degross #Movements, by London-based #designer Philippe Malouin, is a two part installation situated within the halls of the 18th century Palazzo Serbelloni. It examines the unexpected use of Caesarstone's surface material and process-based design.
The grand hall houses an interactive installation made out of an 8-piece swing-set. The installation juxtaposes the splendour of Palazzo Serbelloni with the minimalist, monolithic language investigated by the designer. Typically associated with carefree, #childish #activity, swings are here removed from their original playground surroundings and relocated to a #grand, #historical #environment. The #installation brings an out-of-context element into #play and invites #visitors to #interact with the material.
The adjacent room hosts a handmade group of planters that documents Philippe Malouin’s process of experimentation with material and technique. While modern and geometric in their design, the collection explores a very different range of techniques, such as traditional inlay and marquetry, as well as the material's versatility and the wide variety of colours in the Caesarstone collection.

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