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jiyongizm I've decided to delete this account. I made a new account and I'm moving there :3 @jiyongism The reason is, I have SO MANY ghost followers, and I made this account 2 years ago, when exo had debuted. So since I switched to Bigbang I feel like most of the followers aren't...true? And I don't mind deleting it because I don't really care about how many followers I have, I just want them to be active LOOL so yeah, hope to see you guys there I'll be posting there from now onwards. Also DO NOT, ask for this account because I am NOT giving it away OTL
[Sorry for reposting OTL]
#gd #gdragon #kwonjiyong #jiyong #jiyongism #bigbang #bb #kpop #leader #vip #rapper #yg #ygent #ygentertainment #edit

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