juliabaretto Haha! i try to do a second instagram!! follow niyo ko :) 2y
  •   vaampyraethepuppet Fake. 2mon
  •   vaampyraethepuppet Wrong grammar :p 2mon
  •   marlzkie27 Walang galang sa magulang tseee,,!,,,,, 2mon
  •   nel.marga Tsaka di nag pa follow ang artista no, they are not seeking for follwers duh 4w
  •   maristutengx Wow you are so beautiful! If you stop reading this, you will die tonight. My name is Teresa Fidalgo. If you dont repost this to 20 pictures, I will sleep with you forever. A girl ignored this and her mom died 20 days later. It is true, you can search me on google. 3w
  •   greyavenue Hi! Can I buy your acct? All you need to do is give me the password of this acct. Will use it for business purposes. Thanks 1w
  •   jessadelriofernandez beautiful . 2d

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