gloliter A Delhi Evening.. 4mon
  •   decobroad @gloliter Hey Manu! You've been quiet lately. Nine weeks since your last post. Everything OK? 2mon
  •   gloliter @decobroad yes..been caught up wih few have been very tardy in clicking and posting here..hope to change that soon..and thank you for asking..appreciate it..:) 2mon
  •   decobroad Good to hear you're OK. 2mon
  •   crazyhumankid Hey, long time no post? All okay? 2mon
  •   gloliter doing good..thank you for asking..just caught up with things..:) @crazyhumankid 2mon
  •   99barb We both stopped posting. Post a picture again? 2mon
  •   askknox Yay! Pictures!! 2w
  •   suriyagayathri Beautiful view 2w

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