eiu It's a beautiful day at #EIU - the perfect opportunity to take class outside! #campus #spring 3w

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eiu In an effort to generate additional revenue for EIU, we are proud to announce the rebranding of Old Main into a Medieval Times family dinner theatre! We can't wait to host students, alumni, friends and community members as we joust our way into this new and exciting opportunity.
Check the link for more information: http://bit.ly/medievalEIU

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eiu The flowers are beginning to bloom on campus! We hope everyone is having a great spring break, and we can't wait to see you Monday! #spring #eiu #campus 2mon

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eiu It's a great day to be a #FuturePanther! So awesome to see all the new members of the #EIU family at Admitted Student Day! 2mon

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eiu A great crowd turned out to surround Old Main with love! #EIU #LoveEIU 2mon
  •   ngttochau_ My university's name is eastern international university EIU 2mon

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eiu These brave souls made it out to Booth Library during a snow day! Good work! 2mon
  •   michellelynn061286 Not even close to the amount of snow we got the one and only time they cancelled classes when I was at EIU! Roads must be pretty bad if they cancelled classes 2mon

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eiu Happy #EIUSnowDay, Panthers! So what's everyone doing? 2mon

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eiu #EIU has arrived at the Capitol! #FundEIU #CutsMeanUs 3mon

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eiu Amazing turnout at the #FundEIU rally! 3mon

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eiu Meet this week’s #RealPanther, Catie Witt. This rock star of a Panther can accurately be described as EIU’s official go-getter. She’s passionate, ambitious, and an Eastern supporter to the core. Her interests on campus vary from academics, Greek life, student government to spreading the EIU spirit everywhere she goes.

Originally from the small town of Carlinville, IL, her mother was worried that Catie would be a “small fish in a big pond.” But Catie describes #EIU as the perfect size for her; not too big or small.

She has flourished with the vast opportunities offered to her as president-elect of her sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, student representative for the EIU Board of Trustees and member of the Political Science Association. The junior political science and communication studies major will graduate in May 2017. “To me, EIU is just home,” says Catie, who isn’t afraid to talk about her EIU experience and her love for “her” university. Her passion for EIU is why she is one of the student leaders for the #FundEIU rally at 4 pm today in the Library Quad.

We know that our EIU go-getter is a Real Panther to the core, and an example of just one of the students who - with the continuing support and dedication of EIU’s faculty and staff - will keep doing great things.

Catie, you are EIU!

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eiu Meet this week’s #RealPanther, Christian Ilunga-Matthiesen. Like many of our students, Christian does it all without complaint. He’s a track star, excellent student and a leader on campus. His schedule is full, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Originally from Hamburg, Germany, Christian chose EIU because he wanted a school that offered him opportunities in both sports and academics, and his professors describe Christian as one of the most talented undergraduate students they’ve ever encountered.

Originally, Christian discovered EIU after attending the IHSA track meet on campus as a high school foreign exchange student living in St. Charles, IL. After keeping in touch with EIU’s track coach, he decided to attend EIU after finishing high school in Germany.

Now a senior economics and political science student, Christian is nearing the end of his EIU career and plans pursue a career in international relations. (Speaking three languages won’t hurt - Christian speaks French, German, and English.)

After an internship last summer with the German government’s offices in South Africa, he is weighing graduate school options in Europe, focusing on international relations.

We couldn’t be happier to call Christian a Real Panther!

Christian, you are EIU!
#RealPanther #EIU #ForeverEIU

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eiu Meet this week’s ‪#‎RealPanther‬, Rachel Miller — and her great-grandmother, Thelma Brooks. Like many of our students here, Rachel is an EIU legacy since her great-grandmother and mom attended EIU. But unlike many others, her great-grandmother has had a special place in EIU’s history ever since she coined our namesake the “Panthers.”
In a 1930’s contest, sponsored by the Teachers College News, the forebearer of the Daily Eastern News, Thelma along with friends, Harland Baird and Paul Birthisel submitted Panthers as the official nickname.
The winning name was selected by athletic director, Charles “Pop” Lantz, football captain Gene Kintz and News sports editor Irvin Singler.
It isn’t surprising that Rachel always felt a special calling to attend EIU like her great-grandmother. Without Thelma’s idea, there wouldn’t be a “Real Panther.”
Like other students during her time, Thelma graduated EIU with a teacher degree and spent her days educating children in the local community. Growing up in Charleston, Rachel said she always heard stories about Thelma’s days in her first grade classroom.
Rachel continues in her family’s footsteps as she nears graduation in the spring in the health studies program. Her days have been spent volunteering with Epsilon Sigma Alpha, Campus Outreach and excelling in the classroom. The legacy created by Thelma of a “Real Panther” continues through our Rachel.
Rachel and Thelma, you are EIU!

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eiu Thanks to all these awesome #FuturePanthers for coming to cheer on the Panther basketball teams today! 4mon

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eiu Good luck with finals next week, Panthers! And if you aren’t graduating December 19, we can’t wait to see you back after that for spring classes on January 11! It's going to be another great semester at #EIU! #PantherPride 5mon
  •   meningreyhair Can't wait for my first semester! 5mon
  •   suzin4 Can't wait for my Deena to come home!!! 5mon

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eiu Meet the final #RealPanther of Fall 2015, Wafeek Wahby. This technology professor had an eye-opening moment when he realized some of his international students had never been able to experience a true American Thanksgiving dinner.

Having once been an international student himself, Wafeek always has a special place in his heart for those students who come to the U.S. from all over the world. “I always tell my students it is not the equations or formulas they will remember. It is the people and outside experiences that you will remember 60 years from now as you tell your grandchildren about your years in America.” That’s why Wafeek made a promise to his students five years ago. A promise to offer them a real holiday dinner, even though he did not
have the logistics nailed down.

Luckily, the owners of local business Lincoln Garden Restaurant, Frank Zendeli and his son, Gici, offered their help. The father and son not only agreed to host the dinner at their restaurant, but offered to foot the bill too.

Five years later, the Zendeli family and Wafeek remain true to their word offering the annual holiday dinner for finals week. The
holiday dinner is a perfect example of our professors and community members caring for our students. We couldn’t ask for more compassionate individuals on our campus and community!

Wafeek, you are #EIU!

For a further story about the dinner, go to http://castle.eiu.edu/~pubaff/viewstory.php?action=1104

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eiu The trees in Old Main are decorated and ready for some holiday festivity!

Community residents are once again invited to join Eastern Illinois University's students, faculty and staff for two traditional holiday gatherings -- this year titled “A Magical Holiday at Old Main.” Guests are welcome to attend either of the two events, the first of which is scheduled to take place from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Friday, Dec. 11, and the second from 5 to 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 14.  Both will take place in Old Main’s (the “Castle”) Cougill Foyer.

Parking is available in most university lots after 5 p.m. Guests attending the Dec. 11 event may park in the "X" lot, located east of Old Main.

Following an annual tradition, this year’s gatherings will showcase six holiday trees, five of which feature decorations made by students of Ashmore, Carl Sandburg, Jefferson, Lake Crest (Oakland) and Mark Twain elementary schools.

Refreshments and holiday music will be available at both gatherings.

Family members and others unable to attend either of the two events but who still wish to see their child’s ornament on display are welcome to view the decorated trees between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays through Dec. 14.

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eiu Meet Julie Davis, this week’s #RealPanther. Julie spends most of her days in Information Technology Services as a staff clerk, but her passion for helping EIU’s tech users isn’t the only thing that makes her a Real Panther.

Over Thanksgiving break, Julie and her family decided to take Thanksgiving on the road when they made a Thanksgiving dinner for her nephew and his entire Army platoon of 100 men and women in San Angelo, Texas.
After driving to San Angelo, Julie and 11 other family members cooked five turkeys in hotel rooms, bought 40 pounds of potatoes, and spent the whole day preparing deserts and sides. “Fixing a meal was a large undertaking, but compared to what they (the platoon) are doing, it is pretty simple,” Julie said.

For Julie, her favorite part of the trip was seeing her nephew, but it also was providing a “family” to the troops. “Even though we weren’t ‘their’ family, we were still like a family,” Julie said.

By providing a meal to our troops over the holiday, Julie is a perfect example of a Panther that goes out of their way to make our world a better place.

Julie, you truly are #EIU!

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eiu Meet this week’s #RealPanther, Scott Stevens. Scott - a professor in the Eastern Illinois University School of Business - keeps his students engaged every step of the way, but his commitment in the classroom isn’t the only thing that makes Scott a Real Panther. After learning one of his students couldn’t attend a job fair because he didn’t have a professional outfit, Scott decided to take matters in his own hands. Not only did Scott give the student shoes from his own closet, but his wife helped the student iron a suit. Thanks to Scott’s efforts, the student earned an interview, and eventually a job.

Now, five years later, Scott maintains a closet filled with professional clothes for men and women in Lumpkin Hall for students in need. His efforts come from the goodness of his heart and his desire for every student to be prepared and professional for the next steps in their lives.

In this season of gratitude, we are thankful for people like Scott, and all the other professors, staff, students and alumni who go the extra mile for their fellow Panthers and our community.
Scott, you are #EIU!

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eiu Meet this week’s #RealPanther Michael Gillespie. As a sociology professor, it isn’t surprising he wants his students to get involved. This passionate professor, known as “Doctor G” to many of his students, is driven to address hunger within the Coles County area. He spends his days researching poverty, but he doesn’t stop with just research. Michael is encouraging his students to get involved and to “be the change.” While encouraging and guiding his students to support the community, he is the change himself. Michael shares his research and supports community organizations like the Standing Stone Community Center. Right now, he is heading up EIU’s Hunger Action Challenge Month with the Office of Student Community Service.

To him, life as a professor doesn’t end when he walks out of the classroom. It is his job to keep his students involved, engaged and on the path to making the world a better place every day.

Michael, you are EIU!

To learn more about EIU’s Hunger Action Challenge, visit their Facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/EIUHAT/

To learn more about Doctor G, check out this EIU360 story: http://www.eiu.edu/eiu360/story.php?id=189486

#EIU #pantherpride
  •   robyn_dexter Professor G is the best!! 6mon
  •   garicstormpolk By far the best professor on EIU campus and one of the best people in general I have ever met. 6mon
  •   jaytee1026 He was one of my favorite professors! 6mon
  •   donzellspost One of the best professors! 3mon

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6mon eiu
Valencia Eastern Illinois University
eiu President Glassman welcomes the next generation of #FuturePanthers at #EIUOpenHouse! #EIU 6mon

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