•   fbbicycles Getting ready for cross nats 4w
  •   jgt8 @fbbicycles yep see us there 4w
  •   fredstucin So nice! 3w
  •   jgt8 @fredstucin thank you Fred 3w
  •   wrytoastphotos I was in Palm Springs two days before Christmas. The street photography was less than stellar. I'm going to come back to you for advice next time I'm there. 3w
  •   jgt8 @wrytoastphotos please look me up. its not great but there are some great neighborhoods to shoot Lots of migrant shanty towns with wonderful people to shot I usually bring clothes to donate and then start shooting 3w
  •   aliveinnyc yes! 2w
  •   jgt8 @aliveinnyc thank you 2w

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