently he has sparked masses of attention due to the fact that he has been released from Gitmo and sent to Canadian soil to be held at maximum security at the Millhaven Institution.

Why Khadr was released seems to be the arising question. According to multiple sources, Khadr had pleaded guilty to his crimes which abled him to a release from American holding and sent to Canada, his native country. His crimes included plotting terrorist attacks with al-Queda, creating and planting road side bombs, murder, and attaining and providing materials for use by terrorists.

Canada was uneasy about the return of Khadr on the basis that his relatives were a large part of the plotted “Toronto 18”, which was planned for September 11, 2006 to mimic the 9/11/01 attack, however, in Canada.
Further news will arise as time passes. Omar Khadr has created a mass amount of debates about Guantanamo Bay, including his very own: a $10 million dollar lawsuit targeting the US Government for their use of harsh interrogation.
Comment your opinion below!

Side thoughts for debate:

Obama at the beginning of his term promised to close Guantanamo; however, it still is holding grounds for 166 detainees.

Guantanamo is said to have torture interrogation methods to extract information from terrorists, is this morally wrong. When looking at ethics, by interrogation, they may save hundreds of lives by preventing an attack, but the means are through torture. Utilitarian’s would state that the ends outweigh the means, what do you think?
  •   lukelodge 9/11 was an inside job... Ffs I only thought kids in high school believed that. 3y
  •   radeyah.y All this took place whilst he was just a kid. Which kid/teen doesn't get influenced by older people to do things that they don't fully understand? If you're going to punish anyone why punish a person who wasn't even capable of fully understanding the situation, how is he going to understand politics when he's barely begun to live his life? Speaking of punishment, inhumane places like Gitmo only adds fire to the ever blazing pit of hell that currently is this world. How does the US propose to end 'terrorism' when they (a) torture people and only further in pissing off their opponents and (b) wrongly detain hundreds of people on baseless assumptions? On what world is that ever going to achieve anything good? Plus if you're torturing someone senseless and promise them you'll stop if they agree to whatever you propose they did, of course they're going to say they did it. It's basic human instinct to preserve one's life. Information obtained using torture will most of the time be lip service, anything to save themselves from further torture and truth is most people would do just the same, and yes that includes all you Average Joes who have probably had nothing eventful happen in your lives. Under severe torture you'll admit to anything just to save yourself. 3y
  •   emmagblanco I highly respect you and all of your opinions. Just saying. 3y
  •   i_am_palmer Interrogation is necessary, if the other team plays dirty and we "can't" how do we win? Sometimes it stinks, but we need answers. The guy, however, is just a face to put with the place. I don't think he'll be doing anything bad anymore 3y
  •   danileboeuf Such a touchy subject and a sad reality. We think like Americans in America. We have information withheld from us, we are enamored with media and buy any lies they sell us. We all need to learn how to reconnect with the truth. Our hearts let us know when we're wrong or right. Free will lets us make the decision to choose either path. Consequence is a very important part of any society, human or beast. We just so happen to be in charge because we're human. Terrorizing the world is a choice. Hating people because of whatever reason is a choice. Accountability is a must. 3y
  •   deedeecash Gotta do more research 4 me. Thanks 3y
  •   jordan_nik Wow 3y
  •   maikeenkarlsen Like back? 3y

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knowledgebank Alright I got two interesting requests, a few about the return of Omar Khadr to Canada (which I will cover tomorrow or Wednesday) and one about building 7 of the World Trade Centers by @Bigbird1218. I was going to write a story on my opinion of the incident however I thought it would be more interesting to get feedback from you all, my followers, on your opinions of the situation.
Here is a brief summary of what happened:
At 5:20 pm eastern time on september 11, 2001, Building 7 of the World Trade Center complex collapses, roughly 9 hours after the collapse of the south tower. The official diagnostics of the collapse was that fire burnt the structure and core of the building, making it collapse on itself. The building contained offices for many USA government programs, for example the CIA.
Your task:

Create an argument for whether or not you think it was an inside job or not. And PLEASE, do your research before you comment and make your argument valid. Let's have an organized debate.
So if you think it was not an inside job, give reasons and explain why you think that; if you do, explain and give reasons.
Rebuttal others comment!
I look forward to seeing what you all come up with! You all rock.
  •   tiffaysnaps Yes? @igarox 3y
  •   igarox @tiffaysnaps Just responding to your previous comment. 3y
  •   tiffaysnaps Oh lol haha I forgot I even commented lol been so long zeitgeist is the documentary I saw it on 3y
  •   tornareadormire The government aren't smart. They did leave residue, it was found. What warranted 2000 people dying was gaining an incredible amount of money, inciting fear in Americans hearts, an excuse to bring 'democracy' and control to the Middle East and to build big fucking poppy fields to make a shit load of money off of. Please search for the video of Larry Silverstein telling them about how he "pulled it", another term for demolition. 3y
  •   igarox @nancyb123 Again, I don't dispute the evidence, but the motive. The gov could've accomplished all these treasures and influence by just demolishing the twin towers. They didn't need to demolish another building and leave behind incriminating evidence. WTC7 would be irrelevant in a plot to gain the American people's approval. Furthermore, the gov IS smart. They have some of the best brains in the world working and strategizing for them. Therefore they would never make such a silly error as to leave behind easily found evidence. I'm still not convinced. The "pull it" evidence is just vernacular. He would be dead by now if he actually exposed gov secrets. 3y
  •   debatenetwork Share your opinion here: @debatenetwork 3y

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knowledgebank Alright trying something new out • pick a topic that you find interesting but don't know to much about! I'll pick one of the comments and cover it in my next post tomorrow :) thank you for the participation everyone! Much love 3y

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Normal # Revolution Wired
knowledgebank *** the post was to long so I had to split it up, to read the continuance, look at the second comment posted! Thanks!
So @Bronto313 had a question about the case of the Scottsboro Boys. Her question was, "these boys were held on trial three times, doesn't that go against the fifth amendment". In respect toward throwback thursday, we shall take a step back in time, answer her question, discover what happened in this case, and finally discuss the topic! So without further ado, The case of the Scottsboro Boys:

To answer your question:
No it does not go against the 5th amendment. Before I go any further, let me explain the most confused amendment of the 27.
The 5th amendment is commonly known as the double jeopardy amendment. What this means is that an individual cannot be trialled for the same case twice.
For example: Lets say "Joe" was alleged of killing "Mark", Joe denounces it and says Mark faked his death, however the judge rules him guilty and sentences him with 10 years in prison. 10 years pass and he gets out, Joe finds out Mark faked his death, Joe kills Mark (I would hope this never happens), however he knows he cannot be charged of murder. Why?! Because Joe was already charged and punished for the murder of Mark.
I hope that helped clear up the 5th amendment. TOBECONTINUED! Look under the comments

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Normal # Revolution Wired
knowledgebank Many of you might have heard of the conflicts occurring in China and Japan. Here is why:
Off the coast of China there are 8 small islands called the row (Senkaku islands to Japan, Diaoyu islands to China). This is where the trouble resides. Both countries are claiming the islands their own.
Why are these islands worth fighting for?
Well they are close to important shipping routes, provide excellent fishing, and may contain oil.
In my opinion, it is not worth the fight, some call it a childish argument. However for them, both claim it to be sacred grounds. It is a stalemate, neither country will stand down. This only causes for more problems.
What is the toll of this bickering?
Tensions rose, many believed a possibility of war was in the future, however this is not an option for both countries.
History has shown that war decreases economy in the long run, and for two economic powerhouses to go to war would be completely nonsensical. China or Japan wouldn't dare lose their footing in the economic world, they run it.
However, what the two countries can do is fight where they have power, economics.
Both countries are in a violent resource war.
And when China is Japan's largest trade partner, things don't look up for Japan.

If economic wars continue, Japan will have to back down. Japan has had rough economic growth in recent years. If Japan were to try and beat out China in this battle, it would exhaust their resources, resulting in a drop in their 3rd place economic position.
Comment with responses and opinions! Thanks Everyone!
  •   knowledgebank @crimosa I can try to do some research on it tomorrow if I have time! If I find anything I will post or reply here! But as of now I do not know much about it, it will be interesting to find how it will affect the conflicts. I'm guessing it will detract Japan from the drama and force them to focus on recovery (depending on how damaging), and as a result they back down. Thanks for the post! 3y
  •   stolenafflictions not only for resources but i remember that it will expand there territory in the water who even owns them... 3y
  •   stolenafflictions also i thonk japan is trying to just pay china for them to avoid tensions.. 3y
  •   delawarm 🚷🚷🚷🚷ur vlog is so fun y!! 3y
  •   blow_my_m1nd Heres a crazy idea (being part jap you knw my view..thats besides the point) if theres 8 island...shit just split em up! China take four and japan take four. No need to be greedy daamn. Smh. I know their parents taught them how to fuckin share lol 3y
  •   flyboyfifer It seems like China could crush Japan if they really wanted to. 3y
  •   whatupc Technically china came first so... Japan you power hungry mf 3y

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Normal # Revolution Wired
knowledgebank Ok here is the first post, what I'll do is update you on the latest news stories. Compile information from multiple sources. And relay you with a summary with the issue.
Here is the first one, on the Libya crisis:

After the release of "Innocents of Muslims", a 15 minute YouTube video attacking the prophet Muhammad, the religion has been up in arms.
On 9/11, 4 US citizens were killed, including the US ambassador.
Many say these attacks were planned and used the film as an excuse (CNN, BBC)
Two days after the attack, all us officials were told to leave, 40 US marines were sent in, and 2 US armed battleships were deployed to Libya.
Obama innovated adverts on 9/19 that stated, "the anti-Islam video did not pertain to the US government at all". On the 21st, the day of the prophet, a peaceful protest day, turned out in shambles. Protests peaked in violence and 19 protesters died, hundreds injured.
Tensions continue to rise across the globe, reaching Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, and many more countries.

Comment your thoughts and opinions!! :D thanks everyone!
  •   maramarkovski These posts restore my faith in humanity. Thanks for liking my post. 3y
  •   islamigram I'm sorry but this picture is not in libya this is in iran!!! @knowledgebank 3y
  •   elevatedconsciousness AwesomeDiscussion/thoughts 3y
  •   ayman_alsh That's not in Libya. It's written on Persian(Farsi) !! And people speak And write in Arabic !! 3y
  •   irie__soul @knowledgebank I love this page because There is a lot of knowledge and different opinions that i can take to mind, but i think the most important thing we can all do is learn to be at peace in this world no matter what evil is going on. All of this controversy and lies, religions, laws, all created to seperate us and cause conflict, make us weak and in need of HELP. They want all the power, but instead of submitting our energy to BS we should give it all to GOD, be ready the time is at hand, all this MANINI stuff is pointless because when the day comes that hell breaks loose and God wipes the wicked away, were gonna regret not being ready. God rules. 3y
  •   shan3000 I think Obama is doing a very good job! I agree WE need World peace with him we have that! #barackobama #2012 3y
  •   mslamanda Interesting - it has been proven that this riot was planned for quite some time and the embassy had requested additional security for months. This was not a spontaneous attack & the video was not just put on YouTube, it hadn't just been discovered. 3y
  •   idozarif הערבים בני זונות 3y

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Inkwell # Revolution Wired
knowledgebank #Berge2028, follow please! This is a news/debate channel! New posts daily and shoutouts weekly for participants! Thank you all do much!! :) Much love. -Edmund! 3y

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