•   valmichetti Beautiful! What's the temperature like in February? 2d
  •   fabriziofava @valmichetti Today was 16 centigrades...but we're having a very weird winter this year! 2d
  •   valmichetti @fabriziofava That's so warm!!! Lucky! I'm on vacation in Hawaii now, but back home (Montreal) it's -10° C... Not looking forward to going back to that! Italy sounds perfect right now 🏼 2d
  •   valmichetti @fabriziofava My family is from Ascoli Piceno. I've never visited though. 🙁 2d
  •   fabriziofava @valmichetti Wow, that's great...I work in Ascoli Piceno but live in S. Benedetto, just 30 km away. Truly, Michetti sounds like a tipical surname from Ascoli! Hope you'll visit these places one day, cause they're beautiful! 2d
  •   valmichetti I hope to visit in the next few years! My family is in Valecchia. San Benedetto looks beautiful. 2d
  •   fabriziofava Well, it's a nice town...but I don't think is better than the wonderful Hawaii! So enjoy your stay Probably you'll like very much our food and wines.... 2d

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