howardjones Sorry folks. It was good while it lasted! 2y
  •   3dumbdogs IG is already back peddling because of the uproar. Google their blog and read it. 2y
  •   chris_from_canada new tos don't take effect for 30 days (or so they say) but my almost 400 photos came down yeaterday. 2y
  •   bautempo @cmeyer08 @maribluewaves nothing lasts for ever...not even the IG fun we had... 2y
  •   lewissar I'm staying for now, I think we can win this battle, they seem to be backtracking already 2y
  •   phuc_ig @howardjones Howie! Denny here! You are right to go away, your pics would be at high risk of being stolen! I went to tadaa some time ago as neptune_sky. Perhaps you would consider tadaa? Your popularity would be unmatched! 2y
  •   mandylandd Why? 2y
  •   richtimesforever Is this the real Howard jones? 1y
  •   baobeitt 1y

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