heatherwaxman In case you forget, me and Bill are here to remind you that you're awesome.

Who do you think is awesome? Tell them by tagging them in the comments below! Let's start an awesome train. 🚂

Oh! And speaking of awesome... Your Weekly Energy Forecast is on Periscope for 21 more hours!

This week's message is a SUPER powerful reminder for all of us. There is a really interesting depth of spiritual growth available for you this week, and the guidance in this reading can help you harness this energy and receive your own unique insights.

Open the app, grab a notebook and a pen, get cozy, press play, and take notes. Xo

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heatherwaxman Women supporting women. Is there anything better? Nope.

Thank you to the ah-meow-zing @mindbodybarre for hosting and inviting us to be a part of their Holistic Fair for Small Business Saturday! It was so much fun connecting with everyone and chatting biz and life with fellow lady bosses.
Tag and follow these women because they're all the real deal and are doing truly amazing things for people and the community! They inspire me to always, always remember to give back. #fullandhappyheart #mindbodybarre
  •   jamie7622 Ah! Two of my favorite women!!! 1d
  •   lisasig423 It was so great to see u Heather! Xo 1d
  •   heatherwaxman @jamie7622 love you long time, sister 23h
  •   heatherwaxman @lisasig423 yay so great seeing you too, Lisa! Miss you. xo 23h
  •   jamie7622 @heatherwaxman your hair looks fab!! 21h
  •   brendolah My sister! I didn't get much time to chat with you yesterday so you are part of my relaxing Sunday. I am going through my saved emails and you aren't the top of my list. I just played 'This Time' and my heart is filled with love and peace! You my friend are a gift from Heaven. I love your soul and your voice is kick ass.... Xo 1h

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heatherwaxman This Summer, my dad and I took a trip to NYC. What was supposed to take 4 hours took 6 hours, and besides having to pee REAL bad, we didn't mind. When we have our music and our snacks, we're good right? ;) I went to NYC to push myself out of my comfort zone and do something I had never done before. And that was a great experience. But what was even greater was visiting the 9/11 memorial, reading the names of the people on the giant plaques behind me, and walking through that devastatingly beautiful space.

It forever changed me.

Gratitude, grief, confusion, compassion, anger, love, shock, awe. All of it.

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heatherwaxman What's the thing you can't NOT do?

I was grabbing coffee at my favorite coffee shop one morning and the barista greeted me. I could tell she was feeling sad and tender. "Good morning," I said. "How are you?" She replied, "Eh, I'm alright. Not so great today." She walked away to make my coffee.

What bummed me out was not that she was feeling sad and tender. I didn't want to fix her sadness and tenderness. What bummed me out was the guilt she was feeling over feeling sad and tender. I wanted to shout to her, "IT IS OKAY! Just feel it! You're not wrong, bad or "less than" for feeling like poo. Stop attaching a story to your feeling and just know that you're safe to let it wring itself out." She came back with my coffee and we didn't have time to talk, but I sent her some healing and said to her, "Feel better." Really, Heather? Ew. A canned response? I started to think...why didn't I just lend her some support? Because I was afraid.

That moment was really interesting for me. It taught me that I can't NOT desire to help people learn to journey with their feelings and emotions. But it also taught me that I needed to speak up more (when the situation called for it). "I'm a feelings activist," I said to myself. "And it's time I start actually acting like one.

What's the thing you can't NOT do? The thing that's automatic? That's a gift of yours, sweet soul. Xo
  •   kristynjoruns Heather- beautiful post. Thank you 4d
  •   ellcrystarot Yes! A poignant reminder. I feel the same way, about speaking up whenever I witness sexism, racism, or any other intolerant behavior. Also being an active listener to people when they do open up and share and not just to give advice, but rather hold space for them. Working on it. :) 4d
  •   storybytarot Oh I so love this. I have been on both sides and wish that I would speak up more for people's feelings and let them know it's OKAY to feel them. 4d
  •   therealalwill @heatherwaxman this is beautiful!!!!!! I love your honesty! Keep it up, sister! 4d
  •   alexiachuan I have that experience so many times! I always said something out of a script rather than what I really wanted to say. And it always bugged me afterwards... Your post has made me realized that I cannot not show my love to others the way I want it. thanks Heather! 4d

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heatherwaxman I used to look at myself in the mirror and only focus on what I didn't like about my body and what I wanted to change. I did the same thing with almost every other area of my life too. I could never stop, drop, and appreciate. I was *so* internally competitive with myself and others. I would push myself to be thinner and better than others in an attempt to feel internal validation - refusing to realize it was actually a hunt for external validation that I was on.

I don't shake my head at that girl. I have compassion for her and I want to hug her. Because the constant need to achieve was a really exhausting way to live my life, and I didn't consciously understand that then. But I do now. And damn, is life so much sweeter.

Your spiritual path is not about achieving. It's about never, ever taking for granted the powerful inner work you've done to become the magnificent person you are today. And it's equally about feeling grateful and excited for the person you are becoming now.

When I look in the mirror now, this is what I tell myself (and it feels really good to mean it): "I love who you've become, and I love who you're becoming."

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heatherwaxman Your function is set in stone
and it cannot leave you alone.
As long as you accept it,
you'll never let yourself regret it.
Your function is to be free.
Your function is to see.
When one of us is not free,
all of us are not free.
When a select few do not to see,
clearly we all cannot see.
It shatters the eyesight
of the collective "we."
It's not enough to hope.
It's not enough to pray.
We also have to rise and say;
we also have to speak & convey.
We have to use
our mouths as instruments;
sacred vessels for The Way.

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heatherwaxman Good morning, sweet souls! There's a bunch of new soul sisters and brothers here (thanks to the wonderful @mysticmoons_tarot), so I thought this would be a nice time for us to get to know each other.

Hi! I'm Heather. I empower highly sensitive + intuitive souls (that's you!) to create a strong spiritual foundation for their life. How do you do that? You dive deep. You journey into the emotions and feelings behind your emotional healing blocks and, from there, it’s operation liberation. You rise, you evolve, you soar, you learn to truly understand yourSelf. And, around here, we do it with a child-like lightness and play.
I wrote an Amazon best-selling book called #BODYpeace with the phenomenal @powercakes. I'm also a singer-songwriter, and I co-produced and wrote my meditation album Soul Sessions, which I sing / speak on. It’s pretty rad… part song, part guided meditation.

I spent my whole life wrapped up in addictive and codependent relationships with people, food, my body - you name it - until I decided to recover through spiritual practice. I’ve been persistent, patient (sometimes), and committed...and I’ve truly created a life that I grow crazier about every day. And it was really really hard to do. But 100% worth it.

Three fun facts: I can’t wait for Pretty Little Liars to return this Winter (when are they announcing the damn premiere date?!). I love, love sports and exercise + played softball for 14 years and was a killer center fielder. Sprinting was my favorite (and still is … I’m that annoying person who loves sprinting on the treadmill). Now it's your turn!

Tell me a random fun fact about you! Xo

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heatherwaxman My world fell apart when my parents got divorced. My world as I knew it was shattered. Everything I knew had to be rebuilt - and it sucked. Hard.

I was a (super not) hot mess.

The holidays? They sucked even harder. Navigating that pain and that incredible change during this society-prescribed "happy” time was so. freaking. hard. As an only child, I felt really alone during this time. And I just didn’t have a tribe that could hold space for me as I (very messily) tried to walk my way through it.

This is why I am SO FREAKING EXCITED to be part of @katiedalebout’s “Putting the Happy Back into the Holiday Season.” I wish I had this when I was in a puddle on the floor surrounded by snotty tissues (I mean, real talk: We’ve all been there). I wish that I had a virtual sisterhood that would support me and hold my hand. And that’s EXACTLY what this is.

I’m going to be joining Katie for Week 3: Family + Friend Relationships.

As Katie says: "It’s easy to revert back to old negative childhood reactive behaviors around our close family and friends. Even though we’ve developed and matured in life, when we go back for the holidays it’s easy to become a teenage girl and not carry ourselves as our most authentic, confident, and mature version of ourselves. This week’s lesson will guide you to bring your best self to your holiday gatherings so you can be fully present to feel the love, joy, and warmth of the season.

And...it will also help you wade through the murky stuff. Because, being a child of divorce, it’s still there. BUT the different is this: I am truly so excited for the holidays and I've learned to LOVE them again! And you can too. We will meet you where you are and guide you through.

Join Katie, the lovely @themicroharvest and @haleynight1, and myself for a truly special, sacred 3-week group coaching sisterhood holiday extravaganza!

P.S. - The early bird price expires TONIGHT, so if you want in act now. 🏻 bit.ly/holidaywonderland

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heatherwaxman ...and in the midst of death, there is always new life - rebirth - happening too. Where we find death, we also find new life. Where we find death, we also find rebirth. 2w
  •   moonflameglow @heatherwaxman just watched your replay on Periscope. Thank you for your time and positive message. It's refreshing to see others out there spreading the love. 2w
  •   heatherwaxman @tiffanymay45 stick around here and rock your practice and you'll begin to realize it for yourself too 2w
  •   heatherwaxman @shauna.leigh don't worry about the future of your practice. Stay present with this one and your intuition will reveal to you everything you need to know! 2w
  •   heatherwaxman @moonflameglow bless you, girl! Thank you for your kind words. 2w
  •   miamore35 @heatherwaxman Hi Heather I met you yesterday on periscope...it's Melanie..you helped me so much and actually all the people in the scope helped me...could I get your email address? Thank you again for yesterday...it was a great cry that I needed. 2w
  •   heatherwaxman @miamore35 sweetheart! Of course. It's contact@heatherwaxman.com. I'm so glad you came on yesterday. Xo 2w
  •   miamore35 Me too 2w
  •   lauramcd123 @heatherwaxman listening to your Wellness Wonderland interview right now--love love what you said about ego being the strongest & loudest voice right away..listen a little longer for that caring intuitive voice..the way you said it really hit me & is exactly what I needed!! @katiedalebout please bring this lady back on the pod soon!1w

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heatherwaxman Getting ready to talk (and cook!) #BODYpeace style with @powercakes at the @naturallivingexpo. We will be here from 10:30 - 4:30 and can't wait to feed you, hold space for you, laugh with you, and hear your own BODYpeace stories! #naturalexpo15 2w

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heatherwaxman Such a great day at the @naturallivingexpo with @powercakes! We saw the amazing @johnmedium (who is so funny!) and connected with some really wonderful people inside the expo.

Join me and Kasey tomorrow from 10:30 - 4:30! We will be doing #BODYpeace cooking demos every hour centered around awakening your intuitive relationship to food. We can't wait to meet and hug some of you in person! #naturalexpo15

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heatherwaxman "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Martin Luther King #prayforparis
Let's all virtually hold hands and pray. And may we all help in whatever way we are called. Paris, we are holding you in our hearts.

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heatherwaxman Today, I had the honor of attending a Women in Business event that my boyfriend's company hosted.

Six amazing women were honored for their leadership and I was so inspired by their speeches. All of them mentioned three pieces of advice. Every single one of them.

1.) Embrace Change

2.) Always Stay Curious

3.) Let Yourself Grow - Always

Yes, yes, yes. Simple and wise, but not always simple to practice. Simple and wise, and deserving of persistent practice. Which of these points most challenges you? Which one comes easiest for you?

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heatherwaxman It's time to say yes to new experiences - to say yes to experiencing a new way of living your life that is more aligned with who you're becoming and who you've become. Make the brave (new) choice.

Questions to ponder:

1.) How can you choose brave over familiar?

2.) As a result of choosing brave, what growth is offered to you now?

If you'd like to read a bit more deeply into this and fear of change, come over to the blog. Link in bio. Xo

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heatherwaxman Recently, I drove by some of my old childhood stomping grounds. My heart began to ache. I had to stop and pull over because memory after memory kept flashing through my mind.

Tears flooded my eyes and I could feel myself shedding old skin through the experience of old pain. I know it well: the knotted stomach; the compulsive urge to people-please; the need to be codependent + sponge up people's pain so they wouldn't need to suffer (but me suffering on their behalf was totally acceptable); the dreaded "always walking on eggshells" feeling. It did feel like old times. It did feel like nostalgia - but not the kind I desire to keep.

So, I meditated, I let myself cry and feel it for the day.

Then, later that night, I felt an opening in my chest. I heard a voice around me say, "You are anointed." It got me thinking.

Anointing was originally a ceremony where a man was blessed with oil in celebration of him moving to a new level called "high priest." It got me thinking.

We are anointed every time we move through past pain and to a new vibration of being.
If we want to be anointed (blessed, consecrated, ordained), we must allow our emotions to pass through us without victimizing ourselves. This is the age we are in - the age of crazytown emotions. Just because you feel past pain doesn't mean you're retreating backwards. It means you're ready for a new level of anointing.
  •   annieeliemusic This part of one of Feist's songs comes to mind: "I Feel It All, I Feel it all/ The wings are wide/ The wings are wide / Wild card inside wild card inside/ ... I know more than I knew before" I'm really proud of and, as always, inspired by you. Feeling your pain and your fear isn't an easy feat but it's necessary for growth and to get to the next level in our *anointing* as you so brilliantly put it. It's so easy to put blinders on and bulldoze past all the bullshit and act as though nothing were there but when we move through it- that's the sweet spot; that's the moment God longs to be called upon and truly help us navigate through what's been distancing Us from Him. Amen amen amen. 🏼"We are anointed every time we move through past pain and to a new vibration of being." God's Love is so freaking beautiful! He loves us even in the midst of our struggle and he wants to take on our burdens like an older sibling saying, "You sit here with me... I've got this." Trust. Breathe. Move through it. Let go. Be. ️ Thank you for being vulnerable and amazing and sharing this @heatherwaxman 🏼3w
  •   heatherwaxman @soulful16 you got it, Dawn xoxo 3w
  •   heatherwaxman @allisonnorell you are so welcome 3w
  •   heatherwaxman @annieeliemusic oh YOU. Big sigh of love as I read your beautiful comment. Hugs, hugs, hugs! 3w
  •   soulful16 3w
  •   linditahazel I went through this yesterday, my last waking thought was that the pain may be the same but I am not And now reading your message @heatherwaxman ..Perfect! 3w
  •   rmneubauer @heatherwaxman I struggle with this, I'm a super emotional person like you but I don't know how to feel my emotions without judgement. To just let them be, accept them and move on. :/ 3w
  •   zion_pandora Most powerful words sister I needed the reminder so thank you oh great devine soul. Beautiful story I know the feeling oh too well. Let energy in motion flow. Love. Peace love and abundance. Zion 3w

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heatherwaxman New England, we're comin' for ya!

Yesterday, @powercakes and I reunited for a quick interview for our full-day #BODYpeace workshop / cooking demo next weekend at the @naturallivingexpo! We will be feeding your tummy delicious snacks and talking all about awakening your intuitive relationship to food (think pleasure, energy awareness, and releasing control + perfectionism). If you're in the New England area, we would LOVE to see you. It's going to be an amazing weekend! We have so much up our sleeves. Head to http://heatherwaxman.com/events to grab your tickets (and HURRY! They're almost sold out!) 🏻

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heatherwaxman Lessons from the ocean:

Every moment is a new day.

Listen with the intent of listening, instead of listening with the intent of responding.

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heatherwaxman I won't out this person, but I will say that I allowed her thoughts on the connection between music and healing to destroy me a bit.
One of my biggest musical inspirations once said that music was not healing.

Inside, I just heard that "womp womp" noise that we famously associate with The Peanuts cartoons (anyone? ;) I was vulnerable and impressionable and boundary-less, and I just believed it because "she knew better than me." "Damn," I thought. "That sucks ... so, all this time, I thought music was healing me, it was just comforting me?" I talked to my friend about this. I was confused.

My friend said to me, "Heather, what you feel is all that matters. The rest is bullshit." Touche, sister. Touche.

When I was going through a period of healing, one of my assignments was to have daily dance parties (to balance my root chakra). And I chose to dance my ass off to @graciepotter's music.
I'll never forget 4 years ago, traipsing around my kitchen floor screaming the lyrics of "Paris" and "Medicine" at the top of my lungs and moving my arms and legs however I wanted to. This daily commitment not only helped me balance my root chakra but the gypsy-soul-meets-confident-goddess energy that surrounds Grace rubbed off on me, and it gave me the confidence to ditch the "perfect daughter" identity and just ... OWN IT.
And that's when I started writing music again. And that's around the time that I began writing my meditation album #SoulSessions.

I've learned that music is DEEPLY healing. It carries with it a vibration of purity and deep soul, and that equals healing for me. I know it because I've experienced it. And that's all that matters: YOUR experience.

Last night was no exception. Grace SLAYS and, once again, reminded me through her humbleness, sass, and gypsy-soul-meets-confident-goddess energy to unbox myself and just ... OWN IT. {Image credit: @chimusicnews}
  •   iamheatherregan @heatherwaxman music is SO healing. I use t to heal myself and I use it as therapy with my clients and when I lead meditation. I'm so glad you chose a new perspective! xoxo 4w
  •   universeletters I was just listening to her yesterday! Just recently discovered her! Thanks for sharing. Keep doing what you do! Music definitely inspires and heals. 4w
  •   gypsysoulrings Haha did you have middle eastern food before this concert last night? 4w
  •   peaceloveandcancer Truth bomb... No doubt about it! BtwGraciePotter... She's even more amazing live... Puts on a great show! 4w
  •   heatherwaxman @gypsysoulrings omg yes! Your outfit was on point. We should connect - your stuff is beautiful! 4w
  •   heatherwaxman @peaceloveandcancer TRUTH. The best! Saw her last night in Boston. She's sensational. 4w
  •   peaceloveandcancer @heatherwaxman...There's so many things that can bring about healing... Painting, the ocean, the mountains etc.... It all works... What's "your" healing path? 4w
  •   thisiswhyi_ Amen!! 1w

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heatherwaxman U N B O X E D

This summer, I shared with you that I was writing a new album. Only, there was a catch: No rules + no expectations.

No rules meant that I wasn't going to try to write a theme, I wasn't going to try to write songs that I thought people would like. I was going to write and play and sing when I felt called to and not *ever* force myself to write and play and sing when I didn't feel called to.

No expectations meant that I wasn't going to set a goal outside of completing an album that was an expression of my soul. I didn't expect to share it with anyone. I didn't expect to write a certain number of songs. I just wanted to do it for my own pleasure and fulfillment. ZERO PRODUCTIVITY STRINGS ATTACHED. I put that in caps because that was my biggest opportunity.

Three months later: We have an album title (Unboxed) and we have 1/2 an album written that I am SO proud of and we have a working memoir/guidebook and tarot card deck ruminating along with it. I'm going to be playing a mini concert on Periscope today featuring 4 of the songs that will be on this album. You might have heard 2 already on my YouTube channel...but I'm exclusively sharing two more with you today and I have butterflies!

Come follow me on Periscope and join us live! You'll get a notification when it goes live, which will be very soon. Can't wait to share creative space with you. Xo
P.S. - If you're curious, you can sample my first album #SoulSessions on iTunes!

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heatherwaxman The mystery is always there.

The uncertainty is always there.

Meet yourself there.

Become excited about it. It's okay if there is fear or confusion about it. Feel those too. All feelings are welcome in the mystery.

Become curious about those feelings. Instead of denying or faking or ignoring or (making failed attempts at) perfecting, let your super precious curiosity be your yellow brick road. Embrace mystery with curiosity. Meet yourself in the mystery.

This lesson was so hard for me to learn. And sometimes, it still is. It's practice. Devoted practice. And as I keep practicing, it gets yummier and yummier. May you find it yummy too. Xo

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