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hilaryrushford Not gonna lie, today was bumpy. Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster. I'm 4 years into the quest to do it gracefully. Thankfully I've gotten better even in the last 6 months, but there's still days the bottom drops out. On those days I'm also getting better at focusing on gratitude. Today I'm thankful for:

Spring in Brooklyn
Fresh peonies from the corner market
The wisdom of James
The savvy of Demetria
The kindness of Cheryl
The anytime friend in Anne
The sister moments with Jen
The meditation app from Tutti
Patience when IG won't let me tag any of them
Indian food
Grace + Frankie on Netflix <-- Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, 4 Sorkin actors in the lead, need I say more?

What are you thankful for?
  •   kelmichiko Sending hugs & encouragement your way! You're an inspiration! 3h
  •   mandavision I've followed your journey for over 2 years and you truly are an inspiration. I'm almost 6 months into being an entrepreneur and your posts + email + support keep me reaching for my dreams. #thankyou 3h
  •   createmydays 3h
  •   christine_tse I am thankful for being free and to be able to do what i love everyday and for the experiences i learn along the way. I am thankful for my husband for his support if it wasnt for him i will not be able to be free. 3h
  •   jennericon Follow me plz?! 2h
  •   jennykem You 2h
  •   blondieesquire Loved Grace + Frankie! And here's to a better tomorrow. 19min

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hilaryrushford Woke up dreaming back to Italia with her color buildings + balconies calling for a pot of tea + people watching ... #DeanStTravelBetty 18h

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hilaryrushford So humbled to say we hit another milestone with 40K Dean St bettys on Instagram!

If you're a new follower I'm Hilary, a personal stylist + mentor to entrepreneurs, with a previous career in musical theatre which means I love a #DeanStDanceBreak!

My heart is to give you more education, inspiration + community, around your style, business + life.

Whatever happens this week whether self-doubt at how your stomach looks in that dress, if your business can become your full-time job or if deep peace in your life is possible:

Don't you dare look back
Just keep your eyes on me
Stop holding back
Shut up + dance with me!
#ChooseJoy #WhenInDoubtDanceItOut #PumpUpTheVolumeOnLife

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hilaryrushford Sunday best. Latest style aha moment: cropped sweater over a dress. Key is 1 of the 2 parts has to be tight: either a pencil skirt type dress + the sweater can be more boxy, or with a full skirt like this a pretty tight sweater so you don't just look lost in fabric. Today's #2PartFashionCocktail of balance! {tap for brands, dress vintage, @sarakerens} 2d

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hilaryrushford With 15,000 alums already my FREE "Double Your Instagram Following" class is back this week! LINK in profile or

Popularity alone is like a padded bra. You want to be profitable > popular + popular with a purpose.

I've consistently grown my following 1-2K a month from 5K to over 40K darling followers who have become my clients, students, tribe o' bettys, tripled my revenue in 2014 + am on track to 5x it in 2015.

Come hear my 4 steps to grow your following + make money with Instagram. And be there 10 minutes early for the largest virtual dance party you've been a part of with our #DeanStDanceBreak!

LINK in profile or TAG 3 girl bosses below looking to spread their passion + grow their influence in the world!

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hilaryrushford I like my weekend with a side of sparkle. And mimosas. Headed to brunch to make that happen! Little gems everywhere thanks to @garnethillpics + @accessorize. { by @sarakerens} 3d

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hilaryrushford Here's to kicking up your heels this weekend, betty! A flashback Friday to boating with my mom + sister. #CaliforniaGirl #WaterIsMyHappyPlace 4d

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Normal Dean Street Society
hilaryrushford Already craving weekend style. Today's 2-Part Fashion Cocktail -- one of my signature phrases:

The tomboy of slouchy jeans balanced with feminine details everywhere else. I used to think I couldn't wear boyfriend jeans but then found them in a slimer cut + paired them with more form-fitting feminine tops so they don't swallow me!

PS Are you a new friend? Hello! I'm Hilary, CEO of Dean Street Society where I work as a personal stylist + mentor fellow entrepreneurs. I live in home sweet Brooklyn, adore college football, West Wing + the tap shoes that were my precious career in musical theatre

Tell me about you, betty? {tap for brands; by @sarakerens}

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Normal Dean Street Society
hilaryrushford It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

A full day of calls with my team, mastermind sisters + coach. With an afternoon set aside for some tea + reading. Conversation plus quiet.

PS A colored front door is my grownup life goal.

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hilaryrushford I sat here for ten minutes thinking about the women in my life. They're extraordinary. Insanely talented, I almost have to pee funny, really wise in their insights, willing to dream big and sit quietly with you while you cry.

They're imperfect. We fail each other. We can never be enough to fill all the hurts + holes in one another's hearts. We can't read each other's minds or snap our fingers to live next door to one another.

And when we all turn up wearing color coordinating outfits it makes my lil Instagram heart explode!

Dean Street Society's name was inspired by my neighborhood friends around my home on Dean Street in Brooklyn to represent community because in it is where we're at our best.

Strength yours by tagging a few of the bettys you're thankful for below

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hilaryrushford If you want to be Tinkerbell AND Peter Pan, don't let anyone tell you no. Be you. Create something new. Ruffles + menswear can go together if you rock them with confidence + joy. {wink} #NiecelandInspiration #DevonCharlotte 5d

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hilaryrushford As a stylist I loathe any "35 items every woman needs in her wardrobe" list. Your style, lifestyle, beauty, Tuesday afternoons, definition of winter are wildly different than mine so how could we both need the same 35 items?

However, a classic tan trench-coat is one of the most universal items I know. It works for many temperatures {over a sundress or sweater}, with jeans or a little black dress or even your workout clothes on a rainy day, and can be sporty, chic, eclectic - a myriad of styles based on how you accessorize it with shoes, scarves.

In my 20's I thought it made me look too conservative. Then I realized I was just dressing too conservative! Now that my self + my style have more fun, more joy, I'm never intimidated that chic will look bland.

I lost the belt on mine running in the rain in Austin at SXSW so I replaced it with a black and gold striped bow tie. {wink} #StylistTips #SpringStyle {tap for brands}

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hilaryrushford If you lived nearer, sweet friend, I'd pop these by today to say you're a gem! #HappyTuesday #LittleJoys

PS Your comments on my last photo are making my morning! Amen to encouraging beauty! Keep 'em coming ...

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Normal Dean Street Society
hilaryrushford Hello new friends! I'm Hilary, a personal stylist for "real women with real budgets" + founder of Dean Street Society where I also mentor fellow entrepreneurs.

I believe our authentic confidence comes from education {I share the savvy tips + tricks I've learned here on Instagram} + empathy {the community of the Dean St bettys who remind us to give ourselves the compliments, permission, freedom we give one another}. It's my humble hope to educate, inspire + empower you in style, business + life so welcome to the party!

YOUR TURN: Leave a comment below with something you love about your body or beauty! Remember be as gracious with yourself as you would be about your best girlfriend.
  •   joannahazliving I love my strength and flexibility and the body that comes with that conditioning. :) 7d
  •   carfitz421 I love my smile, my eyes, and this amazing body that gave me three beautiful girls and still managed to bounce back! I also love my dark hair. Woohoo! 7d
  •   jmjan80 I love my skin. 6d
  •   judithtalaverano33 I really like. Your style *-* 6d
  •   throughmylens07 Your amazing! I live following you on here! I would say my smile and my eyes are what I love about my body. 6d
  •   jennysanzo Those jeans are everything! 4d
  •   cecelia_0218 Love the pants !!! 2d
  •   nezihaergun Very good photo @hilaryrushford 2d

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hilaryrushford GIVEAWAY CLOSED Y'all I am giddy as a goose to introduce you to a dozen incredible heartfelt women to inspire you on Instagram + in life!

We've teamed up to give you a gaggle of new girl crushes plus gift one lucky betty a shopping spree to JCrew for herself, her bebes or her gent!

1. Follow moi + like this photo.
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3. Follow + like all the hostesses until you return here with a dozen new Instagram crushes along the way + are entered to win!

Then share the fun by tagging 3 friends below!

To be eligible to win you must be following all hostesses. This contest ends Friday May 22nd at 10AM EST. Winner chosen by random + notified by Monday at 7PM EST. * Congrats HannahJoyMarie!

Giveaway is not sponsored by JCrew or it's affiliates. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of all responsibility, and agree to Instagram's terms of use.

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hilaryrushford A Sunday sporting monograms is one well spent. Thanks Madewell for making a girl feel special. 1w

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hilaryrushford Midnight inspiration. Visions of home dream home dance in their heads. {image via @jwsinteriors} 1w

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hilaryrushford Happy hour indeed. About to peruse my closet for a dinner party ensemble.

Most days I throw on easy favorites to work from home so I love seeing my closet with fresh eyes to choose something that's not a go-to when I'm headed out on the town.

What are you up to tonight?

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hilaryrushford Here's to kickin' up your heels this weekend, betty! Rockette technique not required. {wink} 1w

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hilaryrushford A friend asked my working definition of success, as in what's your metric to define it: annual revenue, Instagram following, weeks on vacation?

My honest working answer is how patient I am, how unflappable, how slow to feel anxiety or be riled up.

That comes with more rest, presence, clarity.

With peace in what I'm creating, not comparing or pushing, not guilt or fear, just joy that I get to do what I love

Which means I show up better for the people in my life.

Thanks to the business, team, happy clients, finances that make it possible

Thus the more patient + peaceful I am ... the more successful I feel.

What's your metric? {PS Liking this novel!}

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