Clarendon Gotcha Bed Bug Inspectors
  •   charli_a7x It sure kills them on contact though. 3w
  •   gotchabedbugs You are correct @charli_a7x it is a contact killer just like the sprays you can purchase at your local hardware or department store. It will not kill eggs and it will not give you 100% eradication of an issue. In some instances when used to rid a home of bed bugs it will scatter them and push them into the walls which leads to a far larger issue. Thanks for your input and the follow. We are always here if you need us or have any questions. 3w
  •   charli_a7x I've been battling with these things for about 5 years now. I've tried every trick in the book. The rubbing alcohol seems to work the best for me. If I had the money for professional help, I would have asked a long time ago...but I have no money. 3w
  •   gotchabedbugs @charli_a7x what state are you in and are you in a private home or apartment? 3w
  •   charli_a7x I'm in california, in a house. 3w
  •   gotchabedbugs @charli_a7x please reach out to Denise at 888-966-2332. Let her know that we referee you and explain your situation. Hopefully she can assist you. Good luck! 3w
  •   anonumouspirate Really? The rubbing alcohol seems to be cutting them down a little bit 6d

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