francis_george That moment when you're out with the squad but you remember the pain and longing of a thousand lonely hearts 2mon

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francis_george Angus Harrison, Duncan Harrison, Louise Caldwell, Stratford, 2015. 3mon

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Reyes Francis Blagburn
francis_george Duncan Harrison, Stratford, 2015. 3mon

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francis_george Summer is on its way. Even the NCP looks quite nice 3mon

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francis_george Squad Goals

June 2011

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francis_george Just two dudes grabbing a quick Monday latte. 5mon
  •   jennalaney92 Jel 5mon
  •   gmrakadeh Did you guys ever resolve the 'who walks to who if you decide to meet for lunch'-dilemma? 5mon
  •   francis_george Yeah G walks to me. It simply makes sense: the guys gets an hour while I languish on a 30 min break. It's a numbers game. 5mon
  •   beckstagram93 Your best story so far 5mon

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francis_george Afternoon in Lewes 5mon

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francis_george Danny Brown action shot

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francis_george The future of literature is free balloons 5mon

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francis_george Impressed by the work of Jorje Mayet at the Saatchi Gallery today. I reckon that as a Cuban exile living in Mallorca, Jorge Mayet’s photographic memory probably allowed him to conceive startlingly realistic landscapes and natural forms based on visions of his distant home country. It seems to me that lifelike trees stand in for the artist’s feelings of nostalgia and yearning for his geographic and spiritual homeland. Nourished by memories and experiences, his work kind of seeks to retain the essence of the Cuban landscape in its romantic and mystical guises. I get this sense that in Mayet’s allegorical language, nature and artifice are combined in an enigmatic atmosphere, his ephemeral sculptures having grown out of a unique sense of civilisation’s folkloric cultures, probably. Compelled by the socio-political raptures that disrupt the relations between populations and their habitual environments, Mayet sort of creates rootless tree forms that never seem to touch the ground, weirdly, as if in constant transition. Anyway it's good you should check it out. 5mon

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francis_george Here's a snap I took on my iPhone 5. 6mon

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Slumber Francis Blagburn
francis_george Child's single to the centre please.

You're not a child.

Yes I am.

What school do you go to?

The local comp.

What do you mean?

Eastleigh Comprehensive for Boys.

That doesn't exist.

It will when I'm in charge.

What are you talking about?

I don't know.

What's going on?

Give me a second Madam I'm just dealing with a customer. You can't have a child single.

Can I just get on?



Look, get out.

Can I get in the cab bit?

Let me in, now.

No! What are Wha.. Fuck off... Ge.. Listen you shit OwWwww GET OFF.



Now Sir, where would you like to go?

You can't just... What are you... What's going on?

Just a second Madam.

They're changing drivers.

Where would you like to go, Sir?


Good. Child's single to town.

I don't need a child single.

I'll give you a child single.


Because I'm generous, and that's what generous people do.


Uhp! I won't hear it.

Ok fine, thank you.

Thank you who?

Thank you drive.

Good. That wasn't so hard now was it.

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francis_george Valentines Day drinks and he spends the whole time on his phone. 7mon

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Amaro Francis Blagburn
francis_george Carluccio used to sit on this very bench with his beautiful wife . He remembered her warm smile, , spongy tummy and corrosive gambling habit. He'd ditched her for an oafy Spaniard in 2001. Some rainy days he missed the bench, others he just missed the woman who could make him laugh like no other . Most of all he missed the old Carluccio. He'd changed since he was with the Spaniard . Gone was the man who would roast smores and regale stories of his wayward youth around ill-fated English campfires ️. He was serious now. Aloof. A silly old fool if ever you saw one, stuck living in Bath with an angry Spaniard, his insides empty like his favourite bench, his face a fixed mask of solemnity like a sad emoji, . 7mon

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francis_george Angelino loved the aesthetic of the Laundrette by night. He used to cruise there in a rented Merc, listening to sultry jazz or kitsch electronica, turning his little English high-street into a neon-lit facsimile of 2am in downtown L.A. "It's noir", he'd say, fag in mouth. "It's a cool place... Sort of makes me feel lonely, in a good way." •
His housemates considered him strange. They had a perfectly good Hotpoint WMFG 741p washer with anti-stain technology and a market value of Two Nine Nine. Why he would go out in the cold and pay good money to use a sub-standard alternative was a source of mystery and amusement to them.

"He even does his ironing there", Jade remarked.
Ned raised his eyebrows knowingly, agreeing that this behaviour was totally bat-shit, but stopping short of a verbally expressing it in light of Angelino's untimely entrance into the room.
Jade registered. There was a pause. "Would you like to come out tonight, Angelino?", she asked. "I mean, don't feel you have to. Stay in if you want. The house is kind of noir. It might make you feel lonely, in a good way." Angelino's leather jacket glinted under the uncaring light of the kitchen's tubular lightbulb. He looked at them both. Jade's eyes were green and far apart and Ned had already forgotten what was going on and was gawping at a UniLad video on his HTC. •
Returning to his room a little later, he lit up a doob and began playing GTA Vice City.
He knew where they were going of course. Vodka Revs. "I don't take shit from people who go to Vodka Revs", he thought, and fired a Rocket Launcher into a Police Helicopter. "Busted."

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francis_george Last night, shortly after arriving at the party, George discovered a vast array of vegan popcorn in a panoply of delicious flavours. 7mon

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francis_george Daniel's male-only recruitment policy had caused him all manner of problems at work. When he first took over as area manager for Sainsbury's Bristol and West, the mass firings had caused a bitter backlash. Many of the women felt their dismissal purely based on gender to be unfair. He'd been dragged through the courts. Feminist diatribes had been penned, Guardian journos had asked awkward questions, petitions had been signed and CEOs warned: fire him or face resignation. But through it all, Daniel held firm, and demonstrated a remarkable courage. Even his fiercest critics couldn't help but admire his resolve. And walking through the aisles of his favourite Bristol store one day, admiring the work of a young staff member doing a stock count in a manly manner, he stopped and smiled. 'This is it', he thought. 'Paradise.' 7mon

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Rise Francis Blagburn
francis_george Ang H discussing Christmas '94 at Show & Tell, Cafe Kino. Rock and roll 8mon

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