djneilarmstrong For my Folks who are sticking around NY/ Jersey City this weekend. If you ‪#‎feelingthebern‬, New Jersey still has its chance to have its voice heard on June 7th. Come thru to Porta Jersey City TONITE MAY 28TH for some great food, music, Vibes… and just a liiiiitttle touch of politics. Everyone is invited baby, you know how we do.

Yours truly, newly moved to downtown Jersey city, and #NJ own @_kevlove will be on the wheels to start off Memorial day weekend properly.

Facebook Event Page :

Event page for the Rally/March at 2pm :

Burning up in Chilltown – sunset rooftop Soirée in Jersey city
MAY 28th FROM 7- 10 PM

AT Porta
135 Newark Avenue Jersey City NJ

Jersey City’s Own Local Talent including:

Members of JC band Kiwi (
Musician Pablo Rodriguez
& more to be announced!! Vibes by New Jersey’s Own Kevlove of the Elite Camp DJ’s & NY transplant DJ Neil Armstrong

After a long day of marching and canvassing, we are getting together to drink some drinks & eat some great food while watching the sun go down in Jersey city on Porta’s Rooftop. Good music and vibes provided by some of Jersey’s own homegrown talent.

A chance for the NJ Berners to enjoy a moment together, help bring people from just voting to volunteering for this grassroots movement that is Bernie Sander’s Presidential Campaign.

Bring your friends who want to enjoy a great vibe and don’t realize how important this June 7th NJ primary is going to be! You don’t have to be from NJ, you don’t have to be a Bernie supporter to come join up with some great NJ residents memorial Day weekend. HRC supporters, Trump supporters, and especially undecided voters – we don’t have to agree on everything but we can sure party together!

Attendees can be All Ages until 11 PM . FREE to attend.

Are you a Bernie fan? We need you! We need to recruit all our Jersey City Bernie fan base and turn them into committed canvassing volunteers for our final push to win Hudson County for Bernie!!

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djneilarmstrong Thanks for the dance dear lola. Taken last year. 95 years old at the time, and she could still cut up a rug. You've set the bar pretty high for what you can accomplish in a lifetime. You were the definition of being young at heart. Rest in peace. 2d
  •   janedeers What a beautiful strong woman. What lovely memories you have captured in this photo. 2d
  •   2015cj2016 What a lovely lady and picture you will treasure forever!!! 2d
  •   meflt75 Sincere condolences to you and your family 9h
  •   misslisa This is such a great captured moment ... Condolences 2h

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djneilarmstrong This was the last time I spent with my dear grandma (lola) while she was still breathing a few days ago. Watching her in her last days reminded me so much of caring for our #pohthedog. This is the cycle of life. While I miss my Lola greatly, I still gotta smile, and I'm reminded that tomorrow isn't promised for any of us, so we gotta do it up while we're here... Grandma was a trooper. 96 years old and some change. Strong until the end... And she was fortunate enough to have her family and friends around for her until the end. She had a life worth living. Rest in peace dear Lola, thank you for everything you've done for me for the past 42 years. #rip 12/26/2016 2d
  •   sche1amy Grandparents are the best ever ️ I am sorry for your loss and so glad you were able to see her before she passed. 2d
  •   raencyrus And she got her nails done! Jus like my Lola when she passed! Condolences 2d
  •   janedeers So very sorry for your loss. 2d
  •   misslisa Condolences ... 2h

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djneilarmstrong #tbt to my grandma (Lola in filipino). This morning after a very long beautiful 96+ years of life on this earth she has passed on. Here is a picture of us, must have been when I was maybe 13 or 14? She put up with my strange emo teenager behavior here, and took care of me when I was still in diapers. I'll miss you lola, say hi to poh for me! 3d

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djneilarmstrong Gonna take a quick break from our all #pohthedog programming to give some exposure to a very special pup who we want to help #livelikepoh. Do me a favor #pohthedogsbigadventure lovers, please head over to @livelikepoh AND follow us, to keep up with this special pup ROSEMARY AKA @mommabearandhoneybearHer instagram was started a while ago to help her find her forever home. She had a pup with her named honey bear who was fortunately adopted, but momma bear couldn't find her forever family. Fortunately she had some great foster parents until it looked like she was finally adopted out! BUT UNFORTUNATELY, the adoption didn't stick, and she found herself back at @nycacc. She still hasn't found her forever family I and it's been a long time now. We met her, she is a tiny bundle of energy and joy that would make a great addition to any family. Please share her story far and wide! And follow her at @mommabearandhoneybear!
For adoption, contact to @nycacc ID#A1062038 Rosemary American Pit Bull Terrier mix, 1 year and 3 months old
Rosemary is the sweetest girl and a wonderful addition to any home. Only 11 months old, she was a baby who had a baby, coming into the shelter as stray with her 9 week old puppy. The two have been inseparable, but Rosemary wants a family to call her own. She wants to be with her humans and loves a good ear scratch, but she is also content to just be near her people, having a good chew.
She eliminates right away when taken out in the morning and likes to go in the street rather than the sidewalk. She walks like a dream on the leash, ears pinned back with a smooth stride. As she passes people on her walks, she looks at each and every face, possibly looking for a friend or that person to call her own. She can become overly excited to say hello to people, so she can jump up, tail wagging to greet a new friend. She is easy to train with positive reinforcement and is food motivated, even with food she doesn't like! In foster care she has already learned sit, stay, down, paw and can sit/stay before eating her food.
  •   bonjournino Thanks for posting this! Momma Bear is the sweetest! Let's find her a forever home IG! 4d
  •   gutterabbit 4d
  •   catedrakorn I hope she finds a loving home soon! ! 4d
  •   sche1amy I have shared this story of this sweet girl and even with someone else who helps find dogs homes. I hope and pray she finds a family to love her ️ she deserves to live her life knowing love ! 4d

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djneilarmstrong A little taste of the Philippines does a body good in the mornin. Calamansi are those mini lime looking jawns. You don't have to go all the way out to PI to get it or have one of your tita's hook it up. Check em out at @drinkmansi, hopefully there's a store near you that got'em, because summer is just around the corner... #drinkmansi #calimansi 5d
  •   trueself13 Yoooo, I love calamansi!! 5d
  •   denisepatterson1 Yummy! I had a Calamansi tree in my back yard growing up, I put it on everything! I'm on the hunt for this! 5d
  •   justcas add a little gin or vodka :) 5d
  •   ellenaudrey Costco? 5d

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djneilarmstrong This place is called the crack shack. @getcrackshacked. It's a chicken spot. Food is pretty crack. The senor croque - crispy chicken, bacon, fried egg, cheddar, miso-maple butter on Brioche. I've heard there is a secret menu here. The gauntlet has been thrown. #pommedesgarcons #leavingdishes #foodie #foodporn #sdfood #sandiego #eat #foodpic #foodpics #hungry #eat #foodgasm 6d

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djneilarmstrong I can't foster a pup right now, so we've been meeting some pups on instagram that need help. Come follow us at @livelikepoh, and at @homefortully to learn more about this great Guy!
Long Island, NY: Tully is a 3 year old American Bulldog/Pit mix. Despite a winning personality and rock star looks he has lived most of his life as a stray, then in a shelter, and now as a rescue dog in boarding. Tully's biggest obstacle? He is dog reactive as a result of the shelter environment, and must be the ONLY DOG in the home. NO CATS either, he likes to chase them. Due to his hunky size of 75lbs and puppy like energy, he needs a home with children 10+. Tully must be the ONLY pet and can travel to an approved home in the NORTH EAST (USA).

#homefortully #pits #pitbulllove#pitbullsofamerica #pitbullsofinstagram#pitbulladvocate #pitbulls #pitty #pitmix#pitsofig #pitbullsofig #pitbull #pitlove#pitties #pitbullpride #barkbox #barkpost#thedodo #adoptdontshop #livelikepoh#rescuedogsofinstagram @thedodo@lindahollidayofficial @gisele#bullbreedsofinsta #loveapibble#dogsofinstagram#rescuedismyfavoritebreed #rescuedog#adoptme #shelterdog#doglover
  •   saucyd24 Tully sure is beautiful! Somebody's going to be very lucky to have him! 6d
  •   jules_cookie 6d
  •   vvdayoub 6d
  •   calcucorn8 Thank you for spending time with this special little guy. I hope with your help his forever family finds him! 5d

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djneilarmstrong A burrito named after yours truly. Bucketlist check. THE ARMSTRONG BURRITO by @gonzostacos. Tasty, filling and complex with unexpected twists and turns... Just like my mixtapes :) House Marinated AL Pastor, Smoked Hamhock Pinto Beans, Mom's FideYO ( fideo 'noodles' with the name change to honor the owners mom Yolanda who created the fideo recipe) , Longhorn Cheddar, Cilantro, Onion, and Gonzos Spicy Cream. The fideo replaces the rice of course, giving you something still Mexican but with a twist. Looks like it was a hit, and it will probably end up on the everyday menu baby! Thank you everyone for joining us at @dinnerandamixtape x @POWWOWSCHOOLOFMUSIC in the OC! #pommedesgarcons #leavingdishes #ocfood #food #foodpics #eat #foodpic #hungry #foodgasm #hot #mexican #mexicanfood 1w

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djneilarmstrong Something different like a Zima. The rain drop cake from @raindropcake out at @smorgasburg . Looks like a raindrop, or a big ass contact lens. Definitely should be on your try it once list. #pommedesgarcons #leavingdishes #foodie #foodporn #nyfood #nycfood #eat #foodpic #foodpics #hungry #eat #foodgasm #food #hungry 1w

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djneilarmstrong I just won the record for shortest distance to a DJ gig. @christianrich on the set for the opening party at @thegoodlandsb of their @getvnyl store. 1w

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djneilarmstrong For my DJ's, one of my favorite shirts, the often duplicated 12" single shirt by @suggestedcuts. These guys are the original. #tbt. Perfect for my event tonite at the @thegoodlandsb tonite to celebrate the opening of their #vynl shop with @getvnyl! Go back in my feed for info If you're in the area. 1w

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djneilarmstrong Tonite if you are up around Santa Barbara CA, we are at the @thegoodlandsb TONITE
May 19th
6-9 PM
at The GoodLand (A Klimpton Hotel)

5650 Calle Real, Goleta, CA 93117

Together We Celebrate The Grand Opening Of our vnyl Record Shop
AND The Unveiling of Our Permanent Art Installation

Meet & Greet Artists In their Pop-Up Studios

Imspired Cocktails & Small Bites

If you’re a music lover, get amped up because you’ve selected a hotel designed especially for you. Not only does the Goodland offer a vintage-style record player and vinyl in every room, we’re now offering “VNYL” — a record shop inside the hotel. That means you can select your own records to spin during your stay, and also purchase vinyl to take home as a pretty sweet souvenir from your Santa Barbara beach stay. VNYL also offers a listening station powered by SONOS and connected to our partner’s turntable line, so your show buddies and listeners around the world can see what you’re spinning at The Goodland. No matter what your music taste may be, we’ve got something in our record shop that will suit you. Our vinyl library is stocked with classic albums from the 60’s to the 90’s, and even features records from the bands that have played at the hotel.

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djneilarmstrong So I've finally gotten a burrito named after me! Top of the world MA!
Tonite, the Armstrong burrito will be available - AL pastor marinated pork a little bit of sweet and spicy, fide(yo) and beans, with #GONZOSTACOS special salsa.
112 E Commonwealth Ave. Fullerton CA 92832 from 8-10 pm

Music. Food. Good peoples. Tacos. If you in the OC you know where to be.
Special burrito combo includes a copy of my mixtapes on Cassette USB!

The Armstrong (exclusive burrito), or the Neil Combo which includes The Armstrong, beer, and mixtape for $28. See you tonight! #simpleisourcraft #thiscitywillbegreatagain #dinnerandamixtape #mixtape

No reservations necessary, just come thru and eat and drink!

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112 E Commonwealth Ave. Fullerton CA 92832 from 8-10 pm

Music. Food. Good peoples. Tacos. If you in the OC you know where to be.
Special burrito combo includes a copy of my mixtapes on Cassette USB!

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djneilarmstrong From the east coast to the west coast. I'll be out in the OC to celebrate with @powwowschoolofmusic and a whole lot of others. If you down there, come thru tomorrow! ・・・ OPENING PARTY! May 17th 2016 Come celebrate and support a great cause for Orange County's youth and communities. The opening event will be held at at the @yosttheater. We look forward to seeing you there.

Location: 307 N. Spurgeon St. Santa Ana Ca. 92701.
Time: 9pm - 2am
Early arrival is highly suggested! $10.00 entry fee.
Performing Live: @djbabuforeal & @therealrakaa ( of @dilatedpeoples ) | @djneilarmstrong | @wreckineyezthedj | @erokbeats | @rotu

Sponsors: @flexfit | @agendashow | @powwowworldwide | @team_cozy | @anwarcarrots | @55mmprjct | @jslv | @wwolfandman | @shophex | @cruizerandco | @dwntwn123 | @btnc | @blends | @complex | @hypebeast | @hypetrak | @blissmag | @highsnobiety | @mydiveo | @intertrend

#powwowschoolofmusic #PWSoM #PWSoMoc #orangecounty #ca #flexfit #agendashow #anwarcarrots #55mmprjct #jslv #wolfandman #hex #cruizerandco #dwntwn #btnc #blends #complex #hypebeast #hypetrak #blisssmag #highsnobiety #mydiveo #intertrend #expansionteamsoundsystem #dilatedpeoples #djneilarmstrong

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djneilarmstrong The politics of dancing...TONITE 5/16 Monday at @fatbuddahbar 212 Avenue A
Happy Hour from 6 - 10 pm

Voter registration drive for #NJprimary!
Of course I'm from #nyc, but #newjersey is my adopted home, so I'm joining up with some of the garden states finest #dj's to help register folks for the states upcoming democratic primary.
Yeah yeah, Jersey is one of those slept on states all around... even when it comes to politics. Usually primaries are long decided before NJ citizens get to fill out a ballot. WELL, Not this year.
June 7th is the date that New Jersey folks cast their ballot & while everyones eyes are on California, NJ has 142 delegates of their own to distribute among the democratic candidates.

5/17 TUESDAY TOMORROW is the LAST DAY for new voters to register to VOTE IN THE NJ DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY .
So the day before, MAY 16TH we are having a get together to get the word out about the deadline. #nyc folks you can join us and you don't even have to leave Manhattan island.
This is the perfect opportunity for those NJ commuters to #nyc who haven't had a chance to submit their registration form in because of the long commute after a hard days works in the big city. We will have voter registrations forms on hand for you to fill out.

Now although this is a politically motivated event, make no mistake, THIS IS A PARTY. So don't fret my non political folks.
Good music is good music, and everyone - even Hillary and trump supporters - can come thru and party.
Music is that universal language, and you know we got that covered with #nj's own @theelitecamp - @unklechip, @_kevlove, @djmpos and yours truly on the wheels.
Drink specials and special raffles going on throughout the nite, good music, good food and good peoples for you to vibe with, and yes if you wish... You can #FeelTheBern.

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