ewrightjr Y'all have to checkout @yungb_wb Album He So Underrated! Got my copy! 1y
  •   ewrightjr What up bro. 7mon
  •   ewrightjr Let's get it! 7mon
  •   1knowledge559 WTF!?!? 7mon
  •   dirtygurl Hey babe! My email is nwaent1@gmail.com. I Co own NWA Entertainment and have tips to Interscope. I would like to offer you a proposition as to getting your music heard. Contact me asap. Call me ;) 6mon
  •   baldhead17 Where Ness at 6mon
  •   baldhead17 He use to always talk about u when we was in that place ur pops was like my pops 6mon
  •   yungb_wb @dirtygurl I Seen your post email me. Byronwalton@waltonboyent.Com #NobodyWorkHarder 6mon
  •   jascencio58 @ewrightjr what's cracking FUBU it's Julio from high school hope all is well!! give a motherfucker a shot out my Boi keep doing what you love stay up!! 4mon

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