deejayforte Side note: It's been too cold and icy to travel and explore abandoned structures— but I'm aiming for this weekend.

#Excursionsilhouettes #centralpark #minalys
  •   hellomw Wait, what. You're exploring this weekend? Keep me posted! 1d
  •   nashker I get back to town on Saturday. Not looking forward to the cold!! Let's hang though! 1d
  •   deejayforte @hellomw Keep you posted how?! Aren't you in HK? 1d
  •   deejayforte @nashker That sounds good man! yeah— definitely. 1d
  •   hellomw @deejayforte ha, nope, stuck in the cold. Bunch of latergrams. 1d
  •   deejayforte @hellomw Ohh!! Okay. You're more than welcome to come, we're most likely going to meet in Herald Square on Sunday. You just have to wear really shitty clothes— I have an extra mask for you. (If you want to come.) 1d
  •   anyavogel 16h
  •   pketron @hellomw you should go! 3h

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deejayforte Wherever you are, be all there.
— Jim Elliot | Photo by @minalys.

#yeahportraityeah #minalys

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deejayforte All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware — Martin Buber.


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Normal Deejay Forte
deejayforte For such small creatures as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.
— Carl Sagan.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.
#notaslob #yeahselfiezyeah #yeahportraityeah

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deejayforte (Dia-) {Greek} used in the formation of compound words to mean through, between, and across.

Located in a former printing plant built in 1929 by Nabisco ("National Biscuit Company,") Dia:Beacon is a museum for the collection of large-scale installations, paintings, and sculptures of contemporary art dating from the 1960s to the present. Opened in 2003, the museum is situated on the banks of the Hudson River in Beacon, New York. In keeping with Dia's history of single-artist, site-related presentations— each gallery is designed specifically for the art it contains.

Did you know? — The @diaartfoundation pioneered the conversion of industrial buildings for the installation of art and design; a practice and aesthetic now widely adopted by museums and galleries internationally.

#exploreny #chasinglight #diabeacon

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Normal Deejay Forte

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deejayforte Built in 2000, the Rose Center for Earth and Space consists of a six-story high glass cube encompassing an 87-foot illuminated spherical planetarium called the Hayden Sphere (often called the "Great Sphere" or "Cosmic Cathedral.") The centers exhibitions explore the vast range of sizes in the cosmos, the 13-billion-year history of the universe, the nature of galaxies, stars, black holes, planets (and their moons,) and the dynamic features of planet Earth. The top half of the Hayden Sphere houses the "Star Theater," which projects “space shows” based on scientific visualization of current astrophysical data, in addition to a system replicating an accurate night sky as seen from Earth.

For me, however satisfying and reassuring man's architectural accomplishments may be, there is no one place more meaningful to me than the Rose Center for Earth and Space. Aside from having a deep passion for space and science on a hobby level-- the information, the structural design, and the series of presentations within the center are truly wonderful and make me grateful that people (professional or amateur) take the time to amalgamate and curate various sciences for others to enjoy.

#yeahscienceyeah #haydenplanetarium #amnh #science #rosecenterforearthandspace
  •   oftwolands Loved the Rose Center !! Nice shot. 4w
  •   clearbluskyes Definitely going to check it out. Thanks for the great info. 3w
  •   deejayforte @clearbluskyes It's really wonderful. Whether or not you appreciate space/science, I think you'll take something away from it. 3w
  •   deejayforte @oftwolands Its definitely my favorite spot, I'm glad you enjoyed it also! 3w
  •   clearbluskyes Yes I do and have seen it and wanted to go. I have so many things on my list since moving here, but I will move this to the top! 3w
  •   deejayforte @dinosaurwhisperer hey, just curious— what brought you to my feed at ~5am? 3w
  •   dinosaurwhisperer @deejayforte Research my friend! How would you feel about me adding some dinosaurs to some of your AMAZING pictures?! 3w
  •   deejayforte @dinosaurwhisperer Life finds a way, right? Thanks for the positive feedback 😎 ... Yeah, absolutely man. 3w

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deejayforte Imagine a world in which we are all enlightened by objective truths rather than offended by them.
— Neil deGrasse Tyson

In this time of reflection, I’ve learned to truly push myself to continue pursuing the things that I love; last night was no different. In this room forty-one weeks ago, I saw Dr. Tyson for the first time speaking about a topic that means very much to me: science. For many reasons, I can consider it one of the happiest moments of my life and last night, the same feeling still holds true. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to once again see someone I genuinely look up to, who inspires me to become a better version of myself.

Seen here: The Year in Review with Neil deGrasse Tyson: headline stories in the Universe, drawn from breaking news in 2014. In this picture, Dr Tyson ends the keynote with a tweet that he believes is important advice to us all.

#nerdalert #yeahscienceyeah #amnh #science #yearinreview #neildegrassetyson

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deejayforte The essence of life is statistical improbability on a colossal scale.
-Richard Dawkins.

Seen here: Bastion Falls, aka "Horseshoe Falls." A 70 foot downstream waterfall conveniently located roadside between the hamlets of Haines Falls and Palenville in Greene County's Town of Hunter.

#exploreny #exploringforever #frontieriseverywhere

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deejayforte The Snow Rehabilitation Center opened in 1971 and provided recreational relief for "Hospital Y" patients (later changed to "clients,") sporting two bowling alley lanes, a community store, cafeteria, gym, an auditorium with the ability to show movies, a basketball court, library with classrooms for obtaining a G.E.D., and an indoor swimming pool.

The building featured a modern concrete and glass construction with large circular skylights that provided natural lighting.

#exploreny #exploringforever
  •   ssserotonin So awesome. What did it feel like being there? 2mon
  •   deejayforte @ssserotonin It was definitely an enjoyable experience! It wasn't eerie per-say, but this place was so modern looking, it felt like the world ended and we were one of the survivors. Haha 2mon
  •   hoggecipher Woah how can I access this? 1mon
  •   hoggecipher If you don't mind me asking 1mon
  •   xzazx @dinosaurwhisperer Reminds me of what I used to do in Berlin. So many abandoned structures... 3w
  •   deejayforte @xzazx Ach! Ausgezeichnet! How was the exploring in Deutschland? cc @dinosaurwhisperer 3w
  •   xzazx I was born and raised in good ol Deutschland- you'd love all of the abandoned factories, public pools and hospitals filled with graffiti and odd installations... 3w

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deejayforte When you make the finding [of] yourself— even if you're the last person on Earth to see the light, you'll never forget it.
-Carl Sagan.

Seen here: Shore Blvd in-between the RFK and Hell's Gate Bridge at dusk. Stratocumulus clouds over Manhattan.

#onmyrun #chasinglight #frontieriseverywhere

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deejayforte The main “Hospital Y" architectural plan called for three asymmetrical sets of wings, each 140 feet long to provide maximum light, ventilation, and privacy. The wards themselves were fairly self contained with each having a parlor, a dining room, a clothes room, bathrooms— with most patients having a single room for themselves.

Seen here: @brittanyjones standing in front of a window for size comparison.

#exploreny #exploringforever

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deejayforte "We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that death will tremble to take us.” - Charles Bukowski.

This year, I will promise myself to continue exploring unfamiliar lands and new worlds. To revel in the company that desires to seek far off places and things remote, and to never forget the things that make me happy.

Seen here: Cirrus clouds over an unknown farm at dusk in the Catskills Mountain region, Saugerties, NY.

#WHPresolutions2015 #exploringforever #exploreny #frontieriseverywhere
  •   syntax_error Beautiful shot Deejay ~ I can imagine the tranquility there. Hope you're able to make good on your resolutions! 2mon
  •   deejayforte @syntax_error Thanks David, it was very peaceful passing through. I feel confident that my resolutions will hold true. :) 2mon
  •   deejayforte @high.vltg 😎 2mon
  •   deejayforte @ricc1982 Dwelling on mistakes-- and "what ifs"! Certainly something I'm having trouble with right now. Not necessarily mistakes that I made but how I handled situations while feeling emotionally disenfranchised. The quote you gave is wonder and is something I am certainly relate to. I really need to practice not giving up when I think all is lost-- and in a sense I haven't. But it was after the fact. Keep your eyes a head man, you're doing great. 2mon
  •   ricc1982 You too. As long as you ponder your life you'll always make progress. Big fan of your shots, inspires me to go out shooting more 2mon
  •   deejayforte @ricc1982 Wow, really? Thanks man. I don't consider myself a photographer but I really, really appreciate photography. It inspires me to get out and explore and meet new people. It's something that really means a lot to me. I certainly hope you get out there and do what you love too 2mon
  •   ssserotonin Lovely quote and image. They really move something within me. 2mon
  •   deejayforte @ssserotonin Reflecting on what means the most to you is something that often needs to happen. Don't get caught up in distractions. :) 2mon

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deejayforte Built between 1868-1871, “Hospital Y” was a former state-run psychiatric hospital located in [redacted] New York. The 296-acre facility operated from 1873 until it’s closure in 2003, when the State of New York slowly abandoned operations as sentiment towards psychiatric treatment changed; no longer needing large hospitals. It’s main building has been designated a National Historic Landmark due to its "exemplary High Victorian Gothic” architecture, the first use of the style for an American institutional building. 2mon

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deejayforte I want to end the year of my feed to a really happy moment of my life, in a place that means very much to me.

2014 was a challenging and emotional year, both professionally and personally. I look forward to making new friendships and continually appreciating those already there for me-- I'm genuinely grateful. Happy New Year everyone.

If your philosophy is not unsettled daily then you are blind to all the universe has to offer. - Neil deGrasse Tyson.

#yeahscienceyeah #amnh #haydenplanetarium.
Photo taken by J. Wilkins
  •   deejayforte @syntax_error David! Thank you for always being so kind and warm in all your compliments towards my photography. It definitely means a lot. Looking forward to getting together when you're in town! Have a Happy New Years! 2mon
  •   deejayforte @ssserotonin Thank you Sarah! It's certainly an inspiring quote-- I actually saw him speak at a presentation that very day; it was wonderful. I know we just recently just started following one another but I enjoy your photography very much. I hope you have a great New Years! 2mon
  •   chefngoc happy new year handsome 2mon
  •   deejayforte @chefngoc very happy New Year love! Hope you had a great night 2mon
  •   basandlokes Happy New Year. 😎️ May it be filled with tons of love and happiness and everything you wish for. 2mon
  •   deejayforte @basandlokes Happy New Year! I'm certainly hoping so :) I hope you had a great night! Couldn't be more proud that your business is doing well! 2mon
  •   juliamegs Happy new year deej! 2mon
  •   deejayforte @juliamegs Happy New Year, love. Hope all is well! :) 2mon

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deejayforte "Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become endless." • Jamie Paolinetti.

With the holidays and being away on vacation, I haven't had time to research and write appropriate write ups of "Hospital Y." It's something I'll focus on this week.

#exploreny #sithruins #Excursionsilhouettes #exploringforever.
Photo taken by @brittanyjones [2/3]

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deejayforte New York State, you are beautiful.

Seen here: Unknown farm in the Catskills Mountain region, Saugerties, NY.

#exploreny #justgoshoot #getoutthere #frontieriseverywhere

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deejayforte Earth. That's here, that's home, that's us • Carl Sagan.

Seen here: the Catskill Mountain Ridge at dusk between the hamlets of Haines Falls and Palenville in Greene County's Town of Hunter.

#exploreny #chasinglight #KaaterskillFalls #frontieriseverywhere

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deejayforte Focus each day on what you can control.

Seen here: Yarosz Farms, Pine Bush, NY.

#exploreny #chasinglight #frontieriseverywhere

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deejayforte "The shadows betray you, because they belong to ME." 2mon
  •   basandlokes Such fantastic photos on your feed lately. 😎 2mon
  •   deejayforte @basandlokes Thank you! I'm not a photographer but I certainly appreciate photography and I'm always trying to get better with my composure, light and everything 2mon
  •   xzazx Love this! 3w
  •   deejayforte @xzazx Thanks This place has some of the most beautiful natural light. It's an abandoned botanical research facility. 3w
  •   xzazx I love your play with light! 3w
  •   deejayforte @xzazx Yes! I'm glad you see this. It's most certainly the main character in my photography that I strive to portray— those who stand in my pictures serve to compliment the surrounding :) 3w
  •   xzazx Oh, absolutely. You're caravaggioing! I'm so glad my bf directed me to your page 😀 3w

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