hol_fit Nature is whispering so beautifully right now ... a storm is moving in ... nature always knows what it needs and it honours.

Humans have tried for years to copycat her brilliant productions, to patent, to sell and to create dis ease in our body and our planet.

Grateful to be on this path with so many of you that figured out long ago that nature always wins 🏻️ #teamHOLFIT #natureknows #essentialoils #dontbeacopy

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hol_fit At my husband's high school reunion tonight ... What would you tell your high school self?

I would let high school Ange know that the most useful education is coming somewhere between the plus sign on the pregnancy test and the decision to not go back to the corporate job.

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hol_fit Interested in joining me at the Launch event for doTERRA into Canada? This movement is massive - on my HOL:FIT team in just 2 years - we have about 15,000 homes that are living a natural lifestyle using the oils!! This is a 2 day event - June 3-4th and I'll be speaking on the Sat!

There are just a few tickets left and then all 4000 spots are filled. Would love for you to join!

#tickets" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://www.eventbrite.com/e/doterra-canada-grand-opening-tickets-22662994627#tickets

#teamHOLFIT #doterracanadalaunch via @RiplApp
  •   dwiens Would love to be there! So awesome! Would someone be able to periscope a little? 2d
  •   hakafam Excited to hear you speak!! 2d
  •   knicks56 @corijackson I saw this and I wanted to go! But we had plans to be in Michigan from way back :( :( 7h

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hol_fit Attending my husbands high school reunion this weekend and I know you'll get what I mean when I say ... I Feel so grateful to be anchored and surrounded by people who believe nothing is impossible, that mindset is always the indicator of success and that today can always be the day you decide to live a different kind of life. 🏻️to all of you living in a beautiful state

#teamHOLFIT #beautifulstate #leadyourlife #possible

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hol_fit Let's be a ... 🏻 #teamHOLFIT 3d

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hol_fit Which essential oils interest you the most?
These are my main floor oils - the rack upstairs is 3x the size 🏻️

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hol_fit Post run, quick shower, Verage lotion, natural lip balm, mascara and @doterra hair glaze with a drop of femme ylang ylang oil.

Ready for a dinner out!

I LOVE the supernatural life

#teamHOLFIT #thesupernaturallife #cleanbeauty

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hol_fit Good morning!

Is today THE day? .
Do you want to start your essential oil journey with me? bit.ly/hfgetstarted (link also in insta bio)
Or do you want to start with the oils, get your system + soul humming and then share them with others? I will mentor you to build this as a biz - and show you what I did: bit.ly/hfoilteam .
Perhaps there's a reason we're connected. Perhaps it's your time

Shoot me a quick email at heyholfit@gmail.com and I'll get you started!
#teamHOLFIT #essentialoils #holistic #selfcare #nextlevelYOU #lifebizlove

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hol_fit Last day of filming and headed over to teach an oils class with friends tonight!

This bottle of motivate blend has locked in the memories we've made this weekend filming our life + biz + love + oils #teamHOLFIT #presidentialvideo #holfitlife

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hol_fit Filming barefoot in the forest city - best ever!
@doterra #presidentialvideo

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hol_fit Wanna see me bring the most popular blog post I've ever written come to life?

Join me at 2:30pm EST on Periscope & Facebook Live (HOL:FIT page) to see me make my NATURAL LIQUID LAUNDRY DETERGENT - it's safe, cheap, effective and good for HE washers!

#modernhippie #teamHOLFIT #healthyhome #holfitlife
  •   jennagallagh3r I use this all the time and it's amazing! If I could post a true test picture of before and after I would! 1w
  •   tiffinsblu It's soooooooooooooooo good!!! 1w
  •   chelssanne What's the middle thing ? And what container do u use to store your detergent ? 1w
  •   bloodline_fitness I used to use the peppermint, but I'm trying out bronners almond 🏽 5d

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hol_fit Today is the last day of the #holfitdetox and what a beautiful week of taking a pause, reflection and vision for this next season of life.

What came up for me this week - Was that every woman in me was tired!! The last 2 yrs of my life + biz has been in constant scale. And I LOVE what I do so it's hard for me to shut it off.

This week asked me to honour being STILL. And listening to what my life and biz is asking of me.
Feeling so much gratitude to all of you that have been on this journey with me

#readysetglow #teamHOLFIT #greenjuice #lifebizlove
  •   koffeeandcake Sigh...love this pic of you. 1w
  •   sixbythesea Your guidance this week was priceless Ange. Thank you so much for this wake-up call, one I needed desperately for myself. I find it so easy to focus on everyone else that I've let myself slip over the years. This week was just what I needed.️ Loved every minute of the journey! 1w
  •   lizbaker777 @hol_fit I'm bummed I missed the sign up! But would like to do it. Will definitely catch the oct one but will do it on my own before then as well 🏼 1w
  •   taniajoyantonio So pretty and that looks like the softest denim shirt eva! 1w

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hol_fit CANDY COLOURED POISON ----------------------------------------------
I recently watched the documentary "Prescription Thugs" and took down some interesting notes:

The US consumes 75% of the world's prescription drugs even though they only make up 5% of the world's population. - In the past 10 years, the top 11 Pharma companies have make over $711 Billion.
- The pharma industry remains the most profitable biz in the US.
- In 1997, the Clinton administration made it possible for pharma to market to consumers through advertising. Now every commercial break says "ask your doctor if _____ is right for you"
- The pharma industry is in the disease business...not the health business. Their main objective is to make their shareholders money.
- 75% of the time - your doctor will oblige when you ask for a drug (that you've seen on TV}
- today, 1 in 10 are on anti-depressants (including dogs who can now take beef flavoured prozac)
- To get a drug approved, a company only has to submit 2 positive studies to the FDA, showing that the drug worked better than a sugar pill. Even if there were 40 studies that were negative - if they have 2 positive - it gets approved by the FDA
- Every 19 min, someone dies in the US from an accidental pharma med overdose
- Big Pharma is the largest lobbyist in the US of political campaigns. They contributed about $422,000 towards every member of congress. That's alot of influence!
- Pharma is allowed to pay the FDA to have their drugs fast tracked for approval.

Just curious - are you committed to a different kind of path? To not being a repeater or a 'sheep' (refers to those that don't ask the important questions to live a more aligned life)

#teamHOLFIT #natureknows #dontbeasheep

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hol_fit Every couple should put one of these together before getting married just to test the fibres a bit ;)
#whydowehavesomanyextrascrews #10yearsstrong

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hol_fit Checkin out all the local goodness at the opening of the #masonvillefarmersmarket today!! Asparagus knows what's up right now 1w

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hol_fit The little glows gave me a hand this morning ... setting up the produce bath, some for juicing and some for school lunches.
This morning's brew: (all organic when juicing)

4 celery stalks

Head of romaine

1/2 red bell pepper
1/2 lemon with peel
2 baby cucumbers

1 drop @doterra ginger essential oil

#holfitdetox #readysetglow #holfitkitch #teachthemyoung #greenjuice

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hol_fit It just makes cleaning an enjoyable process My current fave combo is 2 tbsp of the OnGuard cleaning concentrate + 20 drops wild orange and 24oz water. Voila!

I whiz around my kitchen spraying counters, fridge handles and lunch bags. It's the best ever, it works, it's cheap and unlike all the other cleaners in the land - this one comes with side benefits (mood enhancing) instead of robbing our vitality. 🏻️🌍 #holfitkitch #teamHOLFIT #greencleaning

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hol_fit Ready Set GLOW!

I am guiding about 800 people through the bi-annual HOL:FIT Detox this week and I am loving spending more time in my kitchen!
I feel so much more connected to nature and therefore more connected to myself.

Food is apart of our being ... What we eat today literally makes who we are tomorrow. Feed your body good and you also feed your soul 🏻️ #holfitdetox #readysetglow #greenjuice #teamHOLFIT #natureknows #holfitkitch

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hol_fit At the start of the day:

I water the green plants we have in every room of our house and thank them for the work they do all day to filter VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in our home. Google NASA green plant study to read more about this.

I water our essential oil diffusers ... they are also in every room of our home. Throughout the day I use whatever essential oils I'm feeling drawn to and let them diffuse for 30 min at a time throughout the day. Would you like to see my guide of beautiful diffuser blends?
LINK: bit.ly/hfdiffuse

Removing all air fresheners from your home would be a great act of love for your family. They are poison while acting like they pose no harm.
I'll help you get started - living a more natural life usually begins in this way and it's simple!
️ heyholfit@gmail.com to start you essential oil journey

#teamHOLFIT #natureknows #lifestylesofthehealthy #essentialoils #greenplants

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hol_fit Famjam dance parties are the new fit 2w

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