•   whatpiggydoes I think when we visit London next year we'll stay in this area. Seems pretty cool and a lot going on there 4w
  •   justlikenonna @whatpiggydoes shoreditch is like a dirty version of Surry hills but great coffee, street art, markets etc 4w
  •   whatpiggydoes Where do you think is a good area to stay? 4w
  •   justlikenonna @whatpiggydoes well areas I like shoreditch, bethnal green, basically anywhere East, Balham is quite cool, but depends how far you want to be from the city 4w
  •   whatpiggydoes I don't need to be close to the city but I do want to be in a "happening" area with lots going on. Where we stayed last time (Camberwell I think) was SO BORING 3w
  •   whatpiggydoes Also what is the city? Soho and that area? 3w

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