Hey guys, I'm just saving this user I may post here if you would like??
  •   josh_hutcherson48 Can I pleaseeee have this username im active on my account and I want this user SOOO bad 4w
  •   joshhutcherson1989 Could I have the user? I've been trying to use it for forever and I post at least 2 times a day so it's not like I'm inactive. 4w
  •   avox How did you get this username??? I used to run an account with this username and now it's gone. 3w
  •   alleemarie_ dude your saving it when others could use it and be active?? 2w
  •   andrealyng32 2w
  •   lexi.lopresti8 But y would he want others to use it? It's his nobody else's @alleemarie_ @josh_hutcherson48 6d
  •   josh_hutcherson48 Josh doesn't use Instagram anymore @lexi.lopresti8 6d
  •   alleemarie_ @lexi.lopresti8 yeah I understand that. I just think it would have more use (and DEFINITELY more followers) if it was used. Everyone wants the user, and he isn't doing anything with it. I'm not saying he should give it up, I think he should use it. 6d

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