delgismustafa Monday I had the pleasure of attending the viewing of Back To The Future in Bryant Park.

I was really taken aback by the power of film. People were clapping during key parts of the film and dancing during Michael J. Fox's guitar solo.

It is truly one of the best movie viewing experiences I have ever had. In a culture where everything is online we crave for fresh offline experiences and this fulfilled that craving.

To top it off I got to see the film with a group of people I truly love.

If you ever get a chance, stop by Bryant Park during HBO's Movies Under The Stars film festival. You won't regret it.
  •   strawberryshoortcake what a beautiful shot 20h
  •   triple__s Is it every Monday night? 20h
  •   etinosaa Is there movie night at 167 this Friday? This makes me want to watch a good movie. 18h

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delgismustafa Beautiful car spotted by @ar_gfm in Cali.

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delgismustafa Leon Bridges - Lisa Sawyer


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delgismustafa Today my good friend @andymineo dropped his new song called "Hear My Heart". It's about his sister Grace who is deaf. It's really personal and touching.

In one instance he speaks about how he finally understood how she felt when he was among her and her deaf friends and couldn't understand a thing they said to eachother.

This guy keeps getting better with each project and I am definitely rooting for him.

Go on iTunes right now and give it a listen!

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delgismustafa King Krule.

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delgismustafa Spotted on the Upper West Side.

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delgismustafa This guy right here is one of the best friends I have ever had.

There are very few people walking this earth that I can say truly know me. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

In the midst of the ugly he always showed such patience and grace towards me. I never felt judged or unsafe to let my guard down and just be me. That's a true friend.

I appreciate and love you my brother! I am rooting for you and believe in your ability to have a huge impact in film!

Happy birthday brother!

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delgismustafa Got to check out The Whitney on its opening day with @bvee thanks to @jinheechu and @krisreytalley

The building is beautifully designed and the art is thought provoking and interesting.

Go check it out when you get a chance. Shouts to @bvee for the pic.

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delgismustafa Shouts to my bro @andymineo for dropping his new record today. Excited for you bro! 3w

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delgismustafa This is a photo of Alabama Shakes. I have been absolutely blown away by this group!

The lead singer's, Brittany Howard, voice is so powerful!! Do yourself a favor and check out their song "Don't Wanna Fight" and if you like that check out "Gimme All Your Love". Thank me later.
  •   gnarlygunz There amazing!!! She sings with so much passion!!! 4w
  •   cupcake_bri72 Oh yes!!! Going to see them in the Bronx in September with Justin! Come with us Del! 4w
  •   cupcake_bri72 *queens 4w
  •   danny_onthewestside Don't want to fight, don't want to fight, etc... 4w
  •   go.bah They're so great! Love them. 4w
  •   martha_pm Saw them at the Mumford and Sons festival at Seaside! MIND BLOWING live. 4w
  •   _carolinau Her voice is insanity 4w
  •   lovetheparade Fav group right now--- amazing 1w

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delgismustafa I caught this dope version of the New Testament at my favorite book store in Hoboken. It's from the 70's, super retro just how I like it.

In 2011 I became, thankfully, a Christian. I can't believe it's been four years. My friend, Edgar, played a huge role in helping me accept Christianity on an intellectual level.

The fact is that the more I read and study Christianity the more that I am convinced that it is true. I've watched tons of debates with brilliant minded atheists and it never caused me to waver for a second.

You see reasons are not the problem. I have many I have discovered and even more that I have not.
The fact is that my imagination constantly gets the best of me and overtakes things that I have accepted intellectually.

That fact serves as proof that something more than intellect is needed.

I pray that what I have accepted in mind and felt in my heart to be true may lead to a transformation in the way I live.

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delgismustafa The Sun Doesn't Know it's a Star.

Photo credit: @jnsilva

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delgismustafa For @bvee and I July is the month of one hundred birthdays. I am exaggerating it's more like ten birthdays, still that's ALOT for one month.

It was @bvee 's mom's birthday on Friday and I can't tell you how much her mom reminds me of mine. They are both strong, hard working women that love selflessly and serve endlessly.

I call @bvee 's mom the boss because she runs things! Haha. Well then again every woman in a marriage kind of does lol. But her mom, and dad as well, have sacrificed so much for their family.

Ultimately she has invited me into the family and I felt it most during and after the proposal. Truly grateful for her and the whole Velasquez Clan!

Happy Birthday @lachupitos8 aka Señorita Laura! Kanye wishes you the same!

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delgismustafa Anybody that has ever supported our music in anyway make sure to get these two songs on iTunes.

Super happy to have them up! Buy a couple of copies for you and everyone you know!

Click the link in the bio.

Photo cred: @jnsilva

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delgismustafa Today is my mothers birthday. There are few days more special to me than this one.

My mother lives in Florida and though we are separated by thousands of miles she is on my mind every single day.

On a day like this I wish I could just get into a car, bike, or better yet just walk over to her house to bring her flowers and have some of her amazing food!

Mom you fought tooth and nail to give me a great life. I count myself as extremely blessed for having you in my life.

Anytime I've felt like it was me against the world I've always known that I had you and God on my side.

I love you momma! THANK YOU! I am on my way! :) @katiarodriguez41
Image by Oamul Lu

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delgismustafa This is my little niece Hemily. Last year, on July 21st, she came into the world and by way of her arrival made me an uncle for the first time.

This little girl is such a beautiful and happy baby! She lives in Massachusetts with my sister and her husband.

The distance is certainly a factor but I long to see this beautiful girl. A trip will be planned next month Lord willing.

Until then, happy birthday beautiful! We love you!!!
  •   browneyez602 Happy Birthday Princess!!! 1mon
  •   omds God bless her and happy birthday 1mon
  •   judithballista2 Esta bella!! Tiene un parecidito a ti mi niño. 1mon
  •   bvee she melts me inside!!!! 1mon

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delgismustafa Super excited to have another one of my favorite songs on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music.

Check out "November Sky" on all digital outlets!

Wether you stream, buy, or both I just hope you enjoy it!

Check the link in the bio!

Music by: Arms and Sleepers
Photo by: @jnsilva

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Normal Child of The Light
delgismustafa I wrote part of "Weightless (Alamar)" at Casa De Campo in Dominican Republic.

That entire week I was living the high life. We took a boat ride 40 minutes off the coast and were staying at a mansion that slept about 19.

The hook borrows from Incubus' song "Wish You Were Here" and the instrumental is from a dope group called Fragile State.

It's a very special record to me and one of @bvee 's favorites.

It's super hot out today so I thought it would be appropriate for you to listen to something that would evoke a chill beach vibe.

Check it out at Link in bio.

Photo by @rudiediaz

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delgismustafa This is my young homey Josiah Perez and yesterday he celebrated his birthday.

Josiah is truly one of the most special kids I have ever met. He's so bright, energetic, and cool.

I've always said if I were his age he would be one of those kids I would want to hang out with.

Let me tell you three quick things about this guy. First, @richperez and @mrs_aperez are his parents and they are the coolest parents on earth.

Second, he has an awesome little sister and he is a really good big brother to her!

Lastly, and this you must promise not to tell anyone because it's a HUGE secret! Not many people know this until now but he's the real Spider Man!

If and when you see him wish him a happy birthday, but don't mention what I just told you about the whole Spider Man thing...It's a secret.

Happy birthday Jo!

Photo credit: @mrs_aperez
Graphic credit: Sir Mitchell
  •   richperez That's the best picture after reading the caption hahahaha! 1mon
  •   mrs_aperez This was great Del! Jo is surrounded by some great friends! Thank you! 1mon

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Normal Child of The Light
delgismustafa So, if you go on iTunes or Spotify right now and search 'Delgis Mustafa' you will see our song "The Sun Doesn't Know it's a Star". This is by far one of my favorite songs. It feels pretty cool to see it on outlets like the aforementioned ones.

Check it out or go the extra step and buy it if you want to show some extra support.

Whatever you do I just hope you enjoy it.

Check the link in the bio.

Photo credit: @kristopherreytalley
  •   livinglegnd I've been trying my hardest to keep up, but I missed something right after The Darkest Hour, so maybe you cleared up my question somewhere along the lines. Did you drop The ILLZ for good?? @delgismustafa It's been dope to see your relationship with Jesus grow, and others in Christ. 1mon
  •   jamesjoel One of my favourite tracks of yours @delgismustafa 1mon
  •   wrightamyc Definitely my favorite song by you so far. Well at least one of them:) thank you! 1mon
  •   stilldreaminofyou @delgismustafa when I listen to that record and it always takes me back to when I first heard it.. That's what's music suppose to do, you did that well on that track. Thank you. 1mon
  •   paul_soriano @delgismustafa every time I listen to your music I have to listen to that song at least a handful of times. My favorite track by far, followed by "Nostalgia for the Light"...hope we get to hear more moving sounds from you in the future! And congratulations on the engagement man! 1mon
  •   mikelap7 Need to get illzential on those sights 1mon
  •   toro.87 @delgismustafa Timeless music. 1mon
  •   fernandolrodriguez Gracias primo, please keep it up man 1mon

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