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  •   jb @thewalkinglead Oh boy, that's a can of worms. Lemme put some thoughts down later this afternoon when I'm at my computer. 1w
  •   jb @thewalkinglead The Mk 18 excels at being a short, lightweight — and therefore a fast and nimble gun. The development of it came out of the need for something roughly the same size as an MP5 but with an intermediate cartridge that would be way more effective. And in that role, it's extremely awesome. Think shoot houses, multiple targets at close range, etc…

    No optic is perfect. But the EOTech reticle comes darn close for me with a Mk 18. The big, bright circle means I can shoot very fast. The EXPS is so compact and lightweight that I don't really notice it on there. My only complaint about the EOTech in this role is its auto-shut-off and lack of Aimpoint level battery life. If we could all just leave our EOTechs on and have them last for 7 years that'd be pretty amazing.

    The problem with an ELCAN on a Mk 18 is you're taking this extremely heavy piece of glass and putting it on a gun that's mean to be light, fast and nimble. In my opinion, it makes the Mk 18 slow and heavy — the opposite of what it's designed to do. The gun feels totally different with an ELCAN on there. It's hard to explain, but it no longer feels like a little sports car, it feels like a pickup truck weighed down with a huge load. 1w
  •   jb @thewalkinglead On top of that, the big appeal of the ELCAN is that it's got amazing glass for using magnified. When in 4x it's got a BDC reticle, like an ACOG. But that reticle is calibrated for a 14.5" barrel. Sure, you can lean the holdovers of the differences with 10.3", but why bother… you can do the same thing with EOTech's 65 MOA circle or one of there versions with extra dots.

    And for night shooting, again an area where the Mk 18 excels, it's even more useless. Since you're typically not using your day optic, now you have this heavy pig weighing your gun down that you're not even using.

    I love the ELCAN. On a 14.5" build, it creates a really flexible package. The gun is really setup for those intermediate ranges, 100y - 400 yds, where you can get in a stable position and hit things consistently. And the calibrated BDC makes those ranges especially easy. For me personally, this makes it a fantastic coyote hunting rig. It's also the perfect setup to take other people shooting and let them hit steel at those ranges. But then you can also flip it to 1x and be somewhat fast with it using the lighted center dot as sort of a sudo red dot. The eyebox is very large and clear which means shooting in the middle of the day, you can easily treat it as a non-illuminated scope and not worry about any battery issues. Is ith worth the money in this role? For me, easily a "absolutley, yes". But the ELCAN was designed for a 14.5" carbine and in my cheap opinion, that's where it belongs.

    They're 2 different weapon systems that each do their own thing really well. For me personally, my 5.56 setups look like: - Mk 18 - Fast, nimble, light, 0 - 150yds, & perfect at night with ATPIAL & suppressor.
    - M4 - "just right", intermediate, 50 - 400yds, day time
    - Mk 12 - Precise, quiet, 200 - 600yds

    When I travel, the M4 with ELCAN doesn't even come. I typically take one lower with both the Mk 18 and Mk 12 uppers and I've got every range/situation covered that I'd want to do. 1w
  •   thewalkinglead Thanks buddy that's all I needed to hear 🏻 1w
  •   jb @thewalkinglead No problem. Sorry for the essay haha I obviously get a bit nerdy about this stuff. 1w
  •   thewalkinglead No way man I love it!! So do I 1w
  •   thewalkinglead Now I wish we didn't part with our 14.5 upper 1w
  •   slim6o_slic3 @brandonarakawa so beautiful 1d

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