jelscape The pancake lady The first time I meet this lady was on a beach in Koh Lipe Thailand. Tying to sell her sweats on the beach, that was in december 2012.
Just recently decided to go back to Koh Lipe and meet her for the second time. I don't normally remember people, that I have only meet once before. The fact that she sold sweats must of really stuck in my memory. The final days we where in Koh Lipe I said to myself I had to get a picture of her. She told me her business was going well and they have started construction on her new shop that was located on the main walking street of Koh Lipe.
I kindly ask if I could take photos of her. She happily pose in front of the camera and i manage to capture a few shots. I never got her name but we called her the pancake lady.

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