dbrondeau The History of the Digital Future No.2: Lazy Lakefront
Here's the (long awaited?) second image in my narrative series. Hope you enjoy it! --------------------------------
May 19, 3014 at 10:32 pm
Life log entry of Navar D. Burdain

I haven't had a good night's sleep in over a week. Every night it's the same thing. The DoctorBot loads up a new relaxing DigEx file, I fall asleep only to wake up a few hours later with this odd feeling that something is missing. Or lost.
Hopefully tonight will be different. The DigEx is "Lazy Lakefront"
and it claims to provide the "relaxation of an old-time lakefront vacation house." It reminds me of stories my grandma Katherine used to tell about the family vacations that her Nana took as a child (back when people still did that kind of thing). I still remember how wistfully she spoke about that large house on the lake, even though she'd never actually been there.
I think it'll be a nice experience. Hopefully I'll sleep longer tonight...

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dbrondeau The Choreography of Biology

Here's another flower photo. I played with it a lot and had trouble creating what I saw in my mind. Then I thought about posting it with minimal editing, but that felt boring.

Let me be honest, I actually have a problem with unedited flower photos. I feel like they're too "easy". Do you know what I mean?
Nature has already made them stunningly beautiful. Almost anyone can see the beauty of a flower and take a reasonably "good" photograph of it. There are also plenty of professional photographers that could arrange the flowers, light them exquisitely, get perfect depth of field, and have a technically beautiful photograph. This is why I'm always pushing and asking myself, "What am I adding to this image? How is it different? Am I giving you something to think about?" Of course, I have the same problems with sunsets.
Is it just me or do you have this problem too?

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dbrondeau Nature's Sway

Just playing around with some flower photos. I probably have a couple hundred "good" ones, so I thought I should maybe do something with them.

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dbrondeau Great surprise in the mail from @postaljeff!! I agreed to swap photos with @postaljeff a while ago, and I recently got a great surprise in the mail. Not only did I get 3 great photos, but there was an intriguing assortment of "found objects". My favorite was the handwritten anagrams on index cards! It was a refreshing and very welcome act of creativity!

Thanks Jeff!! (Your photos are on their way—hopefully you'll get them by Monday or Tuesday. )

In fact, it was so much fun, I'm looking for someone else to exchange photos through the mail. Let me know if you're interested!
  •   rmsherwood One of the sent photos is an image that reminds me of Edward Hopper's print entitled "Night Shadows" look it up. You will be surprised at how similar they are. @dbrondeau and @postaljeff I like the sharing here! 2w
  •   dbrondeau @rmsherwood Wow! You're right it does look like the Hopper print—the compositions are very similar. Thanks for sharing that Rose. 😀 2w
  •   postaljeff Haha I just DM'd you about this! Can't believe I missed the tag 2w
  •   postaljeff Glad you enjoyed it and looking forward to yours! 2w
  •   _imageconjurer How cool! It is so fun to exchange photos! 2w
  •   dbrondeau @_imageconjurer Nice to hear from you Lynda! How have you been? 2w
  •   littleredbirdy I'm up for it if you would like to exchange with me David? 1w
  •   dbrondeau @littleredbirdy I would love to Kathryn! I'll send you a direct message with my mailing address. 1w

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dbrondeau Signs of a Digital Growth

This is the start of an ambitious new series I'm calling The History of the Digital Future. Each image will be accompanied by a short narrative that over time, will hopefully tell a larger story. These images take a while to create, so I'll be posting other photos and series in between.
Let me know what you think! -------------------------------- May 10, 3014 at 5:47am
Life log entry of Navar D. Burdain

I had insomnia last night. The stupid doctorbot insisted (in it's very factual way), "Sir, it is not possible for you to have insomnia." He informed me that the sleep chamber had been inspected last night and my brain scan was perfectly normal.
I hate that damn bot. I know it's just a computer, but I always feel like it's judging me. I'm sure it thinks I'm stupid because I couldn't sleep—like I must be doing something wrong.

It prescribed the Digital Growth file to use in the DigEx. That's always been one of my favorite experiences. Nature is so slow and soothing, I'm sure I'll have no problem falling asleep tonight.
Time to plug back in and have my work experience. --------------------------------
  •   dbrondeau @_suz4nne_ Well, I think I've finally gotten the hang of Decim8. (Or at least we've come to some kind of mutual agreement.) Decim8 is really the catalyst for the whole series and the foundation of every image, so I'll be curious to see what you think. 2mon
  •   nomadnest Love how you use decim8 and can't wait to read your bits of fiction. Very interesting! 2mon
  •   dbrondeau @nomadnest Thanks Julie! It's funny, I had the idea for the series, but really hadn't intended on writing anything. It just sort of happened. 2mon
  •   eprince706 I love it 2mon
  •   dbrondeau @eprince706 Thanks so much Emily! 2mon
  •   cooksbay Love it! 5d
  •   dbrondeau @cooksbay Thanks Steve, I really appreciate it! 5d

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dbrondeau Covering Our Differences

This is the last photo of snow for a while, I promise.

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dbrondeau The Rhythm of Obscurement

Okay, if you're in the northern half of New England, I know you're probably overjoyed that spring is finally here and you don't want to see any more snow.
I apologize and just ask you to please bear with me. I only have one more photo of snow after this one. 😀

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dbrondeau Constants and Change

One thing I love about the weather and landscape of New England is that it's always changing. Nature doesn't give us time to be bored. Just as we get used to the sights, sounds, and temperatures of one season, it changes. This of course goes in complete contradiction to our human desire for things to always remain unchanged. Our world is constantly changing and if we try to pretend otherwise, the seasons are always there to correct us.

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dbrondeau Beauty Is Not Permanent

For some very small amount of time every year, this little corner of my yard becomes luminous and beautiful. Hard gray lines of concrete are transformed into wonderful soft curves by new snow.
This only happens when conditions are exactly right though. It has to be winter, the temperature below 32 degrees, and clouds must be ready to release their water. It also can't be too windy and there has to be the right amount of snow. Too little snow and the shapes below are still visible. Too much snow and everything becomes uniform.
How often does the world create beauty only when conditions are just right? How often are we paying enough attention to see it?

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dbrondeau I'm very excited to be showing some of my photos at the Empty Spaces Project Gallery in Putnam CT! 4mon

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dbrondeau I Am Defined by Your Absence

The magical thing about snow is it's ability to make everything feel new and tinged with mystery. It covers everything that is familiar. It hides and obscures. It rounds off all the corners and smooths out all the details. It removes saturation and increases brightness. In the end, it reduces the landscape of man-made objects to their essence. Their pure, white shimmering forms are in fact, *revealed* by the snow.

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dbrondeau Natural Curves

We are still in the throes of winter here in New England. The cold will not leave us and snow still covers the ground. I figured this would be a good time to add more photos to my old Snow and Ice series.

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5mon dbrondeau
Normal David
dbrondeau Help support this worthwhile Kickstarter campaign!

I don't usually do this kind of thing, but my son and his friend are raising money to fund their first movie. They are pursuing their dreams of filmmaking now—before starting college!
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Thank you! <End of self promotional message, we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming>

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dbrondeau Abandoned Greenhouse No.10: The Structure of Escape

I think this will be the last photo of the abandoned greenhouse, at least for now. I do have some more photos that I think are worth posting, but I'm starting to get bored, so I think it's time to move on. 😀

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dbrondeau Drawing Conclusions

This photo wasn't planned. In fact, I didn't even take the photo—it's my first collaboration with another artist. The photo was taken by Armineh Hovasian and the editing was done by me.

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dbrondeau Drawing Inspiration

So I said before that I was going to experiment more and loosen up. Well, here's some more experimentin' and loosenin'.
  •   dbrondeau @momilaniramstrum Thank you very much, I really appreciate that! 6mon
  •   the_abstract_collective Nice work 6mon
  •   dbrondeau @the_abstract_collective Thank you! 6mon
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    Please Please help spread the word about the event and contest! 6mon
  •   wayofseeing Love this work. I'm staring at it, trying to work out how you constructed it. Is "ToonCamera" different to "Toon-paint" if so, in what ways. I'm especially intrigued by the textured background. Nice work. 5mon
  •   dbrondeau @wayofseeing Thanks so much for the wonderful compliments! I'm thrilled anytime my work makes someone think. I haven't used Toon Paint, but I am sure it's very similar to ToonCamera. The black line drawings are from one of my greenhouse photos. I masked out everything except the supports, then converted into lines in ToonCamera. The textured background is mostly unedited, except for maybe increasing the saturation. I was mostly fortunate in finding that texture because the office I work in was being renovated and this texture is what was left after they pulled up the rugs. 5mon
  •   wayofseeing Thanks so much for your details reply. Love that you captured the texture under the rug. Most people would never have seen it for its opportunities. You have an artists eye. Thanks again. 5mon
  •   dbrondeau @wayofseeing Thank you Deb, that is so nice of you to say! You really made my day! 5mon

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dbrondeau Transfixed

All I wanted to do was apply light colored scratches without altering the image's color. Do you have any idea how hard that is?
All the apps either don't have the texture I wanted or if they did, there's no way to apply it without also altering the image color. I couldn't find an app that let me do custom textures, so I came up with a very convoluted way to get the texture out of the app, invert it, and then blend it myself in Superimpose.

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dbrondeau Abandoned Greenhouse No.9: (Not) Organizing Entropy

All photos in the series were taken back in March 2012 with my old iPhone 3GS and edited on my iPhone 5.
See all the photos in the series at #dbr_abandonedgreenhouse

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dbrondeau Abandoned Greenhouse No.8: The Art of Trying to Hold It Together

If you're wondering where this greenhouse is (as others have asked me), I'm afraid to inform you that it is gone. I went back over the summer to take some more photos and sadly, it was gone. The buildings and trees were removed and all that remained were construction vehicles and piles of dirt.

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dbrondeau Abandoned Greenhouse No.7: Glittering Reclamation

The greenhouse lay there, nestled in the lush green vegetation of plants and trees. It glittered in the sun, like the giant skeleton of some alien creature that died here long ago. In fact, I had the same questions thinking about it as an alien skeleton or as a greenhouse. Where did it come from? Why was it here? What was it like when it was alive? How did it die?

It's this sense of mystery and imagined narrative that makes abandoned places so alluring.

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