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houseofbelonging don’t miss this SALE!
what does your house “say” to those who live there?
create a family declaration this holiday weekend
give the gift of direction + purpose

sale begins tomorrow 6am CST ( includes custom work )

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houseofbelonging Papa, to just get to you has always burned in me, even as a small girl

i didn't know what that 'was' until the last few years -- i am just weeping in my hands are lifted high in praise this morning - YOU Papa, are my HOME!
i am a daughter who has a home and a most attentive Papa who sits and delights in watching me learn to live into His purpose over my life..this morning I ran to Him and tugged on His arm...burying my head in the sweetness of his love that just pulled me in + up into His REST where the questions and worry just emulsified and slid down and off

His presence clothed me - your a good good father + it is my life long joy to share You with other spark fire's in others that You are not a man in the sky but are a Father that created a people to love and be with in every intimate way
You choose us! i am undone in Your 'just enough' for I offer up praise as we begin our walk into today
papa, i make myself at home in your love today.
in You anyone can have a permanent more homeless
no more more more thirsty--in You ALL needs are completely met @modernburlap

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houseofbelonging forget about what's happened
don't keep going over old history
be alert, be present
I'm about to do something
brand new || isaiah 43.18

late summer 2016🏻
  •   aakofii hot!!! 1d
  •   judyri58 🏻🏻 I work around the corner from this building. Can't wait to shop your treasures. 24h
  •   joy228 Wonderful. My dream to live in Franklin one day. xo 49min

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houseofbelonging Ready To Ship! only 7 available
our newest mini LITTLE ONE

i wrote these words sitting cross legged
with Papa one morning as He shared His
love with me
i thought it would sweet to share so you can
hang it in your little ones room too

click link in profile to pick one up before they are gone

black lettering | grey wood frame

happy friday

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houseofbelonging this morning the “what if’s” “ wasted years + loss snuck up on my early morning
and i couldn’t shake it…i cried and immediately turned to Papa …
i kept trying to take it back and wrap myself in it because it felt comfortable to get cozy with it
after all, what does a heart do without the love of a man when you want to run back
to what isn’t real love..what isn’t healthy..what hurts you..why? ugh!

so i sat with my coffee alone and i just said…Holy Spirit come come .. be with me
just sobbing into my hands and just like that He came and whispered
daughter…look at Me
i am inside .. I Am right here
you carry Me. you don’t have to look outside for the love you are needing
that is your human tendency to look outside for something or someone to comfort + love you
even when it hurts it steps in momentarily to anesthetize the throbbing

but you know my love little one
your always have a choice. always.

so i said yes to Papa’s offer
and i took His hand and stepped inside His love
and it just wrapped me up and up and up
over and over it wound itself around the pain
and held it and me
with no judgment
just transparency as i lay there while the throbbing slowed
i curled up and turned on worship music because i have learned that
praise lightens and sends me soaring to the heavens
and i talked with Papa
He talked with me
i listened
i wrote

love. to really encounter the ONLY LOVE that changes everything.
changes reality. renews us.
this Love leads us to who we are.
it is the ONLY source i have found that doesn’t lie. cheat. steal.
never leaves. lets me come just like i am. in fact, would have it no other way

thank you Papa for speaking Love over me today
without it i couldn’t take the next step. You are everything to me.
without You i have nothing….xx

Love Spoken Here sign sold in our Shop - click link in our profile to purchase
  •   hijadelrey1 Thanks for taking time to write. And for sharing so vulnerably. Blessings+Peace. 7d
  •   bmarisant You described my day exactly. And yet that old DNA runs deep. Woke up last night at 2 full of anxiety giving it to God and then taking it back again. Trying to change the inner dna struggles. Xo. Freedom. 6d
  •   suz559 What would this run. @houseofbelonging 5d

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houseofbelonging NEW Unisex Warrior trucker hat
JUST LISTED ... only 20 available!! to purchase click link to shop in profile

i am that warrior who gets up
despite the enemy trying to destroy me
who declares victory before seeing it.
who believes i will receive my miracle because i know the Lord i serve is alive by my side everyday @__thisisgrace__ xx

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houseofbelonging 'Bless your Home' sign is 10.00 off now thru Friday!
to buy click LINK in IG profile
i am learning that my words carry weight + that when I speak LIFE + TRUTH into any situation it immediately changes the atmosphere! try it for yourself
the Home Blessing sign is the perfect place to start! pray these words + say these words and see if you don't start seeing changes
  •   kennaharadesign Your work is lovely and uplifting 1w
  •   suemahaffie Love love love this - are u shipping to Australia yet ? Come open a shop here !!! Xx 1w
  •   houseofbelonging @malweedman we make them by the order online. I lived all of my life in MO until last July when we moved to TN. Our warehouse is currently in MO but in October we are moving it to TN also. We are opening a shoppe location in downtown Franklin TN late summer. A full lifestyle brand 5d

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houseofbelonging our souls are on fire downtown Franklin, TN 🏻
why? House of Belonging + Imagodei are opening a REVOLUTIONARY lifestyle store late summer 2016 in the old Franklin Firehall! much more to share so turn on notifications xx
@hob_plus_id #firedaughterinthefirehouse #livefearless #houseofbelonging #franklintn #firedaughter #revolutionarylifestyle #theartoflivingcourageously #allin #warrior #worshippingwarriors #Godkeepshispromises #tentpegs #declaring #spokenoverhome

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houseofbelonging mark your calendars with these two dates

we will be giving you a sneak peek at our NEW BRAND!

we are going to be in TWO places
in ONE weekend

Friday June 17 4-8 pm + Saturday June 18 8-6pm
The Factory at Franklin | 230 Franklin Road | Franklin, TN 37064

and down the street we will be at

Saturday June 18 4pm - 10 pm
Franklin, TN 37064

i am splitting my time between the two events so come by and see me!!
would love to hug on you all and take pictures!!
  •   alisson.wonderland not sure where you're setting up yet, but we are on westhaven blvd and y'all are more than welcome to use our porch! 1w
  •   houseofbelonging @alisson.wonderland thank you!!! I know we have a space for a tent but I'm not sure where they are having us setup. I just moved in this February so this will be my first PORCHFEST but I hear it is pretty amazing! 1w
  •   houseofbelonging @kristenpardue wherever they have vendors soon as I know for sure I will let you all know 1w
  •   alisson.wonderland gotcha! I've only been here for three weeks, so it's my first one too....and yes, all I hear about it how great it is! can't wait!!! will be by the booth for sure 7d

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houseofbelonging i am learning to receive the love of my heavenly Lover
it is delightful + pure
it makes me FULL + overflowing
it makes me blush and smile INSIDE
i can't get enough

you see, i have never know how to love or receive love
i did the best i could with what i learned growing up, just as my parents did

when i honestly look at my two shattered marriages
i must get naked before Him, risking the pain, + stop asking Papa why?

i began asking what? what Papa is hurting inside me that i keep numbing with
a person… you fill in your blank/s __________

it is all drugs so we don’t have to deal with the pain of feeling

i am learning that when i began to learn the heart of my heavenly Father
that He is LOVE and that love didn’t look like any love i had experienced on earth

that when i began to give Him my most precious possession — my trust
oh how that took years friends…i was so broken
that when He whispered to me that morning driving “ child, let me prove myself faithful to you “
i wept

no one had ever been faithful to me! could i risk it?
today, 2 years later i am so glad i did

i am learning that i will never be able to be in any relationship that is alive and thriving
until i learn how to receive love. learn what real love is and looks like and how to give
love myself

it is a process of layers of healing
of LISTENING to Papa
of writing it down
of DOING IT, applying it to my life

of owning my circumstances, my actions

i can’t wait to share my God - story with you all someday
it truly is all about Him

have a beautiful Saturday + we hope to ANNOUNCE OUR BIG NEWS
on MONDAY…xx @coffeeandapaintbrush

to purchase our Spirit Lead me sign click our link the profile-

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houseofbelonging walk softly + carry a big sword | aka our new WARRIOR BAG |

it’s WHO YOU are


Limited Quantity so click over now to grab one up for
the summer - @fifthandchurch

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houseofbelonging one day she decided
to stop letting fear hold her back
to live bravely
and from then on she flew
JUST LISTED in the shoppe - link in profile

i would hang them in my little girls room so
they would speak over her heart daily

these words are your balcony people friends,
cheering you on!
we are NOT powerless
it is a BIG FAT LIE!

spread your wings + fly

hand-drawn by my son @fifthandchurch

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houseofbelonging the story-telling in @tapestrymagazine is anointed!
a must have for your heart if your a creative - books|words are the things i will treasure up to pass onto my children

thank you @tapestrymagazine
keep using your voice for the kingdom..chasing away darkness with Papa's Light @fifthandchurch

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houseofbelonging below is my list from vacation that Papa prescribed for my needy + weary heart

NOW, i am spending time asking Him HOW all of this will LOOK like in my life
+ begin to do it
mine will look different than yours. no comparing. we are all one of a kinds.
at different life stages.

i encourage YOU this weekend to take time and listen to what you need.
to STOP. START. REPLACE. don’t force it. this isn’t a rigid set of rules or WORK.
for me, these are new blooms off of my branch that Papa + i are growing as i find more
and more of who i am becoming as i naturally grow. it is FUN. why? because i am in control
so i get to have all kinds of choices in how my life is going to grow. i am not powerless anymore
TRY IT. let me know. i want to see what you come up with. let’s speak life over each other. -do one thing to MOVE my body daily ( ride my bike )
-WHAT if? i LOVED with just as much fervor as i wanted to be loved?
-keep moving forward UNAFRAID. Papa is with me.
-WORSHIP from my heart. not my head. it is instinctive
-SPEAK LIFE - practice speaking it to myself inwardly. outwardly over myself + others
-CLAIM big things
-SHARE with me as a child. stay by Papa’s side
-see Me in EVERYTHING. the first in everything. ALL
-REST/CALM within each day. go slowly “in my mind” from one thing to the next. no hurry
-You have shown me the next thing so now i direct all my effort AGAINST the TIDE
-Papa, i trust You to right all so i can live free within each day. no forcing. just trusting
-parameters around my cell phone. social media. working on phone
-EMPTY my mind of limits each day
-FAST from TV for awhile
-READ more books
-WAKE UP with intentionality to slow down. starting within me. in my mind
-COOKING good food AT HOME
-ENJOYING it. SITTING DOWN with people i love and giving + taking
-have a LISTENING TIME with Papa + writing what i hear
-asking Holy Spirit first, many times in my day, what He wants me to do. then do it
-be as a LITTLE ONE with Papa. always at His side. holding His hand xx @emmarinker
oh darling sign - to buy click link in profile

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houseofbelonging WARRIOR hats back in stock | ready to ship | limited stock️ they go FAST! to purchase click shoppe link in profile!
#houseofbelonging #warrior #worshippingwarriors

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houseofbelonging calm -- not speed
i fly home tonight from my first 'real' vacation in 15 years! i miss my home but...
spending time with the presence of Papa. i am leaving with a full heart of words spoken.
i had no idea my heart was needy + it is nothing that anyone or anything can fill...only my YES Papa + trust even...especially when it goes against our American culture!
i will share them with you tonight —
maybe they will encourage you too

in quietness + in confidence shall be my strength - isaiah 30:15

BIG NEWS DROPPING this week🏻🏻🏻

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houseofbelonging signs are more than home decor - they are prophetic
the power of a spoken over home reminding us to
step into a place of power daughters…will you join us at House of Belonging
in starting a revolution of speaking LIFE over + into our families?

let’s fill our walls with TRUTH! i don’t care who you buy them from just do it!
ourselves, our children, our families, our communities, our country
is hungry for hearts that know the Miracle Maker... i will keep crying out papa! i won’t stop. i won’t quit. keep going... papa you tell me that my faith, though small as a mustard seed, can move a mountain
as i cry out to you this morning
your daughter, your bride, your love
one girl, believing for a miracle to restore + rebuild her heart and life
from the inside out
and to heal her family
to fulfill a promise
you promised papa
what was hopeless + impossible i am seeing with my own eyes
You breathe your Spirit breath and bring to life
i will stay in the place of “ i don’t know how papa “ because it is the place miracles thrive
so i take my mustard seed papa + offer it up wrapped in thanksgiving
believing You for a miracle worked your way…i am dependent on You

miracles - declare them over your life - your family

to purchase Let Her Sleep click link in profile
  •   samanthawiraatmaja This is so beautiful! Amen 2w
  •   globalrevival I want one.... 2w
  •   kotineru I have a question regarding hanging your pieces, we got the "you are our greatest adventure" sign for our daughter's nursery. Love it!! But we want to hang it above her crib. I don't want to drill into. How do you suggest hanging it?? Thank you 4d

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houseofbelonging my heart wings expand underneath Your love gaze
the sun cradle gives permission to say YES
to claim the unclaimable

who told me i wasn’t in control? that i couldn’t move here or there
that i was stuck + this was as good as it gets
that it is to hard..selfish..crazy
that the addiction was to deep..the woundedness beyond help
after all, it has always been this way…. who says that? why do we listen?
embodying julia roberts character liz while riding my bike along the pea gravel
wednesday morning, it hit me!

i am a grown a** woman! perfectly able to make choices! i can be and do anything i
set my mind to!
the wings spread out further…like a peacock before the heavens

and i heard my name…. tiffini…several times

you are My beloved warrior…a daughter of the King

look all around you…while i am in charge you are in control ( @christablackgifford
keep taking my hand in YES
keep trusting Me to prove myself faithful
because you haven’t seen anything yet!

i am bringing you fully ALIVE
teaching you to LIVE for the first time
keep listening….keep writing
the healing is in the writing

many are going to LIVE
Papa, You can bring dead things to life!
i claim the unclaimable for my family
our city, our nation, all nations

Your army is rising up
standing in the gap
calling heaven to earth

i can see jesus’s bloodline circling
all the lies of those i love
on fire…burning up lies, melting the chains

today: ask Papa what it is that He planted in you at conception
what is it that stirs passion in you that you would give up everything to have?

listen to what He says + write it down

  •   designsbyimaginethat Thank you for your priceless opened heart and your heartfelt honesty. I love that about your post. Blessings to you sweet one 3w
  •   aedriel You are a grown a** woman and an amazing woman at that!!!!!! Love you sister. So happy for all this goodness pouring into you. It's been a long time coming!! 🏼 3w
  •   winsomeartworks :') 3w
  •   inallthesethings When I read the words you've written while away it sets my heart on fire and I feel a stirring in my heart that says yes lord me too. 🏼 2w

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