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  •   jlewis19 Truuuuuuth! 1mon
  •   vohnwalker 🏾🏾 1mon
  •   bambique Usually toyotas last longer, lower maintenance costs better mileage, more efficient.. I thought u said spend less do more last post #ijs 1mon
  •   distinguishedcravat @bambique Greetings Madame the point was was that quote say in the beginning; it never said purchase one or the other. It never said one was better than the other it just stated the #Fact. #TakeYourTime. A car's life depends on the owner. #SpendLessDoMore is about startup companies, Im not labeling the quote a bible. It was in reference to @brandalive365. My journey is social economic justice what most if not all movements lack. Fact is no matter what you teach a person when they can't provide for themselves the basic things in life, food, clothes and shelter all of what they are taught goes out the window. You and I should catch up. Sis honestly Im pass the things I was "taught & told" because that was the beginning of being brought & sold. #DM me and let's build. #ShitIsReal. 1mon
  •   distinguishedcravat @bambique forgive my typos, Im human... Flawed and all. 1mon

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